11:04 GMT25 February 2021
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    With polls closing, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, and hopes to make gains in Tuesday’s other two primary states, but Senator Sanders is hoping for an upset.

    After defeating Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in New York last week, Clinton is expected to increase her lead across the northeast during Tuesday’s primary contests, inching closer to the 2,383 delegates needed to win the nomination.

    The results remain too close to close to call in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

    Victories for Clinton mean that rival Sanders is given an even narrower path to victory. While the Senator has pledged to remain in the race until the convention in July, courting superdelegates in the process, his chances of winning the nomination outright become increasingly slim.

    The next Democratic primary will take place in Indiana on May 3.

    Following massive errors at polling stations in New York last week, some locations have reported similar problems in Baltimore, though the extent is unknown at this time.

    While a New York Times story claimed that Sanders would "reassess" the campaign after this latest round of primaries, though his wife, Jane Sanders, denied any insinuation that the senator would be dropping out, insisting "we're in it until the convention."


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