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    A mask during an anti-NATO protest rally

    'It's Time to Leave NATO Now!' Europeans Launch New Anti-War Campaign

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    Ekaterina Blinova

    While NATO officials are preparing for a July summit in Warsaw, European social activists and prominent politicians have launched a new anti-NATO campaign, protesting against the bloc's nuclear buildup and anti-Russia provocations, French journalist Karel Vereycken told Sputnik.

    At the Warsaw NATO Summit 2016, due to take place on July 8-9 in Poland, "NATO will enter the next phase in its evolution," according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

    According to the Secretary General, NATO's enhanced forward presence in Eastern Europe, combined with the ability to deploy NATO forces quickly aims to send a clear message to Russia.

    "NATO and the EU are complementary, and we already work more closely together than ever before," Stoltenberg told Poland.pl, adding that the two blocs conduct a coordinated policy to counter the Russian "threat."

    "The EU delivered economic sanctions, and NATO delivered the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War," he emphasized.

    However, it would be an exaggeration to say that the Europeans are unanimously welcoming the summit and its controversial and provocative agenda.

    Following the event announcement, European social activists and prominent politicians have drawn up a petition entitled "The Warsaw Summit Prepares for War, It's Time to Leave NATO Now!"

    "The upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw on July 8-9 is expected to be yet another provocation against Russia. By this call, we, the undersigned, want to say 'stop' to this nuclear escalation before the irreparable occurs!" the petition translated in German, Italian and French languages reads.

    "We the undersigned see that NATO is carrying out a provocative policy of 'encirclement'," the authors of the petition continue, referring to the Alliance's continuous expansion towards the Russian borders; the deployment of the Aegis anti-missile defense system in Romania, Poland, Turkey and Spain; NATO's military buildup in the Baltic States, Poland and Romania; and the creation of a "Nordic Front" against Russia, comprised of Denmark, Iceland and Norway as well as of NATO partner states Sweden and Finland.

    The petition has called attention to the fact that the modernization of nuclear weapons by the US and stationing new B61-12 guided nuclear bombs in Europe, poses a grave threat to the EU's security, evoking disturbing memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.  

    It urges European leaders to adopt a policy of the "empty chair" at the Warsaw NATO Summit of 2016 and to leave the Alliance, which no longer has any 'raison d'être' in order to put an end to this threat.

    Moldovan youngsters hold anti-NATO banners during a protest in the border town of Sculeni, Moldova, Tuesday, May 3, 2016 against the May 3-20 joint US-Moldovan military exercises as less than 20 percent of Moldovans want to join the military alliance
    © AP Photo/ Roveliu Buga
    Moldovan youngsters hold anti-NATO banners during a protest in the border town of Sculeni, Moldova, Tuesday, May 3, 2016 against the May 3-20 joint US-Moldovan military exercises as less than 20 percent of Moldovans want to join the military alliance

    Karel Vereycken, French journalist and founder of the Lyndon LaRouche-associated Agora Erasmus organization, a co-sponsor of the petition, shed light on the initiative in an interview with Sputnik.

    "The petition has just been launched, but signatures are coming from the entire political spectrum and mainly from ordinary citizens," Vereycken told Sputnik Thursday.

    "In Germany, the petition, promoted by Helga Zepp-LaRouche of the Bueso party is waking up the peace movement which has been dormant so far. Rallies and events against NATO deployments have taken place in Ramstein and elsewhere," he pointed out.

    "In France, 700 people signed [the petition] within a few hours. Many Frenchmen are furious that after Sarkozy, Hollande has made France integrate even more with NATO. The petition has also been signed by presidential "left Gaullist" candidate Jacques Cheminade, who stressed in a recent interview with RT that the current situation is "worse" than the Cuban Missile Crisis," the French journalist underscored.

    "In Italy the petition promoted by Movisol was signed by former Senator Lidia Menapace, a famous anti-fascist partisan which recently denounced Renzi's violation of the Italian Constitution. Another supporter is Elena Fontana, a former city councilwoman from Chiari (Brescia), now representing center-right parties and PdL (The People of Freedom) of [Silvio] Berlusconi. Signers and promoters of the petition will participate with other actors of the peace movement in a Bologna demonstration organized by Portico della Pace against the NATO nuclear modernization drive," Vereycken told Sputnik.

    "In Belgium, Agora Erasmus, a co-sponsor of the petition, has participated in a similar demonstration in Brussels. Several Belgian MPs, who signed a previous petition against the modernization of nuclear weapons on Belgian soil, are expected to sign the new petition," he stressed.

    According to Karel Vereycken, a combination of a failing financial system — "as seen in the case of Greece" — with a growing drumbeat for war and a full-scale modernization of US nuclear weapons stationed in Europe clearly shows that the European leaders refuse to learn the lessons of history.

    Meanwhile, "NATO is "playing" dangerous war games without realizing this isn't a game," the journalist underscored, referring to Swiss economist Gothard Frick, who wrote in his mid-May article for the Chinese daily Global Times that it is not Russia who is threatening peace today.

    The goal of the current initiative is not to have some "other petition" but to spark a broad public outcry against the countdown for war which consciously or not, is putting world peace in grave danger, Vereycken stressed.

    Europeans know that Russia does not pose any danger to the EU. Bruce Konviser of Deutsche Welle reported Thursday that ahead of the summit NATO "is struggling to assemble four battalions to safeguard its eastern flank from a possible Russian attack."

    "The US, Britain, and a reluctant Germany have each agreed to lead one multinational battalion. But so far NATO's other major players, France and Italy are balking at leading the fourth battalion," Konviser writes, adding that at the same time many Alliance's member states are "falling short of their economic commitments" to NATO.

