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    A royal Marine from 539 Assault Squadron performing a beach assault from a Landing craft Air Cushioned (LCAC) Hovercraft in Harstad, Norway.

    Cohen: NATO's Actions on Russian Border May Stir Memories of Nazi Invasion

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    NATO is moving closer to Russia's borders throwing a monkey wrench in the possibility of the US-Russian détente; incredibly as it may seem, it is presented as Moscow's "provocation" by Washington's hawks, Professor Stephen F. Cohen noted.

    The North Atlantic Alliance is beefing up its military presence in the Baltic states and in Poland — in close proximity to Russia's western border, Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies at New York University and Princeton University, noted in his recent interview on The John Batchelor Show.

    In this context Moscow's decision to send its planes to inspect a US warship, the USS Donald Cook, which was maneuvering not far from Russia's military-naval base at Kaliningrad, is understandable, the professor noted, calling attention to the fact that the guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook "is not a fishing boat."

    "I watched NATO move ever closer to Russia's borders on land, in the air and in the sea and it is all being presented in the United States as Russia's provocation. One military guy even said: 'Putin is moving his troops closer to NATO'… NATO is moving closer to Russia, Russia doesn't move. It is where it is. It's NATO that has been on the move ever since the 1990s," Professor Cohen underscored.

    Russia is reacting to NATO's maneuvers and all this is presented as "Putin's aggression" against Europe, the Baltic states, and NATO.

    It is worth mentioning that although the US guided-missile destroyer was sailing in international waters it was only 70 nautical miles from Russian territory.

    Commenting on the issue, British political analyst Finian Cunningham wrote in his article for Sputnik:

    "Let's run that scenario in reverse to highlight how "American exceptionalism" has become a chronic condition of irrational double-think. If a Russian warship was to approach the US coastline in similar fashion — even if theoretically in international waters — we can be sure that US fighter jets would be scrambled and forcefully deployed. The Russian ambassador would also probably be summoned in Washington."

    "The fundamental question is: who is provoking whom," Professor Cohen underscored.

    "It's hard to see where Russia is threatening NATO, it is responding to what NATO is doing," he stressed.

    To complicate matters further, such NATO moves can only stir memories of the Nazi German invasion in 1941 in Russian minds — the last time such a considerable military force mobilized on the country's western border.

    "If you see this through Russia's eyes there has not been any formidable military force amassed on its borders since the German invasion in 1941. And that might be the most searing living memory in Russia. Twenty seven point five million Soviets died in that war [the Great Patriotic War]," the American scholar pointed out.

    The US academic stressed that it is becoming clear that Washington's party of war is succeeding in undermining the potential détente between Russia and the United States. There was a possibility that the US-Russia brokered ceasefire in Syria would facilitate the rapprochement between Moscow and Washington. Unfortunately, things are getting worse: "US war party or sanctions party" has unleashed an all-out media campaign against any cooperation with Russia.

    Meanwhile NATO's new supreme commander US General Curtis Scaparrotti, Philip Breedlove's successor, has signaled the alliance would continue its military buildup in Eastern Europe "against a resurgent Russia."

    "We face a resurgent Russia and its aggressive behavior that challenges international norms," Scaparrotti said in an official statement earlier this week.

    The US general added that NATO must be "ready to fight should deterrence fail."

    Scaparrotti is also championing the plan to deploy a third permanent military brigade of American troops in Europe. It should be noted that presently about 65,000 US military personnel are permanently stationed in Europe.

    The question remains open whether Washington policymakers are sleepwalking toward direct confrontation with Russia or whether they actively seek it, Cohen asked.


