05:11 GMT25 February 2021
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    Russia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Konstantin Vnukov, clarified in an interview with Sputnik Russia’s position on the South China Sea dispute.

    “Russia's position on the disputes in the South China Sea has been very clear. It has no double bottom, and we have repeatedly voiced it at all levels, including at the highest. In a concise manner, Russia is not a participant in these disputes. However, we do have a significant interest in that region, including in Vietnam,” the Ambassador said.

    “We are interested in the fact that all the problems in that region should be addressed via political and diplomatic means, through negotiations between the countries that are involved in these disputes.”

    The diplomat further said that Russia is categorically opposed to any escalation of tensions and increased militarization around the South China Sea region.

    “We believe that the only normal way out of this situation is the negotiation at the level of international law. In particularly at the UN Convention of 1982 on the Law of the Sea and documents that have been developed between ASEAN countries and China,” Vnukov said.

    The diplomat further said that Russia opposes the internationalization of the dispute and the involvement of those parties that have no direct relation to it.

    “As was recently noted by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, we oppose the internationalization of the dispute and the involvement in it of those parties who have no direct relation to it,” the Ambassador said.

    “We call for retaining calmness, restraint and not to turn the region into a “hot spot” as there are so many in the world. We call on everyone without exception, to China and the ASEAN countries,” the diplomat said.

    Vnukov added that Russia’s position is quite clear and there should be no suspicion that it is inclined to one side or another.

    “Russia has a completely independent position,” the Ambassador concluded.


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