11:24 GMT +322 February 2017
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers her keynote speech during the Christain Democratic Union (CDU) politial Ash Wednesday meeting in Volkmarsen, Germany February 29, 2016.

    German Politicians, Scientists to Send Letter to Merkel on Ties With Russia

    © Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach
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    More than 100 German politicians, lawyers and scientists will send an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and country's government calling for improvement of German-Russian relations in order to promote peace in Europe.

    BERLIN (Sputnik) — The letter is expected to be published in German Frankfurter Rundschau and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspapers on Wednesday, the day which marks the 75th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Soviet Russia during World War II, in which Soviet losses stood at about 20 million, by most estimates.

    "On June 22, 2016, on a historic anniversary, we address the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and German government: only the policy of mutual understanding with Russia and of settlement of conflicts and contradictions on behalf of the international law opens prospects of peaceful future for Europe… We urge to learn lessons from the most awful war until now to reach a new quality of German-Russian relations," the letter obtained by RIA Novosti said.

    The letter added that every effort, including in the spheres of economy and culture, should be used to exclude the possibility of an armed conflict between Moscow and Berlin.

    "All the relations and formats should be used to exclude a new armed conflict between Germany and Russia forever," the letter said.

    The signatories of the letter said that Germany should strengthen the collective security institutions instead of construction of military bases in Europe and sending troops to the areas near Russian borders.


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      This open letter will come across merkel's deaf ears for other noises like US orders.
      The intentions of the subscribers are good but the result will be NULL.
    • avatar
      Fine initiative.
      "...settlement of conflicts and contradictions on behalf of the international law" should probably read
      "settlement of conflicts and contradictions based on international law."
    • Bose
      Merkel's actions makes it hard for the public to understand her plans.. in any way, a war with Russia won't happen because Russia is strong enough to protect it's borders and so is USA but a war means the battleground will be Europe again.,, so it's best for Germany not to poke Russia and just work for the development for it's country and the world.
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      These same folks SHOULD be sending that letter to Washington as THAT'S where Merkel gets her orders from! She's just a patsy, like every other European leader. They've either been paid off, or threatened, but either way they do the bidding of The Empire, the U.S.
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      letters - public or otherwise no longer have meaning within the political context - unless of course it is more a case of blackmail. NSA anyone? :)
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