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    • Angus Gallagher
      NATO's logic is to expand eastwards relentlessly and then claim it is facing Russia: of course it is because if you put your face in someone else's face, you are by definition up against opposition. NATO is so disjointed from reality, so unable to empathise with Russia, it cannot even internalize the gross historical parallel with 1941 to the point where it has even lured the ever gullible Merkel into supplying German soldiers for the new forward reaction force. The historical parallels are chilling and we must remember that Hitler's warped logic dictated that Barbarossa, the supreme act of aggressive war, was defensive and aimed at containing potential Soviet aggression. Is this not how NATO also sees things?
      While there are dark fears, we must not be alarmist and it serves noone to claim that confrontation is inevitable. Yet for there to be trust, NATO must be prepared to deescalate both its forces and its weedling rhetoric that alternates from calls to be ready to fight immediately to plaintive pleas for defensive readiness against a resurgent Russia. And you have to ask yourself if it's possible that NATO has the typical psychology of the opportunistic petty criminal who only leaps from the bushes when he is sure he and his gang can fool everyone and who sees himself both as blustering bully and snivelling victim.
    • avatar
      NATO is now in offensive mode. It better deescalate for its own good.
      Do the American people really want a nuclear war?
      Do you really think you and your families can survive?
      The world is watching this American provocation and the repercussion will be horrendous. Make no mistake.
    • Jupiter
      They are cleaning history to make themselves deaf. Go and read history and defeat of Hitler and others which wanted to have Russian resources.
    • FeEisi
      Operation Barbarossa 2.0 this time with NATO being the new Reich and it seeks Lebensraum in the form of expanding the alliance eastward to countries boarding Russia. As with Barbarossa NATO will probably try to take out St. Petersburg, Moscow and Volgograd. As the Nazi's learned the Russians frustrate the enemy with their great resistance. And Russia will eventually win the Eastern front again as they did in WWII when the upgraded t-34's entered Berlin.
    • avatar
      Russia should keep calm. keep training and arming itself. At speed is going. they want to FORCE Russia into a deal. To move OFF out of European Russia. To begin coups and what not. So just keep calm. They will need bailouts and austerity very soon.
    • avatar
      Preemptive attack or this will keep going on and on and on.... Then after that, you will see all of them running to the negotiation table.
    • avatar
      The USA scholar Cohen has a skewed view of history. The red army had amassed on the western border with lots of provisional airfields only 50 km from the western border, airfields close like that are not for defence. Germany had a good reason to feel threatened by the Red Army, Nato has no good reason to feel threatened.
      Today is different, it is Nato that installs more and more army units along the Russian border, Russia does not amass army units along its western borders.
    • avatar
      Such hyperbole and more propaganda!

      Russian planes and subs are intercepted near US air and sea spaces routinely and when they are it is done without fanfare and professionally. No need to try any bravado as the US and Russia both know the realities.

      For Russia to approach US shores is a bit different than when the US is within the 'legal 200 mile limits of Russia's EEZ. The US has allies in close proximity to Russia's 'non-moving' land mass.

      Russia moving nearer to NATO makes perfect sense when leaving out the stupidity and propaganda. In the sense that Russia has moved new bases and literally tens of thousands of troops and weapons near the shared border with NATO and European nations it makes more sense, as intended. That compared to the 'RESPONSE' of the west of 'rotating' in and out some 4,000 troops split between the Baltics and Poland . . .

      Truth in detail makes much more sense than the blather and propaganda so daily posted in Sputnik.

      Russia remains relevant ONLY because of it's nuclear weapons and that is why Putin desires to maintain parity with the worlds sole 'superpower'.

