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    Syrian President Bashar Assad

    Kerry's Ultimatum to Assad: Why US Plan Means 'Capitulation to Al-Qaeda'

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    US Secretary of State John Kerry has given Syrian President Bashar al-Assad an ultimatum: either to begin "political transition" or risk the consequences of a new US approach toward ending the Syrian civil war, Tony Cartalucci notes.

    "Why does Washington believe that it has the right to impose its will on a sovereign nation thousands of miles from its own shores?" Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer Tony Cartalucci asks in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook, warning that Syria is currently being overrun by heavily armed and extremely dangerous terrorists backed by foreign powers.

    Citing Bradley Klapper of the Associated Press (AP) the geopolitical researcher stresses that the US Secretary of State has even gone so far as to give an ultimatum to the legitimate, democratically elected Syrian government.

    "How the United States presumes to possess the authority to determine the fate of a sovereign nation thousands of miles from its own shores in the Middle East is never explained by US Secretary of State John Kerry when he recently announced a new ultimatum leveled at Damascus," Cartalucci writes.

    Klapper's report reads: "Secretary of State John Kerry warned Syria's government and its backers in Moscow and Tehran on Tuesday that they face an August deadline for starting a political transition to move President Bashar Assad out, or they risk the consequences of a new US approach toward ending the 5-year-old civil war."

    According to the American journalist, the White House is unlikely to authorize the deployment of extra US troops in Syria, instead "US allies like Saudi Arabia might be able to give the rebels new weapons to fight Assad, such as portable surface-to-air missiles."

    It seems Washington is not shy about cooperating with Saudi Arabia and Turkey despite the fact the two realms are up to their eyeballs involved in arming and funding terrorists in the region.

    Cartaculli quotes the Independent report that says the two countries [Saudi Arabia and Turkey] are backing the Jaish al-Fatah group (the Army of Conquest) a joint command structure for Syrian jihadists that includes al-Nusra Front.

    Washington is well aware of "co-mingling" between the US-backed "moderate" rebels and powerful al-Nusra Front terrorists. However, the Pentagon and the CIA have so far failed to "separate" the Syrian moderate opposition from Islamists.

    The geopolitical analyst points out that although the White House possesses all political and military tools to eradicate the "roots" of the Middle Eastern terrorism it hesitates to do it.

    Washington policymakers regard al-Qaeda's affiliate al-Nusra Front as a convenient tool to pressure the Syrian government into making political concessions.

    Remarkably, Cartalucci stresses the US senior officials had no scruples about collaborating with Islamists in Libya, referring to the fact that back in 2011 US Senator John McCain found himself shaking hands with the commander of US State Department-listed foreign terrorist organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) — de facto al-Qaeda in Libya.

    American geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser shares a similar stance. In his latest analysis for New Eastern Outlook Draitser called attention to a sinister pattern observed in both Libya and Syria.

    The analyst emphasized that it is no secret that the CIA and other US government agencies have long been involved in investing in projects aimed at manipulating social media.

    "Close observers of the US-NATO war on Libya will recall just how many Twitter accounts miraculously surfaced, with tens of thousands of followers each, to 'report' on the 'atrocities' carried out by Muammar Gaddafi's armed forces, and call for a No Fly Zone and regime change," he noted.

    The same pattern surfaced in the beginning of the unrest in Syria when fake bloggers, who pretended to be Syrian protesters, fabricated news about the situation in the country, Draitser stressed.

    Furthermore, Hillary Clinton's leaked emails, released by WikiLeaks, expose some inconvenient truths about the Silicon Valley giants and the role they played in arranging the Syrian regime change.

    "Considering the verified nature of the so-called 'opposition' in Syria and the verifiable nature of what US foreign policy has done to Libya — leaving it to this day in the hands of state-sponsored terrorist organizations including the notorious 'Islamic State' or ISIS [Daesh] — what the US is essentially demanding of Syria and its allies is capitulation to al-Qaeda," Cartalucci underscores.

    At the same time "the new approach" Kerry was referring to is apparently the realization of the much discussed Plan B aimed at partitioning and occupying the sovereign Syrian state.


