09:33 GMT10 August 2020
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    US presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly pledged to normalize ties between the US and Russia if he is elected. However, even if he becomes president there will be some obstacles for Trump to restore friendship with Moscow, analysts said.

    American presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that if he is elected he would normalize ties between Washington and Moscow.

    "I think I would have a very, very good relationship with Putin and I think I would have a good relationship with Russia," Trump said on Wednesday, at an event organized by the nonpartisan Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

    According to polls, now Donald Trump is leading his rival Hillary Clinton.

    Trump is leading Clinton 45 to 43 percent nation-wide, a recent CNN/ORC poll revealed.

    Thus, there is a relevant question: will Trump keep his promises to normalize ties with Russia if he is elected? Moreover, will the US establishment let him do that?

    "I think that Trump sincerely wants to normalize relations with Moscow if he’s elected," Sergei Samuylov, senior analyst and the Institute for US and Canadian Studies, told Svobodnaya Pressa.

    Normalization with Russia is part of Trump’s campaign and would be a key element for his presidency. For example, recently he said the US and Russia should act together against Daesh in Syria.

    "Trump’s campaign is about US domestic issues rather than globalism. Focus is placed on domestic problems. Foreign policy is put in the background, especially for regions that are not a big concern for Washington," the expert pointed out.

    Trump has a real chance of winning; and if elected he would confront the will of the US political establishment. The majority of American decision-makers adhere to the conception of global policies.

    "I think that Congress and the State Department would put serious pressure on Trump is he’s president. But if he succeeds with his program it would be good for both the US and the rest of the world. But I think Trump would regularly clash with the American elite," Samuylov suggested.

    Now, it is premature to say that Trump would have good relations with Russia, said Yury Rogulev, director of the Foundation for US Studies at the Moscow State University.

    "What Trump has been saying so far about Russia is rhetoric aimed against Hillary Clinton. She says that Trump is the Kremlin’s protégé which is absurd. But Trump is playing this card. He wants to say that normalization with Moscow would be good," he said.

    Moreover, the US president depends on Congress and other institutions. It is difficult to predict how Trump would carry out his program if he is elected, Rogulev said.

    "I think that Trump’s policy would not be isolationistic. He will focus on domestic problems. His foreign policy would focus on reaching compromises," he said.

    Moreover, many Americans are against the global initiatives of the government and demand that domestic issues are solved. Trump is using this public sentiment in his campaign, the expert added.


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