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    Russian military air group at Khmeimim airbase in Syria

    Russia's Campaign 'Saved Syria From Repeating the Fate of Libya and Iraq'

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    Russia's Operation in Syria: One Year On (35)

    Moscow's limited military engagement in Syria has helped to bring stability to several regions of the embattled Arab country and boost morale of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies, Syrian political analyst Osama Dannura told RIA Novosti, adding that Russia's campaign saved Syria from repeating the fate of Iraq and Libya.

    Russia launched its counterterrorism operation on September 30, 2015, following a request from Damascus at a time when armed radical groups were on the offensive in key Syrian provinces and the fate of the government appeared grim.

    The militants held the initiative on the Syrian battlefield thanks to support from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Dannura explained, adding that the rebels are a stone's throw away from key urban centers.

    Russia's involvement was instrumental in helping government-led forces and their local allies break the tide of the years-long war. "The Russian Aerospace Force changed the agenda in Syria," the analyst confirmed.

    Moscow prevented radical groups active in Syria from making further advances, the analyst added. Russian-led efforts have helped to "improve the overall situation in the country, ensure stability in many regions and improve the morale of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies."

    Many in Syria think that Russia "saved the country from repeating the fate of Libya, the Balkan nations and Iraq," he observed.

    A man walks on the rubble of damaged buildings in Aleppo, Syria September 25, 2016
    © REUTERS/ Abdalrhman Ismail
    Dannura went further by saying that Russia is also trying to foil external efforts to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. In Syria, Russia is "fighting against attempts to use terrorism as a means to depose governments," the analyst said. 

    Russian officials have long stated that the Syrian crisis could only be resolved through diplomacy and an inclusive dialogue without preconditions. The Kremlin has also insisted that the Syrian people are the only ones who can determine the fate of their country and choose its leaders.

    Russia's Operation in Syria: One Year On (35)


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    • American Socialist
      Russia is "fighting against attempts to use terrorism as a means to depose governments,"
      - the first country in the world to admit America's usage of proxy terrorists for regime change.

      Go Home Yanks!
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      Concrete Mikein reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, you got it brother, after Iraq, thé people sent à clear message no more american troops on thé ground, simple solution, buy Old soviet junk from ukraine, romania, hungary, ect ect, give it to GCC, who funnel thé weapons to thé terroristes, and voilà, régime change agenda continues, and no boots on thé ground.

      At thé time they must have thought they were pretty smart.

      Makes you think dont it? Your tax money sypporting terroriste. I'm sorry for your country my friend. Thé worst is, Canada Will follow you whatever down crap chute you go. I'm stl draft âge are you???
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      Russia is the only country that should be in Syria helping Assad secure his nation against the terrorists. All other nations, including Obama and his so called "coalition" have no right to interfere in a sovereign nation. The groups of supposed freedom fighters that he and the CIA are funding and training are the very same terrorists the destroyed the world trade center, attacked the USS Cole, and bombed the Embassy building in Beirut killing hundreds of US Marines. These terrorists are nothing but murderers, and Obama and his idiotic proxy wars has resulted in the huge refugee issue and is the main cause of the civil war in Syria because of wanting a natural gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria.
      The US under Obama has lied about trying to rid Syria of ISIS for over two years now, with ineffective bombing raids that were more for show that for effect. Russia has done more to rid ISIS from Syria in six months than Obama has in two years. Obama and Kerry are working hand in hand with terrorists in the middle East , and have destabilized the whole region.
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