20:47 GMT +328 March 2017
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    Obama’s Hacking-Retaliation Threat Against Russia 'Dangerous’

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    President Barack Obama’s announcement of unspecified US measures against alleged Russian hacking is a serious escalation likely based on speculation, a former scientific adviser to the US Navy’s operations chief told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The White House announced Tuesday that Obama is considering a “proportional” response to claims by Washington that Russia’s government has interfered in the US presidential election through hacking of political groups’ computer systems.

    “I think this is yet another serious and unjustified escalation of empty but highly dangerous rhetoric from the US side against Russia,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology emeritus professor of science, technology and international security Theodore Postol said Thursday.

    “The bottom line is, nobody has any idea — nor could they if they were dealing with truly sophisticated hackers — who the true source of the breaches could be. It would all be based on pure guesswork and not on technological insight.”

    Across the mainstream media in the United States, there is now a mindset of demonizing Russia, he said.

    “The Western behavior has simply been inexcusably reckless,” Postol asserted. “My informed guess is that the president’s allegations are based on unreliable speculations and inferences.”

    In Postol’s view, sophisticated hackers would know how to go about hiding their trail of internet addresses.

    “I know that there are many ways to fundamentally make your IP address untraceable,” the professor said. “The claim that the hackers are highly sophisticated is fundamentally inconsistent with the claim that the US government has been able to trace their IP addresses.”

    He expressed skepticism that the US government knows where the sources of the hacking are.

    “It cannot even be ruled out that hackers totally uninvolved with Russia could be responsible for the breaches of the Democratic [National] Committee’s computer systems. If this is the case, these hackers might intentionally leave indications that might be misidentified as indicating Russian involvement.”

    Postol explained that there are many ways WikiLeaks could have received the Democratic committee’s hacked emails, which the leaked-documents website posted.

    “There are so many alternative possibilities that depending on the Russians seems to me the slimmest of threads.”

    Postol also suggested that Obama was bluffing when he pledged retaliation against Moscow’s alleged intrusions.

    “As for retaliatory actions that the president could order, it is hard to imagine what they could be, since it is almost certain that the NSA [National Security Agency] and other arms of the US government are already doing everything they can possibly do with regard to Russian computer systems.”

    Postol is skeptical about the NSA’s ability to uncover the real culprits.

    “An organization that is so brain-dead and reckless with government resources is not likely to be restrained in what it is already trying to do with the Russians.”

    Postol pointed out that the NSA has used huge resources in collecting millions of communications of US citizens but, according to the White House, has not uncovered a single terrorist plot as a result.

    Prior to his academic career, Postol worked for the US Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment, specializing on the MX missile, as well as serving as scientific adviser to the chief of naval operations.


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    • avatar
      JC Lincoln
      I think Obama hacked Hillary's emails and gave them to Assange
    • avatar
      Moron Duracki
      [He expressed skepticism that the US government knows where the sources
      of the hacking are.] isn't the US Government itself the "source"?
      {NO! SATAN IS THE SOURCE. Just listen to Mr. Ed, backwards!}
      Hey, let's demonize Russia, because we don't know that Crimea
      was part of Russia before 1954! Yeah, that makes sense.
      The public is gullible enough to buy that one,
      especially in Europe.
    • avatar
      Darrell R
      It could very easily be inside jobs with data being sold to Wikileaks. The point is they don't know for fact how these things happened, but Washington and the MSM do all that can to smear Russia and to minimize the damages this data will bring. In the mean time Wikileaks, keep them coming. They will pay attention if you keep it up.
    • Mystic-One
      Как ау́кнется — так и откли́кнется.

      The call is the same as the response.

      You get treated in the same manner you treat others.
    • avatar
      When there is no proof needed accusing Russia of MH17 why would they need any evidence in other cases used for escalating the tension for war? Not any terrorist plot uncovered? Why should they and how could they as this is state terrorism. The attack on the Embassy in Libya was state terrorism of USA to keep up the 9/11 agenda of war motives.

      The war crimes committed by the USA is incomparable to any other nation in history and soon they willl be cored the winners as war criminals of all times as the Germany fades away, having had war tribunals in Nuremberg.
    • avatar
      American election campaign is the time when candidates and their staff are using all possible methods of distraction from the real problems. What I find very interesting is that American people did not see it through for what really it is. They indulge in endless debates of who is the hacker and what were its intentions and million other small disruptive but absolutely senseless and irrelevant questions. Democrats are pushing very hard to issue new questions every day pointing fingers in all directions mostly towards Russia.

      By doing so they create a fog of speculations, which are breading ground for conspiracy theories again launched by democrats themselves only to cause such upheaval amongst sensations hungry population. They lead them by threads away from the real problem which is question of criminality of Hilary Clinton and will the USA DoJ follow the constitution and prosecute her or they will become culprits in cover up of criminal act which is Federal offence itself.

      The question should be weather USA political and legislative system is really so corrupt that anything is possible providing that you have adequate political powers?

      As it is now they are chasing a ghost and they have pleasure in that as by doing so they can easily point finger towards anyone they dislike and there is in abundance of blind enslaved western governments including German who will bark when told.

      USA will use and abuse their power of manipulation with our enslaved governments even to our own determent to make pressure on Russia. It is us EU who will pay ultimate price for that as our economies are hit hard with sanctions and that means we are still dependant of USA power. It is USA ultimate dream to destroy Russia as well as EU. Beside the facts that they have hundreds of thousands of their troops all across EU and effectively are occupying force, they fear that wind of change will start to blow over EU as well. That is why USA so desperately want that we militarise our police forces in USA fashion and start to kill innocent people on the streets just to keep high level of fear against government retaliations.

      They are aware that all of these dreams will be blown away is Russia stays independent and free. They hope that people will eventually fell the heath and will start a colour revolution and government will be replaced with new pro western puppets such as Novalny or other similar liberal brainwashed lunatics.

      In reality truth be told, Mr Putin is personally responsible for the situation in Russia. It is him who due to his love of western world completely neglected Russian national interest. If EU sanctions against Russia are unfounded then he had opportunity to slam EU with heavily punishable counter sanctions just to give them taste of what means being punished. As EU continued with adding new sanctions he had opportunity to cause selective damage to certain countries in EU. By banning imports and sale of EU vehicles he would hit hard Germany above all. That would in return cause downfall the most pro American leader in our history Chancellor Angela Merkel. By being replaced with new Chancellor Germany would instantly abandon sanctions and there would be no more EU sanctions against Russia.

      On a question why he did not do that answer is very simple. Putin is protecting his friends oligarchs who would lose billions on imports of cars and he was worried that his image and acceptance in the Western ring of criminals would be diminished to zero. He did not realise that his chances were already well below zero. Russia needs new intelligent young really patriotic and steadfast leader who would not bend before oligarchs or western demands, but would contrary to that react swiftly and decisively against all oligarch thieves and western warmongers.
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