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      ptcjmin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, seems Osama Bin Laden and all the other Saudis had some hard time over there to get the terror work done.
      And Silverstein who talked of the decision to pull the building (7) - due to the twin towers' collapse or what?
      Can't figure this out, as it must have taken some time to place the demolition material in order to pull the building, and Silverstein talked of pulling the building because of the twin towers. Apparently if this is correct, it only took some minutes to put the demolition material in place.
    • The SPutin Image
      John Kerry took off his diplomat mask and revealed his true self... a man without respect for sovereignty, a man without virtue, a man without respect for humanity, a man friendly to terrorism.
    • The SPutin Imagein reply toAL(Show commentHide comment)
      AL, Unfortunately, our identity is tied to the criminal actions of those in charge. Each person must act as best they can in whatever capacity they have to regain control of a foreign policy which does not reflect the will of the people but which, instead, reflects the desires and interests of a wicked minority.
    • The SPutin Imagein reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, Mark Toner?
    • The SPutin Imagein reply topapimalo(Show commentHide comment)
      papimalo, Time will tell. Putin will do what's best for Russia. Yet, I do not expect any capitulation. When battling the forces of chaos, there can be no backing down.
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      the americans have come up with a 'new approach'? How is this possible? :)
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      papimaloin reply toThe SPutin Image(Show commentHide comment)
      , Putin will do what he thinks is best, however I somewhat disagree with his policies of appeasement, There can be no appeasement with the forces of chaos, Now terrorists and traitors are sitting in Geneva, is this a diplomatic victory?That path is closed. The Empire does not negotiate, it just gives orders, and it only understands violence. They are animals.
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      copiusin reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      ptcjm, it takes about 10 to 14 days just to study the building structure, plan where to place the and how much explosive to place at which parts of the building, to plan the sequence of detonation so that it falls on its own footprint.
      First you need a large crew and equipment for this job. No such sighting around building 7.
      Seriously people were not using common sense to analyze this.
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      ptcjmin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, this is quite serious as I recall it watching Silverstein in an interview talking of being phoned by someone (fire department of NY?) on the decision to "pull the building" which was in connection to the collapse of the Twin towers. m.youtube.com/watch?v=-jPzAakHPpk
      Regarding your information this means that the preparations for the demolitions took a while, which is in accordance with what former CIA employee talked of (Susanne/Youtube) some heavy trucks transports arriving to the TT area some month before the 9/11 tragedy. And no credible investigation is done to find out how this was possible. Having Silverstein confirming this fact about pulling the building, which is quite well known around the world, I.e. the evidence is in place to further investigate the security staff of the building as illegal assess to enter the building with demolition exploses was made possible. The whole constitution of the USA seems to be crackling to pieces if this case is passed without serious investigations.
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      Mayohin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, Dear Hermes, I answered you before, but I got censored like in the time of Soviet Union and Gulags, due it look likes it was duplicated my comment according they said to me, an innocent mistake. But anyway, you got there in your email a copy, they can't delete that. Basically, I was agree with what you say and I just add my opinion on some points. Thanks for your feedback!!!
    • Hermesin reply toMayoh(Show commentHide comment)
      Thank you Mayoh for yor elaborate comment. Pity nobody get's to see it. I share most of your view on the energy war but we musn't forget there are many different types of war fitted into a single operational plan so one shouldn't get stuck on the notion that getting a pipeline through Syria is the only objective of USA. I think they are also trying to build a nuclear psycho khalifat in the region and they are making great progress there.
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      "How the United States presumes to possess the authority to determine the fate of a sovereign nation thousands of miles from its own shores...? The US neocons have their own dictionary. They 'claim' MORAL authority! 
    • avatar
      Aussie Pridein reply toDonny(Show commentHide comment)
      Donny, Yes, and they have the same policy toward their own people, and everyone else in the West.
    • avatar
      This is completely wrong and goes against the very ideals of democracy that America says it's trying to spread across the world. I've always thought that the U.S is a great country and I still do on certain levels, but I'm very disappointed with what's being done here. The U.S cannot impose their opinion over the collective choice of the Syrian people! That's not democratic. The Syrians have already voted in a recent election and they've voted for the current government. If there is a need for government change in the future, let the Syrians decide that during their next election. It's simply not up to the U.S to disregard the views of the majority Syrians, are their views less important than whatever self interested goals that the U.S is pursuing in this matter? According to Locke, the collective majority of people in a community have the right to choose their own leader in order to have their interests protected by their elected leader. What the U.S. officials are suggesting in relation to Syria goes against the very ideals of democracy upon which their own country is founded. They should be ashamed of themselves and they should stop this counter-productive, destructive policy. The American people should take some responsibility for their elected or non-elected officials who are currently speaking for all of them and prevent this travesty from going any further.
    • avatar
      Does that ultimatum sound fascist?
    • avatar
      UDENTA O UDENTAin reply togbiyanju(Show commentHide comment)
      gbiyanju, very fascist and that is putting it mildly. The mask dropped out of Kerry's lying face to reveal the dark horror of totalitarian thinking, hegemonic imposition, imperialist war mongering and terrorist loving tyrannical evil lurking within. He who sows the wind will surely reap a bountiful of whirlwind. We also know of the logic of the boomerang; it was there in Afghanistan in the 1980s when the CIA created the Mujahideens that fought the Soviets which turned into the Talibans and al-Qaeda of the 9/11 infamy. Create the terror gangs against Assad in the Syria of today and be sure of a boomerang effect in the heart of the USA in years and decades to come. Trust me on this.
    • Alektrion
      John Kerry: I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. Okay? I want you to leave it all to me. Go on, go back to the party.
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      Jhon kerry was, is and always will be an stand over man.
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      Moderate Terroristin reply toAL(Show commentHide comment)
      AL,Rothschild,Rockefeller &co
    • avatar
      Who should be giving ultimatum is the Syria and Russia to the Western Elite to get the hell out of Mid East in 24 hours or we will wipe you of the face of the Earth once and for all not excluding caniving Israel state that should never been there in the first place !
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