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    Hillary Clinton, who is arguably more hawkish and interventionist than Barack Obama or the Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, appears to be determined to carry out a much tougher foreign policy with regard to Moscow and, as a result, Damascus, if she moves into the White House on January 20, 2017.

    The former first lady's attitude to how Washington should handle Russia is no secret. Before leaving the US State Department in 2013, she advised US President Barack Obama to adopt a tougher stance on Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

    "Clinton's aggressive approach to Moscow – that Putin cannot be trusted and must be met with force – diverts sharply from Trump's cozy take. But it also commits her to a far more confrontational policy in Syria if elected, giving the clearest indication yet that there and elsewhere, she'd try to handle the Russian bear head-on," Foreign Policy asserted.

    The former US Secretary of State has not detailed her exact policies when it comes to dealing with Russia, but her remarks on Syria have already left many concerned. 

    "Every message coming from [Hillary Clinton's] surrogates in the media and in the Washington defense establishment has been that she will 'lean in' harder in Syria, and whether you want to call it 'added ground troops' or something else, everyone in her orbit is calling for expanded US intervention – including personnel and firepower – in the region, even at the risk of confrontation with Russia," Kelley Beaucar Vlahos wrote for the American Conservative.

    Indeed, Hillary's national security advisors include major advocates of using military power to solve foreign policy challenges. For instance, Gen. David Petraeus, who served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was the key proponent of sending tens of thousands of additional US troops to Iraq to tackle the Sunni insurgency. Former acting director of the CIA Michael Morell recently suggested that the US that the United States should covertly kill Russians and Iranians in Syria.

    The choice of advisers "is a strong indicator that Clinton's national security policy will not threaten the post-9/11 national-security status quo that includes active use of military power abroad and heightened security measures at home," Zaid Jilani, Alex Emmons and Naomi LaChance observed.

    Bruce Fein, a partner in the firm Fein & DelValle, PLLC, described Hillary Clinton's foreign policy views as "bellicose" and "jingoistic" in an opinion piece for the Washington Times. They confirm that her presidency "would bow to Mars (the God of War), not to Minerva (the Goddess of Wisdom)."

    Fein pointed out that Hillary supported Washington's military adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya among other things. "If she had her way, we would also be at war with Syria," he said.

    Clinton's foreign policy record also prompted the analyst to warn that "Hillary Clinton is the 2016 war candidate who will fight wars with Russia, China and anyone else who refuses to play caboose to her locomotive."


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