01:54 GMT +327 March 2017
    US Army personnel stand with the Romanian and the US flag during an inauguration ceremony of the US anti-missile station Aegis Ashore Romania (in the background) at the military base in Deveselu, Romania on May 12, 2016.

    'Have No Illusions': US Missile Defense System is 'Directed Against Russia'

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    U.S. missile shield in Europe (34)

    Washington's missile defense system in Europe is allegedly aimed to deal with the threat posed by Iran's missile program, but, experts agree, the Aegis program is in fact directed against Russia.

    The latest component of Barack Obama's initiative, known as the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), came online in Romania on Thursday. On Friday, construction will begin at a site in Poland. Once it is finished, the EPAA would become fully operational.

    A helicopter flies by the radar building of a missile defense base, in Deveselu, prior to an opening ceremony attended by U.S., NATO and Romanian officials at a base, originally established by the Soviet Union, in Deveselu, Southern Romania, Thursday, May 12, 2016.
    © AP Photo/ Vadim Ghirda
    A helicopter flies by the radar building of a missile defense base, in Deveselu, prior to an opening ceremony attended by U.S., NATO and Romanian officials at a base, originally established by the Soviet Union, in Deveselu, Southern Romania, Thursday, May 12, 2016.

    NATO officials have long claimed that the EPAA does not pose a threat to Moscow, but officials, politicians and analysts from Russia and elsewhere remain unconvinced. Political analyst Georgy Fyodorov maintained that this is NATO's strategy aimed at "putting Russia off its guard."

    "Of course they will say that all [the bloc's] tanks in Estonia and Latvia, as well as war-games are not meant to counter us, but instead serve to protect [the alliance] against Daesh or some other terrorist group," he told Radio Sputnik. "But we should have no illusions. All military and deterrent actions performed close to our borders are carried out primarily against us."

    Sergey Ermakov of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies shared this concern, pointing to NATO's military buildup in Eastern Europe. The bloc's missile defense system, nuclear weapons and conventional forces are all "targeted against our country," he told Sputnik. "This is crystal clear."

    The United States developed the European missile defense system as an integral part of its strategy aimed at securing global dominance, he added.

    Components of NATO's missile defense system in Romania and Poland "are a worrying sign," Ermakov said, adding that they "pose a threat to [Russia's] security."

    Defense analyst Igor Korotchenko shared this sentiment.

    "Washington's missile defense system is directed against Russia. Its main goal is to offset our nuclear capabilities" he told the Vzglyad business newspaper. "The United States will invest into sea-based missile defense systems in the Baltic and the Black Seas. Then Washington will be able to blackmail Moscow."

    U.S. missile shield in Europe (34)


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      so,,,,Alot 20 nuke to Romania let them turn to dust
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      The USA has a lot of experience in defending itself. It defended itself against Canada, by invading it. It defendet itself against Mexico, Cuba, against the Middle Americas, against the South Americas, against half of Asia, against the German Kaiser, against Hitler Germany, against Russia, Against Korea, against Vietnam, against Panama, against Afghanistan against Jugoslawia, against Iraq, against Somalia, against Libya, against Syria, and and and.
      How did they become such defence experts ? well they defended themselves the very first time against their native population by whipping them out and they realised, hey this is good business, lets keep on defending.
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      Call it what it is, "missile attack system."
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      armorin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      axel.puhl, frighteningly true...
      Could they be possessed by the devil? I am not joking.
      They are terrorizing the world. One consolation : Russia and its heroic peoples will not be terrorized by bullies, ruthless bullies, who are attracting more and more contempt worldwide. I am now asking our Lady of Fatima( Feast today, 13th May) to pray for us and guide and protect Russia from evil. Oremus.
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      With this article and the Norwegian NATO representative it is quite obvious that he is so "vired" by the USA that one can wonder if he has any option of independency whatsoever, which further makes one wonder of how many war zombies, the greatest threat to mankind, USA has. They just look like some "puppets on the strings" where the strings symbolize the black pipelines or the geopolitical gold of oil.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Well you have to live in the pentagon to say oterwise..
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      If Donald Cook was in the Mediterranean Sea rendered useless than who is to say that Russian submarines, planes and land mobile units equipped with Electronic jamming system's and placed along the cost of north america and in any strategic positions in the world could without to much effort disable whole of Western Military.
      Surely with the technology that was already demonstrated by Russian Military one would not doute that thay are more capable than it was demonstrated !
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      One shoul also add without any doubt there must be lots of satelites in Space orbiting with the same system just waiting for the right time !
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