    • avatar
      hopscotch64in reply toAngus Gallagher(Show commentHide comment)
      Angus Gallagher, This situation has moved far beyond the point of redemption and is deteriorating on a daily basis. Why would Russia "trust" the US/NATO criminals? Russia has been down that road in the early 90's and look how that worked out. Besides the US/NATO alliance has indicated no willingness to stand down and has in fact increased it's aggression. At some point Russia will have no choice but to fight or surrender as the US/NATO noose closes around the Russian neck. The deployment of German troops to the Russian border is beyond the pale of decency and show's the utter disrespect of these animals. It is the ultimate slap in the face by Germany to deploy those troops especially at a time when Russia will celebrate the defeat of Germany in WWII.
    • avatar
      jimbogoofballin reply toMayoh(Show commentHide comment)
      Then spineless putin can sign them up for another cease fire so the zionazi can re-arm, regroup and attack them again. Same story over and over. Putin must enjoy this action. Was the same in ukraine last year he kept letting them get away after surrounding them. Look at Syria since the so called cease fire that putin endorsed. Now the "moderates" are re-armed with manpads and heavy rockets from erdo.
      Why were they all not killed after capture? This dummy never learns. Why don't he kill them all starting again right now in Aleppo then Donbass then take care of these yankees described herein. This is a joke. Putin is giving them time out when they lose every time then he re- fuels them sells them oil, gas, hydro, etc, etc, etc, Putin is selling them the fuel for their zionist planes and tanks. So they can keep on attacking. He sells the oil and gas to erdo and merkel. What kind of loser is this putin? How can he tolerate this on his borders? He better wake up and do something. Or replace him with a man who will.
    • avatar
      Can you please be a little more coherent in what your saying to me? The way you worded that has absolutely no reference to the points I made in the post above. So please reword your post so I can attempt to answer. Your reply is illogical. I don't think a soros poster would say the things I say because what I stated above is true. soros people always lie and like you just did here, try to change the subject. Please feel free to dis credit what I said by sticking to the topic. Why start talking about soros? Lets talk about what I said.
    • avatar
      Enjoy buddy. Feel free to discuss the points I made. Again your reply is illogical. OK so let's talk about putin selling them the gas and oil so they can kill more civillians. This has absolutely nothing to do with soros.
    • avatar
      ivan it is just frustrating to see the provocations of these zionist and it just keeps happening over and over and we all know Putin could end nato. He also could end the us dollar. There is so much he could do and these zionists keep provoking and provoking him and nothing happens. I am just fed up with it and so post what I think here. I would never work for soros if I did I would like a position close to him. Really close within reach.
      This nato has to be stopped. Why will putin not do more to stop them? You can not negotiate with yankees. That is just a joke. So the diplomatic gig is still not working after so many times trying in every war the usa has started. Not once has it worked. Not in Donbass, not in Syria or any other place. When is putin gonna learn that? Why will he not fight back?
    • avatar
      Absolutely. I just wish putin would fight back. He does good stuff like you said, then quits and lets it all start again. Why does he not crush these basturds once and be done with it. There is so many things he could do not just kill them. He could tomorow if he wanted crash the usd. He could stop giving them gas. Many many things could be done to exceptionalstan but nothing ever meaningful ever happens. Putin could refuse to pay any more debt to them although not that much it would be enough to knock down the breeton wood satanic economy of zionists. I could think up so many things to do to yankeestan and nato. Why don't putin and his men do that? He might not have to kill them afterall. Bankrupting them is certainly more pallitable. More fun too seeing yankeestan destroyed by crashing their economy.
    • Marc Nonnenkamp
