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    No Easy Ride for Britain as EU States Want Brussels to Offer a Tough Brexit Deal

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    The Brexit vote has caused so much controversy over the last few weeks that other EU members have also considered making an exit. However, questions have been raised as to whether Britain will be able to sustain itself without the EU Free Trade Agreement.

    Large numbers of voters in France, Germany, Spain and Italy say the UK should be offered a tough deal when leaving the EU, according to a survey that said that Europeans want to punish Britain for Brexit.

    39 percent of French voters said Brussels should offer Brits unfavorable departure terms, and only 19 percent of French voters said the UK should be given favorable terms.

    The survey was also conducted in several other European countries, with only a few countries saying they would like the UK to be given good terms by Brussels.

    Ipsos-MORI surveyed more than 12,000 adults over two weeks following the referendum, in a bid to gauge international reactions to Brexit.

    ​The Ipsos-MORI survey also shows how nations around the world had mixed feelings about the UK's decision to leave the EU.

    Voters across the EU were asked whether the UK should be offered a favorable Brexit agreement to stabilize the economy or tough terms to discourage other countries from leaving.

    It seems the only people who want Britain to have a favorable deal after Brexit are the Brits themselves. With 56 percent saying they think the EU should offer a good deal.

    In Hungary, Poland and Sweden, the majority of voters backed a favorable agreement. However in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Germany, the majority of voters supported unfavorable terms.

    ​Pollsters also asked voters if the UK's decision to leave the EU left them feeling sad. 

    In a sign of the stark divide opened up by the EU debate, Britain registered the highest number of people expressing sadness about Brexit, at 49 percent.

    This was followed by Sweden with 48 percent and Belgium with 41 percent.

    Russia had the lowest number of upset voters, with just 6 percent saying they were sad about Britain leaving the bloc.

    The US was the next lowest, with a fifth of voters expressing sadness about Brexit.

    India also registered a high percentage of people who thought Brexit was a positive move.

    Brexit (262)


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