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    John Chilcot, center, the chairman of the Iraq Inquiry, sits with committee members

    US Lacks Courage to Follow UK Probe of Iraqi War

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    Chilcot Report on UK Role in 2003 Iraq Invasion (55)

    The Chilcot report demonstrates that the United Kingdom has the resolve to account for its actions in Iraq while the United States does not, retired 24-year veteran of the US Department of State Peter Van Buren told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Wednesday, Sir John Chilcot released a report devoted to United Kingdom’s role in the Iraq war. The report concluded that London’s decision to join the war was based on flawed intelligence data and assessments.

    "While the contents and conclusions of the inquiry are chilling — a government pressed into war with no aim or mission, and a war machine unleashed against mostly civilians — it at least shows that Britain has the courage to look into its own actions," Van Buren stated. "I only wish my own country [United States] would be so brave."

    Van Buren noted that the Chilcot report was justifiably critical of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for being willig to be manipulated by US President George W. Bush into joining the war in Iraq.

    "That the Chilcot inquiry was released on George Bush's 70th birthday as something of an unwanted gift is more than ironic, given how his own present to the British people in 2003 was to manipulate an all-too-willing Tony Blair into a pointless war that killed millions," Van Buren stated.

    In 2006, the United States created Provincial Reconstruction (PRT) in an attempt to rebuild some of Iraq’s crippled infrastructure. Van Buren was team leader of two PRTs.

    Van Buren is author of the book "We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People." The US government relinquished Van Buren’s security clearance and diplomatic passport.

    Chilcot Report on UK Role in 2003 Iraq Invasion (55)


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