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    US Coalition Strike on Syrian Army: 'Revenge of the War Hawks' Amid Ceasefire

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    American airstrikes against the Syrian Army may be an attempt by war hawks to get revenge for the agreement between Russia and the United States on Syria, a member of the Russian Senate suggested.

    On Saturday, two F-16 fighter jets and two A-10 ground attack aircraft entered Syrian airspace without authorization from the Syrian government. They bombed positions of the Syrian Army near Deir ez-Zor, leaving at least 62 personnel killed.

    Later, the US Central Command acknowledged responsibility for the attack but claimed that the attack was an accident, with the intended target being Daesh militants.

    "This mistake could be very costly. Now it is important to find out whether it was intentionally or accidentally," Deputy Speaker of the Russian Senate Ilyas Umakhanov told RIA Novosti.

    According to the lawmaker, if it was a mistake it means that the US military lacks professionalism, control and accuracy.

    "Or it may have been a deliberate move, in a bid to prevent further advances by the Syrian Army and, what is more, to undermine the Lavrov-Kerry agreement," he underscored.

    He added that it cannot be ruled out that "some war hawks in Washington are trying to get revenge after the agreement."

    The senator said that Russia has always insisted and called for support for Syria’s legitimate government in fighting terrorism.

    "Now, that the US is making critical mistakes we should have more guarantees," Umakhanov added.

    According to the political analyst, Russia should respond to the accident by continuing its policy in the region because "the actions of its allies cannot be justified."

    "By fueling tensions in the region, they are trying to pursue their own goals," he said.

    According to analyst Alexander Nesmiyan, the attack was a warning.

    "It was a clear warning from the Americans. They’re sending a signal that both the Syrian Army and Daesh are their enemies," Nesmiyan assumed.

    "It is also a signal to Russia from Washington. The Russian Defense Ministry has accused the US of not observing the closed provisions of the agreement. The US wants to show that if Russia accepted an agreement with closed provisions Washington will not make excuses for breaching them," he said.

    In an interview with RT, political analyst Anton Khashchenko suggested that the attack may be a provocation.

    "Some in the US and NATO are not interested in cooperation between Moscow and Washington on Syria. They’re trying to undermine the agreement," he said.


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    • Robert
      The word ‘revenge’ connotes a one-time action. Unfortunately, such is not the case. The Empire will not abate in its evil-doings
    • avatar
      I have to say Russia is showing a lot of restraint in the face of endless provocations... At the same time, I would definitely celebrate if Putin decides to hammer the other idiots and prevent them from flying over Syrian territory.
    • avatar
      Marques rouges
      More probably a rescue operation for US or lsraeIi special ops trapped near Deir ez-Zor... the IAF do it all the time, they regularly bomb Assad's forces near their border, to secure the passage for their agents from or into Syria...
    • FeEisi
      The "accident" happened in a part of Syria where the battle lines have changed little over the years. This "mistake" would be more understandable in Northern Aleppo where the fronts change frequently (in ping-pongs between rebels and ISIS). The Pentagon doesn't want to be forced do anything that'll help Russia or Assad.

      What if Deir Ezzor falls? Losing around 60 to 80 soldiers will benefit ISIS (not counting wounded).
    • RedBanner
      Get out of Syria, murderers!

      You are there illegally, not at the Syrian legal Govt request or permission, nor with a UN mandate!

      The empire of evil is a rogue State that only does what they do because of their military power, because of their vassals and mercenaries worldwide that they pay to do their proxy wars, and because the rest of the world, rather than uniting against them, just watches and does nothing!

      Russia can not do it all alone! China has to step in as well, as all other nations worldwide that wish to liberate from the grips of this rogue empire of evil!
    • avatar
      "Some in the US and NATO are not interested in cooperation between Moscow and Washington on Syria. They’re trying to undermine the agreement," he said.
      I have little patience for the excuse that Obama has lost control over his military. How is that just a little problem.

      If true, a state of emergency should be declared and arrests should be made at the Pentagon, starting with Ashton Carter. How come there is no word about the Sec of Defense? He should be fired, at the very least.

