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    Deir ez-Zor Attack: Pentagon Could Have Something to Hide in Syria

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    The US attack against the Syrian Arab Army in the Deir ez-Zor region leaves more questions than answers, although Washington has declared the airstrikes an "accident." It could not have simply been a mistake, Pakistani political analyst Salman Rafi Sheikh believes.

    It is unlikely that the US-led coalition's airstrikes in Syria's Deir ez-Zor region against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions took place due to a mere "accident," Salman Rafi Sheikh, a political analyst and expert on Pakistani foreign affairs believes.

    "A look at the pattern of how the US-led coalition has been striking in the region would further reveal that the last strike, which killed more than 60 Syrian soldiers, was not simply a mistake," Sheikh writes in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    Sheikh pointed out that the SAA has been fighting against Daesh in the Deir ez-Zor region for a long time. However, the US-led coalition did not attack the terrorist group when it countered the SAA's attacks and seized Palmyra.

    Surprisingly, the deadly strike has been conducted at a time when the SAA was gaining momentum on the ground.

    "The fact remains that the strike has taken place at a time when the Syrian army was successfully pushing ISIS [Daesh] back and bringing more and more [of the] region under its control," Sheikh underscored.

    It seems that the SAA's military success "was clearly running counter" to the US' objective to weaken the Syrian government forces and prevent them from re-establishing Assad's authority in the country's troubled regions.

    As the situation unfolds, the US is pursuing two conflicting goals in Syria: first, they seek to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while on the other hand they want to defeat Daesh.

    The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Pentagon, most notably Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, is opposing the US-Russian ceasefire deal on Syria, the analyst noted.

    "With many high-ranking US officials, including those from its Defense establishment, being skeptical about the deal and opposing it to keep Russia from buttressing Assad, could it not be that the strike, which certainly could not have taken place without the Pentagon's approval, was actually meant to derail the deal?" Sheikh asked.

    To add to the embarrassment, it was Daesh who directly benefited from the US air strike against the SAA, the analyst remarked, calling attention to the fact that the terrorist group "launched an attack on the Syrian army immediately after the coalition jet had struck them."

    First Deputy Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee in Russia's Federation Council Franz Klintsevich shares a similar stance, believing that the Deir ez-Zor attack was hardly an "accident."

    "The US conducted airstrikes on government forces in Syria deliberately and thoughtfully," he suggested.

    According to Klintsevich, Washington's major goal is "to depose President Bashar al-Assad, bring the opposition to power and maintain their economic interests."

    Russian envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin echoed Klintsevich, stressing that "some aspects of the situation suggest that it could well have been a provocation."

    Commenting on the issue, Yevgeny Satanovsky, head of the Moscow-based Middle East Institute, told the Russian online newspaper Vzglyad that there is something fishy about the US-led coalition's "accidental" airstrike against the SAA. Either the Pentagon's intelligence is worth nothing, or the US Department of Defense interpreted the US-Russian agreement on Syria in a pretty warped way, the expert underscored.

    US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles are designed to conduct airstrikes in Syria and Iraq
    © REUTERS/ U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Matthew Bruch/Handout
    At the same time, Russian journalist and political analyst Yevgeny Krutikov has repeatedly noted in his articles for Vzglyad that the SAA's achievements on the ground are causing irritation in the Pentagon.

    To add more fuel to the fire, the SAA is about to defeat a very suspicious Islamist group — Jund al-Aqsa — known to have earlier been supported by the US. Despite the group being relatively small, it possesses modern weapons and even surveillance drones.

    Jund al-Aqsa was designated as a terrorist entity by the US only four days ago. However, it has been spotted colluding with both the former al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army — the so-called "moderate opposition." Given this, it is really hard to separate the wheat from the chaff on the ground, Krutikov noted.

    In any event, the possible defeat of Jund al-Aqsa will shed the light on a wide range of questions, especially about the groups drones and the identity of the leader of the group operating under the alias Abu Abdul Aziz al-Qatari, the political analyst stressed.

    It seems, however, that some Washington officials would rather leave a vast array of inconvenient truths about the Syrian war swept under the rug. 


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      Jets, You're welcome. I consider that this must all be beyond hard for you guys, but never forget, no way our fury at the US warmongering cabal-- is ever directed at the American people.

      If anything, deep realization is there of the predicament ordinary Americans find themselves in and it cannot leave us indifferent, especially as so many of us have visited the States or have friends there.
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      choticastile, You're right. We just visited our friends in the US and it's not looking good. Well, to be honest, they will vote for Killary. But you know, they work in the service-industry (USPS, hotels etc.), so it's easy for them to make their own choice. They don't worry about others, while I was thought that you should take care of the weak, poor and disabled.
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      Dutch investigative team concluded upon info from Ukro audio intelligence that it was BUK fom Russia that bombed Syrian forces. It's already back in Russia so they can't prove anything.
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      It seems the US-led coalition launched airstrikes on two main bridges (al-Asharah Bridge and al-Mayadin Bridge) on the Euphrates River in Deir ez-Zor province on Wednesday.
      Are they trying to divide the region to pave the way for the Quatari pipeline in the distant future?
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      Jets, Miracles still DO happen and at the most inconvenient time for the beastly and evil among mankind ...

      God's mill grinds slowly, but surely. Truth can NEVER remain hidden-- it knows its time and is unstoppable. Its the Law governing the Universe. Every action has a reaction ... whether negative or positive.

      What one sows, one will reap -- No escape for anyone, whether prince or pauper-- Especially for those who style themselves as Kings among men, payment is heavy to the extreme, because placed in onerous positions by the people, their duties carrying the utmost responsibilities for their peoples' collective wellbeing-- they betrayed their trust.
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      What's pissed off the US is that the Russians had bombed the US/terrorist headquarters hidden in a mountain , several US advisers and soldiers with the terrorist also died, the Americans don't want people to know about it.
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      raptorabz, Yes, you're right. I tried posting a link to the article on Syrianperspective.com

      Check the site and look for the headline 30 American, British and Zionist... have been killed :-))
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      Jets, I read it somewhere , and that's why the US has gone mad, they need spades to scrape up the mess to put it into the US body bags, henc, now the US Kirby is talking of sending Russian servicemen in body bags.
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      Jets, for sure ....
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      Jets, Its also on Global Research -- other interesting stuff there too...
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      choticastile, Thank you. I have Global Res in my bookmarks toolbar for over a year now. But with everything going on in the world it's hard to keep up with reading :-))
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      Jets, Yes-- know what you mean-- its like read overload... but GR really does offer hard hitting stuff. Michel Chossudovsky is an amazingly rare man. Seems like he gave his whole life to exposing the truth-- he's incredibly active, travels all over the place and he's no longer young either -- well, maybe not in years! -- but certainly what he does keeps him young....
      No more reading for you-- (laughing) so no need to reply...
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      Eventually all of the players will be exposed and when they are ....... Watch out ....... Because the elite won't allow themselves to be exposed so here comes a false flag event to divert the truth.
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