    The Alliance has outlived itself, having lost its 'raison d'être' back in the 1990s, when its adversaries — the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact — ceased to exist.

    "To escape the current countdown to nuclear war, we call on our government to create without delay the conditions for a new global peace and security architecture, based on the win-win cooperation proposed by the BRICS, cooperation which Europe and the United States, in their own interests, should join in. The vast efforts we spent for war in the 20th Century, have to be mobilized today for peace and mutual development!" the anti-NATO petition emphasizes.


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      NATO is a terrorist organization.
      It is diabolically crafted using taxpayers money by creating fear and terror of an imaginary enemy.
      NATO has terrorized the people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, African states, Yemen, etc.
      Now NATO has got bolder and wants to terrorize the European.
      Using your money to terrorize and kill you and rob you of your assets making you and your future generations slaves forever.
      Only the blind cannot see what's happening.
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      chrrevin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, too right. NATO is evil, with Stoltenberg being the perfect complete moronic a$$hole at the helm...
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      It is very important that you read this letter written by Russians living in USA as well as prominent Americans who sent this letter to American politicians, media, public workers and to ordinary people and they are trying to rise awareness of westerners about inevitability of WW3 as it looks now.


      Letter is important as it is eye opener for all of us who are following situation and even more importantly for those who do not and are exposed to our government brain washing. It is very serious letter and very much relevant right now. Please share it with whomever you have relation and you care about their safety.
    • avatar
      "At the Warsaw NATO Summit 2016, due to take place on July 8-9 in Poland, "NATO will enter the next phase in its evolution," according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg."

      The new phase will be the radioactive aftermath that results from the criminal acts of their suicide cult.
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      Throw US out of europe as soon as possible and shut down this terrorist organization called NATO.
    • avatar
      Nato is being forceful in its journey to surround and ultimately attack Russia. These campaigns will be of no use if they are just placard-bearing outings every now and then. These campaigns have to be just as forceful in getting their jobs done. Aim high, press on!
    • avatar
      These people can say it but their leaders are to stupid to heed it.
    • avatar
    • avatar
      Those who want to join this effort can sign the LaRouche petition here: action.larouchepac.com/petition_to_leave_nato. Please do so now and send it everywhere!
    • avatar
      this will be interesting to see how it unfolds.
    • itchyvet .in reply toearlw35(Show commentHide comment)
      earlw35, I wouldn't say too stupid to heed it. I strongly suspect that they have either been bought with truck loads of money, or blackmailed for crimes they have committed and are now too scared to come clean. Risking the whole European citizenry as a direct result of their crimes. There's only one solution for such criminals.
    • avatar
      I doubt if these fellow-travellers have the support of one European in a thousand! To friends in Russia, I do not think you always realise the effect of Russia's actions on European minds and the impressions that have been building up for some time now. Russia's actions in Georgia, particularly in effectively seizing and holding onto two parts of the country, the fomenting of ethnic Russian insurrection in the Donbas and Russia's clandestine participation in the same, the seizure of the Crimea and its annexation, against all international law, cyber attacks on the Estonian government, Russian aircraft antics in the Baltic and North Sea, etc., etc., etc, are all reported daily in press and media and there hardly seems to be a day when there is not some Russian action to concern and object to, particularly with the endless bombing of civilian areas and facilities in Syria and the Syrian rebels. It all paints a picture of an assertive, aggressive, threatening power on Europe's doorstep and people naturally react to that.

      Russia's daily demonising of the USA through its state-owned media, with the help of its army of militant bloggers, and endless political attempts to split the EU and NATO, sends a pretty clear message of intent from your side of the border.

      Whatever the geopolitical intention was, the inevitable consequence is that Europe and NATO are waking up, sitting up and starting to repair the defects in Western defence and adopt a stronger line to dealing with Russia.

      This was inevitable, your President must have allowed for the chain of cause and effect, it is up to him now to either rein it in or watch it change up a couple of gears as NATO-EU rises to the challenge.
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toroycomfort(Show commentHide comment)
      roycomfort, the EU has its own militant bloggers ran by the East Stratcom Team and there is constant and if I may say so, highly irresponsible prattle in the West about a war in 2017- think General Shirriff and his recent rants.
      Waking up? Waking up to what, peripheral nations in the Baltic tweaking NATO for the sake of their own paranoia? That's not what NATO was founded for in 1949- it's supposed to be a defensive alliance, not some irresponsible cartel that answers to noone.
      Don't you want to live in a peaceful Europe where we can all share a common space as equals? It's you who need to wake up, wake from this paranoia induced dream you're living in.
      As for support, sorry but we have plenty of support in the UK for solidly questioning the parasitic relationship between the EU and NATO and what that means for democracy and security. Right across Europe euroskeptic parties are leading the charge against EU expansionism and NATO enlargement.
      You have placed yourselves on Russia's doorstep only to claim that she's there. Where else should she be? Russia isn't going to ever take one step backwards so if you don't like the current situation- stand down and desist from further provocations.
      *We're not Russian trolls btw, just ordinary citizens who want to live in peace.
    • avatar
      Find a few fringe elements and losers and blow it up into some kind of drama. Typical Russian propaganda . . .

      Russia is so insecure and 3rd world. Always seeking a means to get mack into the good graces of the US and Europe. lol
    • avatar
      "NATO will enter the next phase in its evolution,"..... devolution, turning men into monsters ....Nato can take its ball and go home, no-one wants to play
    • avatar
      madison0873in reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, nato has been terrorizing europe for a long time. Research "operation gladio". Some of the terrorist attacks are documented and supposedly the op is no longer active but similar ones are if it itself isn't.
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