14:33 GMT03 December 2020
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    A message in the latest batch of emails between Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta shows the presidential candidate knew the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided financial and logistical support to Daesh terrorists in the Middle East.

    The email exchange, which starts with Hillary Clinton outlining a eight-point plan for dealing with Daesh, includes the enlistment of Peshmerga forces in the fight against terrorism, significant military support from the US and its allies, and more. 

    She goes on to say that the US should be ready and willing to arm the FSA against the Syrian government — as well as put pressure on Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    "While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region." 

    And while the claim is not new — Hillary did, in fact, accuse Saudi Arabia and Kuwait of supporting terrorism in the region earlier this year — there is one small difference. The email to Podesta was written in August 2014, right after the beginning of the US-led coalition fight against Daesh in Syria, of which both Qatar and Saudi Arabia are members. 

    Moreover, the Clinton Foundation — a non-profit organization started by Hillary's husband and former US President Bill Clinton — has accepted sizeable donations from both Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 

    And on June 12th 2016, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was quoted by the Jordanian Petra News Agency as saying his country had paid more than 20 percent of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

    WikiLeaks began publishing Podesta's emails on October 8th. The previous leaks contained discussions of Clinton's campaign strategy. 


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