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    US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during a Security Council Meeting September 21, 2016 on the situation in Syria at the United Nations in New York

    US Threatens to Suspend Engagement With Russia in Syria Over Aleppo Situation

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    US Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that the United States is prepared to suspend bilateral engagement with Russia in Syria unless Moscow takes immediate steps to end Syrian operations in the city of Aleppo and reinstate a ceasefire, Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — According to Kirby, Kerry voiced "grave concern over the deteriorating situation in Syria" and said Washington considers Moscow responsible for the situation.

    "[Kerry] informed the Foreign Minister that the United States is making preparations to suspend US-Russia bilateral engagement on Syria — including on the establishment of the Joint Implementation Center — unless Russia takes immediate steps to end the assault on Aleppo and restore the cessation of hostilities," the release stated.

    Kerry also accused Russia of the use of incendiary and bunker-buster bombs in urban areas in Aleppo. He also blamed Moscow and Damascus for attacks on civilian infrastructure in Aleppo.

    Over the last several days, the ceasefire in Syria has teetered on the verge of collapse. Fighting in Aleppo intensified after the Syrian army declared an end to the week-long ceasefire on Friday, blaming rebels for numerous violations that made the cessation of hostilities untenable.

    On Tuesday, Syrian government forces liberated most of the al-Farafira district northwest of Aleppo's historic Old City and advanced the frontline for the first time in years.

    On Sunday, the UN Security Council held an extraordinary meeting to address the rise in violence in Syria's Aleppo. The meeting was initiated by the United States, France and the UK. During the meeting, Western diplomats harshly criticized Russia and Iran, claiming that Moscow and Tehran have supported the Syrian government in prolonging the war.

    The September 9 cessation of hostilities agreement calls for the establishment of a Joint Implementation Center designed to help the US and Russian militaries coordinate airstrikes against terrorist positions in Syria.

    On Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry released the full text of the Russia-US deal on Syria brokered by Kerry and Lavrov earlier this month over Washington's failure to implement its part of the agreement.

    Commenting on the release of the document, the foreign ministry said that it had proposed to make the document public, however, Washington refused to do so. The move caused "some questions about whether the US is sincere or not."


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      This proves that Syria and Russia are winning in Aleppo. This frustrating the US and produces this type reaction from them. In my opinion Syria and Russia should stay the course no matter how many threats from the US.
    • sophm0e38
      John Kerry expressing concern over civilians? Hell really has frozen over.

      If Kerry is so concerned then why not stop funding child-raping, murderous Islamic terrorists in Syria, Libya, Nigeria? Is Kerry concerned about Palestinian civilians or American civilians living in the US police state?

      Translation: Kerry threatens to end the ceasefire with Russia and Syria which his terrorists didn't want and which ultimately failed after the US attacked Syrian troops and also failed to identify so-called 'moderate' terrorists.

      Kerry doesn't give a toss about civilians, he's part of military regime.
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      chrrevin reply toThe SPutin Image(Show commentHide comment)
      The SPutin Image, they work for boeing and lockheed martin, ISIS just a pretext
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      Hopefully Russia has the sense to ignore them. They need to take Aleppo and end this war once and for all. We all know Washington just wants to topple Assad and split the country up so they can control the natural gas pipeline
    • Mikhas
      The concern Kerry feels for his blood soaked cuttroath merc´s is admirable but futile. He wont be able to save them this time.

      Russia said that they should do what they agreed and stop twisting and changing their stance, they didn´t and wont so Aleppo will be saved.
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      aliin reply toThe SPutin Image(Show commentHide comment)
      The SPutin Image, Nice One, i liked it.
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      aliin reply tosophm0e38(Show commentHide comment)
      sophm0e38, the US just wants to capture as much land they can in Syria to take it under control because of the resources.
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      teddy j
      MEMO to russia and Mister Lavrov -- with all due and HIGHEST respect..

      KERRY NEVER was your partner.
      russia NEEDS to disabuse itself of the notion that the USA CAN be ''talked to".

      dialogues are only ways for the US to either buy time and 'come back' to its obsession of domination and subterfuge.

      it is TIME to OPENLY charge the USA with providing evidence or shut up and then present every evidence of US criminality -- give IT AN ULTIMATUM to get out of syria or countries it ILLEGALLY occupies -- ..and then let it take the consequences to its soldiers, personnel, armaments, etc...it is the only thing the USA understands. force.
    • avatar
      Apparently the strip dance of words given by Samantha P. at the UNSC to the V.I.P. members France, little Britain, and the Evil Master, didn't do any good.

