19:56 GMT21 September 2020
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    Aggressive US moves in Eastern Europe and the South China Sea have only led to Russia and China strengthening their economic and geopolitical cooperation, political commentator Mike Billington told Iranian news network PressTV.

    Commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Beijing, where the two sides have signed a series of new agreements on enhanced cooperation, Billington, an Asia expert and author for the Executive Intelligence Review newsmagazine, told PressTV that Russia and China are strengthening their ties in light of both countries' growing tensions vis-à-vis the United States.

    "This is happening in the context of the total breakdown of the Western financial system; it's happening in the midst of [President] Obama and his British controllers moving the most massive military forces since World War Two right up to Russia's border; two US aircraft carrier[s] exercising in the Philippian Sea [are] obviously another threat to China," the analyst noted.

    "And as both Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi Jinping [have] said, the deployment of these anti-ballistic missile systems in Romania and Poland, as well as the THAAD missiles in Korea and missiles being deployed in Japan and elsewhere," constitute another danger to the two countries, Billington added.

    Ultimately, the commentator suggested that "what Putin is doing with Xi Jinping is to successfully create an alternative world — a new paradigm, based on development, based on building infrastructure (railroads, nuclear power, space programs), collaborating with the BRICS nations, with the SCO nations that have now brought India and Pakistan into the SCO, in collaboration with the Eurasian Economic Union that Mr. Putin formed."

    "We're looking at the vast majority of the world pulling together an alternative to the self-destructive and globally destructive policies implemented [by Washington]," Billington concluded.


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