05:16 GMT +324 January 2020
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    President Obama’s foreign policy has come under intense criticism both in his home country and abroad, with many pointing to the outright failure of US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Commenting on the US strategy of controlled chaos, which it applies worldwide, a Russian political analyst also highlighted other failures of the 44th US president.

    “At the end of his presidential term, Barack Obama has opened up about the large strategic mistakes made by his administration during his presidency,” Igor Shatrov, political analyst and deputy director of the National Institute for Modern Ideology Development told Radio Sputnik.

    The Middle East and Afghanistan top the list, he said.

    “However I wouldn’t have said the fortune favored the President himself,” he added.

    Nowadays, he noted, the president is trying to make up not only for his personal mistakes but also for the mistakes of the previous administrations in order to justify the Nobel Peace Prize which he received at the start of his presidential career.

    He is also working to improve the image of his unsuccessful presidential history.

    The political analyst cites as an example the president’s visit to Cuba, Vietnam and even to Hiroshima, as evidence of this.

    “He’s trying to make up for the “sins” of the previous presidents,” Shatrov said.

    “And he himself, and there is such an opinion both in the US and abroad – is the weakest president in the entire history of the United States,”

    The expert also paid attention that this criticism has become even more vocal nowadays — in the run-up to the presidential elections.

    “In the run-up to the presidential elections the president’s foreign policy is receiving more attention than the domestic which, it’s assumed, is of more interest to the American voters,” he said.

    Shatrov then gave his own definition to a US president – “it is an office manager or a general director of some front-office of Trans-National Corporations (TNC).”

    He is elected by TNCs and large businesses, and not by voters.

    And the corporations are not satisfied with such an ignorant foreign policy of the US president.

    His task was to create a comfortable environment for the activities of the TNCs and American business.

    However, all his attempts to complete this task have failed.

    The political analyst cited, as an example, the president’s remarks about Russia’s economy: it is not “in tatters,” even though Russia’s ties with Europe have been severed.

    Among other failures is the Ukrainian crisis, which has become an endless problem. Also mentioned is the situation in the Middle East.

    “The strategy of chaos is a good one for catching fish in muddy water, but this chaos has got out of control,” he finally stated.


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