      But I don't believe there is any mutiny. I think Obama approves of all of it and is determined to strike back at Russia until his last second in office.
    • avatar
      Russia should tell all uninvited people to get out of Syria sand Syrian airspace or regret being shot down.
    • choticastilein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, General Dunham has long since been in charge-- Obama's history-- just a robot making programmed noises... The cabal is desperate... what with their candidate in the outhouse and the economy on the brink of collapse... they've literally got weeks only to save their rotten smelling, almost dying carc-asses.
    • choticastilein reply tochrrev(Show commentHide comment)
    • choticastilein reply tochrrev(Show commentHide comment)
      Double-dealing murderous bast * rds!
    • FeEisi
      Here is the revenge:


      "In June the NSA's base near al-Tanf was hit by multiple cluster bombs from Russian airstrikes, killing 2 and injuring 18.[8] Russia denied responsibility, although photos released by the NSA identified the bombs as Russian RBK-500 cluster bombs which were delivered from the Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia.[14]"
    • avatar
      Russia should 'accidentally' bomb some US special forces and say that they didn't know they were there because US refuses to share target data. I guarantee such US 'mistakes' would stop very quickly.
    • Zoanthropy
      West Point Military Academy highly trained US military personal, high-tech planes with the best night vision, intelligence gathering devices abilities & commutation devices etc etc. The Commanding General of the USA Army Forces had to give authority for the bomb site to be bombed, if the US is this incompetent take their toys way and kick these guys out.

      The USA are broke global bullies, global trouble makers every region they go to they are trouble. Go home USA and fix your "Black Lives Matter" issues, fix your 20 Trillion deficit,, fix your crumbling cities, roads, airports, hospitals and most of all start teaching Americans how to speak English, you are globally lagging behind. Bye Obama!! can't wait for the DNC for have the next round of Wikileaks and hopefully you might be impeached, and take the money hungry Soros Golden Girl Hillary with you.
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      Sign an agreement with one hand, press the trigger finger with another!
    • avatar
      Psychopaths respect only LIES,FRAUD and MURDER to achieve their goals .because they are incapable of being Creative or Constructive. IF we or our leaders use REASON and/OR PEACEFUL gestures or offerings to them, they believe we are WEAK and will become even more aggressive and EVIL....just like the "schoolyard" bully.
      Examples of "Peaceful" rational offerings by Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King tells us how reason and peace work with Psychopaths- ALL three were murdered and are we any more peaceful today???
      Force MUST me matched by EQUAL or Greater FORCE. and when the Psychopathic Zionists and Freemasons ( House of Rothschilds, British Royal Family and the Vatican) are eliminated OR at least IMPRISONED., we have a much better chance at PEACE
      PUTIN is wrong in his peaceful approach and for Russia's and the World's sake I hope he wakes up in time BECAUSE there are no other leaders, with the APPROPRIATE POWER who care about humanity
    • Anton KOMAROV
      For how long are these demented American tactics going to continue to inflict horror on different parts of the globe?No aspect of denigration is apparently beneath them as they seek to impose their neocon totalitarianism on everyone.The question is:are American institutions run by schizophrenic physcopaths or are they really that disjointed that the one hand is unable to control the other let alone know in advance what they are going to do?This does not hold out much hope and reminds one of the final days of many dictatorial ruling cliques from the Romans to Hitler and beyond,they collapsed but not before their disjointed disarray had led to massive suffering and destruction.
    • avatar
      ptcjmin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, there sure is quite some frustration in the WDC.
    • avatar
      GOOD! To hear that these views are being heard! This is an oppurtunity to rout some of the deep-state that has been running US foreign policy since the 40ties. Everything points to this beeing a deliberate strike and that the intention is to undermine the peace deal. For example:
      - Syrian army never had this many casualties in one day (I think)
      - US coalition never strikes near Deir Ezzor
      - Intentional involvement of many parties, Aus, UK, DK to make it harder for Obama to point fingers
      - All this happening merely 2 days before the JIG was supposed to be created. I think the JIG would be devestating for their propaganda, US military would realize Russian military is the best.
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