      There are still many people (not most people, but many people) in both North America and in Europe who severely misunderstand and underestimate Russia. They view Russians as both stupid and dangerous, and they believe that Russia is nothing more than a political and military bluff. In this sense, they are as foolish as Hitler when he called Russia "the biggest bluff since Ghengis Khan." Neither the Mongol Empire nor the USSR were a bluff. The Prussian-German General Staff realized this. Something like 90 percent of Germany's Generals and Field Marshals advised Hitler against Operation Barbarossa - the German invasion of Russia in June 1941. The reason was simple - they told him that the job was simply too big to accomplish. Needless to say, he ignored their very sound advice. The German Naval leadership under Grand Admiral Erich Raeder also advised against Operation Barbarossa for the simple reasoning that England was still undefeated, and that invading Russia was not in Germany's or Europe's best interest. He wanted to pursue a Mediterranean strategy which would have likely brought England to the bargaining table, but once again this sound advice was ignored by Hitler. This strategy would have confiscated the French surface fleet and incorporated it into the Kriegsmarine (the German Navy), it would have absorbed French West Africa into the German Empire, it would have established a large German Naval Base at Dakar, it would have enlarged the Afrika Korps of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel (yet another proponent of the Mediterranean strategy who was ignored by Hitler) and it would have marched on Egypt, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf from the direction of Italian Libya. Persia (Iran), India and Afghanistan were to have been left to the Russian sphere of influence (as were Finland and the Baltic States), and much of east Asia had already fallen into the hands of Imperial Japan.
    • avatar
      Mayohin reply tojimbogoofball(Show commentHide comment)
      jimbogoofball, Hello. Let me tell you, Putin moves are not exactly what I or more common people will think or do. But the truth is that every move he does, he is right and more important it hurts the Zios a lot!!!, they are in a big pain. There is a reason why the Zios are after him all the time, right??? So, that's mean and I have to recognize it works, it is smart. Putin let clear before that he is not going to put all the burden only over the Russia shoulders like happened in the Soviet times, Putin is not going to repeat this same mistake. This is a problem of all humanity, every nation is rigged by Jews, every nation should have to fight for their own National values and cooperate and that's the message I believe Putin is sending.
      Anyway, not so serious now, you make me remember this video with this song "Putin Never Quits" not matter how much Jews try.
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toMarc Nonnenkamp(Show commentHide comment)
      Marc Nonnenkamp, the thing to do was neutralize Britain in the west and the RAF was all but finished when Hitler diverted the Luftwaffe to the blitz of British cities. Had Hitler continued in much the same manner you have suggested, he would have marched through the Middle East and probably got Gibraltar in the West with Britain under an iron ring of U-Boat encirclement. While tricky, Operation Sea Lion was by no means impossible and a broad front series of small paratrooper landings launched out of Norway and Normandy could have ran the British ragged from Ireland to the the East Coast.
      But this logical scenario never really had much of a chance of reaching the logical conclusion of forcing Britain to sue for peace. Much of this was done to Hitler personally who described himself as 'a coward at sea' and he probably thought in the comforting terms of World War 1's German victory over the Russian Imperial Empire.
      One of the issues was the radical underestimation of Soviet power by German Military intelligence. There was a belief that Stalin had purged the Red Army of its best commanders. And there was the ideological imperative to launch of first strike against, as Hitler saw it, Jewish Bolshevism.
      A further point to consider is that if Hitler had in fact gone on to take the Middle East, he would have at some point come close to the Soviet Union's southern frontier. With Turkey tempted onto side and no doubt lured by Georgia and the Caucasian oil fields, we once again put Hitler on a trajectory of a bullet in the head and the Red Army to Berlin.
    • avatar
      Next time, cripple the ship, capture and dismantle it and return it in boxes, just like what the Chinese did.
    • avatar
      ivanwa88, President Putin's responds in the responsible manner befitting a leader of a major nuclear power.

      That says it all. Since the dismantling of the Warsaw Pact, when the Secretary of State, James Baker, said they would not move an inch into Eastern Europe; NATO turned from a bi-polar partnership, based on defence, led by Military Leaders, who were not 'Yes Men', into an uni-polar, offense union, led by failed politicians, who ironically have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of MAD or nuclear weapons. The only military leaders in NATO are now 'yes men' and it shows.
    • avatar
      anne00mariein reply tojimbogoofball(Show commentHide comment)
      jimbogoofball, You really should keep up, have you not noticed what China and Russia are doing to the US economy? Not only are they hoovering up the gold, virtually enough to back either currency, as the US focuses on printers, but they are also trading in their own currencies, bypassing the $USD petro-currency reserve.

      Russia uses intelligence not spontaneous hissy fits and fortunately can see and understand the bigger picture. Shame the G7 and EU nations cannot say the same.
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