      GO RUSSIA!!! Wipe those throat cutters from the soil of Syria.
    • avatar
      Russia needs to:

      1. Stop listening to the US. They are just stalling for time
      2. Stop explaining itself. It is unnecessary
      3. Stop talking to Hairy Kerry. It is a waste of time
      4. Make deals with every group/militia/outfit in Syria that is willing to help you fight the jihadists, especially with the Kurds. Then arm and advise them
      5. Bring in more equipment and intensify the terrorist fumigation process
      6. Ignore the raving of Ugly Duckling Samantha Power at the UN. Don't even show up for any special sessions organized by US
      7. Do not fall for any reconciliation BS trickery by US/NATO members. This will only weaken Russia's strategic position, as it has with Turkey
      8. Repeat, repeat, and repeat steps 1-8 until victory
    • avatar
      Wonder why Americans tolerate this stupid Govt, and they supposed to be democracy.
    • avatar
      The Usa have in 5 years of time murder more as 200.000 persons !!! and loosing witch is normal (like in Viet Nam, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran Etc.) this war in Syria !!!
      Now Usa like stop Russia /Syria fighting in Aleppo to save there Usa own terrorist !!!!

      The West World should wake up and put the Usa at FAULT !!!!!
    • avatar
      Sounds to me like the US are trying to carve out a buffer zone with Turkey all along the northern border of Syria to make way for that pipeline through to the mediterranean. Obviously the siege and encirclement of Aleppo by the SAA is upsetting their plan so they're getting nasty, so what's new.
    • avatar
      It seems that every time when the democratic secular forces in Syria gain the upper hand the US state department steps in to save the day for the so called moderate forces. This vicious circle must be broken sooner or later. The US should stop providing diplomatic support for the so called moderate forces in Alepo as they exert little or no infuence at all over these groups. They should stop fueling this bloody conflict because this is a path that leads nowhere. It's a dead end. Humanity would be grateful.
    • FlorianGeyer
      Today we hear that US Manpads and other lethal weapons will be supplied via Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the terrorists,including ISIS.

      The time has come I think to destroy the Oil and Gas distribution centres of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. That will raise the oil price and help Russia. Russia needs to end the Syrian war quickly by using all weapons necessary.

      The American Elite must soon realise that their lives and wealth will be destroyed if they push the nuclear button.
    • avatar
      Whst good if one team want a piece of the pie while the other want to save a piece of the pie?
    • avatar
      John Kerry used to kill vietnamese civilians, men women and children so much so that his superiors had to restrain him. And now this lowlife tries to take the moral high ground... Laughable.
    • avatar
      Erik Trete
      Is not East Aleppo primarily held by al-Nusra front which is NOT part of the cease fire agreement? So why is Kerry worrying about the fate of this Al-Qaeda affiliate?
    • avatar
      Ibrahim Ahmad
      To me, I think USA can’t effort taking situation with Russia to the direct crushing with Russian forces.

      USA has failed a couple of time before in being at the direct crushing with forces that were in lower qualification in the comparing with Russian forces.
      USA forces depend - in generally - on air forces as the same case of many forces in the Middle East depended on this choice.
      For example: The forces of disloyal Salman in Saudi and his disloyal allies used the same way in Yemen and side by side with US air forces. While on the ground, they couldn’t even reload their weapons in this injustice attack on Yemen.

      The same situation happened in Iraq and Afghanistan with USA forces before.

      And regardless of that, whatever the stupidity of political and war decisions in the USA – I think – they realize clearly the results of being in the direct crushing with Russian forces.

      Even though, I’m not sure if this supposition will be broken in somehow due to hostile decisions of a bunch of kikes managing USA politics and its foreign affairs around, especially in the Middle East.

      Anyway, the closer supposition of this immoral threaten of USA to Russia that USA it may uses the same terrorists group in Syria against Russian business not necessary inside Russia.

      The same way that these terrorist groups used before by USA against unlike politics in EU and the Middle East in the name of this bacterial thing called daesh, I think there’s no doubt about using them against Russia. And I hope not.

      Remember how these terrorist groups are valuable to US politics and its bacterial germ called israel and why they fight deadly for them.
      Now on, attacking countries and unlike politics in the view of USA being more pragmatically guaranteed.

      If this bacterial thing called daesh and its relatives will attack somewhere in this world, who’s the supposed one will be blamed?!
    • Hermes
      What Kerry is really affraid of and what will happen is that Russia and Syria will no longer distinguish between terrorists and US/NATO/Israeli personel on the scene and will just start neutralizing the lot of them.
      Perhaps we''ll see these S-400 missiles in action shortly.
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