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    Black Hawk Helicopters coming in to land at firebase in Afghanistan

    This is Why Sending 100,000 NATO Troops to Syria Won't Help to Defeat Daesh

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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    Former Foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman has urged NATO to send 100,000 troops to Iraq and Syria to root out terrorism in the Middle East once and for all, but this plan, experts say, is "completely illogical and unrealistic."

    Lieberman, the leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, made the comments following the suicide bombings in Brussels. Daesh, which maintains its grip on parts of Iraq and Syria, claimed responsibility for the terrorist acts that left more than 30 people dead.

    Rescue workers in yellow vests gather at the Place de la Bourse to pay tribute to the victims of Tuesday's bomb attacks in Brussels, Belgium, March 25, 2016.
    © REUTERS/ Christian Hartmann
    Rescue workers in yellow vests gather at the Place de la Bourse to pay tribute to the victims of Tuesday's bomb attacks in Brussels, Belgium, March 25, 2016.

    "Instead of dewatering the swamps, [European authorities] suggest chasing mosquitos. This fuss has zero chance of success," the politician observed. "If we dewater the wetlands, the mosquitos will disappear. If we destroy the source of terror, terror will vanish."

    A working strategy to deal with Daesh, according to Lieberman, would entail sending 100,000 NATO soldiers to eradicate militant strongholds in Mosul, Raqqa and other cities.

    Former Russian diplomat Vyacheslav Matuzov, who heads the Russian Business Cooperation and Friendship Society, called Lieberman's plan "completely illogical and unrealistic." 

    "The existing strategy aimed at defeating Daesh is the correct one. It has already paid off – terrorists are losing. The Syrian city of Palmyra has almost been freed. Damascus-led forces are advancing towards Raqqa. In Iraq, liberating Mosul is on the agenda," he told Svobodnaya Pressa.

    Indeed, Daesh, thanks in no small part to Russia's military engagement in Syria, has sustained major losses. In fact, latest reports from Syria indicate that Damascus-led forces and their allies have pushed militants out of Palmyra in what is a major loss for the group.

    Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft leave Hmeimim airbase in Syria
    Russian Defense Ministry
    Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft leave Hmeimim airbase in Syria

    Earlier this month, the IHS Conflict Monitor reported that the self-proclaimed caliphate had shrunk by 22 percent in the last 15 months. Daesh, the analysts said, is "increasingly isolated and being perceived as in decline." The Russian and US-led military campaigns have also largely destroyed Daesh's oil infrastructure, leaving the group without its key revenue source.

    Matuzov also noted that all those involved in the anti-Daesh campaign should also focus their counterterrorism efforts on those countries where the group could try to gain a foothold, particularly Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen. These countries have been plagued by sectarian violence for years – a fertile soil for a terrorist group that is capable of exploiting local grievances.

    The world, according to Syrian international relations scholar Abbas Dzhuma, has already seen what happens after thousands of US or NATO soldiers are deployed to a Middle Eastern country.

    "NATO forces were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. What's the outcome? Have those countries been rid of terrorists? NATO has claimed that it would defeat Islamic terrorism in the world, but there are no positive implications," he told Svobodnaya Pressa.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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    • terryjohnodgersin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, that is precisely what Hitler thought and acted upon - I'm guessing you would have supported him in his endeavour then?
    • terryjohnodgersin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, perhaps Lieberman, like all the other non-Jewish talking heads could lead by example instead of sending his young men out to fight his ideals? Israel is already the world's pariah according to some, so can you imagine the repercussions if they actually sent 100,000 troops into Muslim controlled lands to finish a job that was started 1400 years ago?

      I believe the best outcome within the Middle East is to follow Russia's example by providing the muscle but letting those countries threatened by outside forces supply their own able bodied soldiers.
    • earlw35
      NATO is a failure and an embarrasment, its member countries can't even protect themselves, let alone the world, they are to busy being subservient to the US.
    • choticastilein reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, I don't understand exactly why you assumed Hitler had something to do with my comment? Would appreciate if you would please explain what you meant Terry.
    • teddy j
      it is also LONG PAST the time that the world -- led by russia -- should FOCUS on the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM -- THE real BRAIN, operations center, supplier of weaponry, diplomatic cover, technological, institutions , covert and overt enabling and even creation of global terror

      LEADER OF IT ALL -- COMPLETE with its ''allies and coalitions"

      FOCUS ON that -- it has a name :

    • terryjohnodgersin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, because your thinking in that Jews have been behind every conflict is exactly what Hitler believed based on his interpretation of the much over rated and propagandized Protocols of Zion which is what drove Hitler to do what he caused to be done to Jews. You were referring to Israel in your comment, yes?

      I also note, that many on this site will go out of their way to demonize Israel for every little thing that Israel is perceived to have done wrong, and yet, will conveniently ignore the cause and effect of the current situation in that area of the middle east which has been brought about by the very people the Western media like to promote as victims to Israeli aggression, while the same media, who are also completely beholden to the NWO and completely whitewash the many atrocities that have been waged against ordinary Israeli citizens who just wish to get on with their lives, continue to ignore the true background history of this ongoing conflict.

      I guess those who believe that Jewish Zionists are the New World Order would rather believe that propaganda, which was aimed at discrediting Jewish interests in Russia prior to the Bolshevik revolution, than who the real writers of that book were truly representing - Freemasons, European Royalty and other very wealthy families whose names may be Jewish, but who stopped being Jews hundreds of years ago and who no longer reflect what Israel or modern Jewish thinking stands for today.

      Does that explain my comment?
    • michaelin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terry, I agree with your comment about following the Russian lead in support but not directly engage troops (spec forces excluded). If those people of a region do fight for their values, their land and so on then pride is one of the benefits to the people as a whole. But then again, I talk about a cultural mind set of which I know little. It may not work that way...:(
    • terryjohnodgersin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, it is more than culture because one of the major problems within the middle east is that due to the balkanization of the area by the British all the areas now designated as countries have borders that cross over and into tribal lands which are much resented by those tribes those lines cut into.

      The Kurdish tribes are THE classic example of this.

      So, one tribal area will not assist another tribal area to fight against other tribal areas if it does not benefit their own area unless they all face a common enemy. What better way to break and control a whole cultural people but who are tribal in outlook and who have lived on their lands for thousands of years than to divide all their areas into make believe countries that no one will fight for?
    • choticastilein reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, Terry, I feel that your are oversensitive, because you are uninformed and not meaning to be rude at all, to me it seems you fail to see and understand what Bolshevism (aka as modern day Zionism) in truth actually is -- that it is and always has been an IDEOLOGY and not a religion and of the most vicious nature, its agenda has always been full spectrum global dominance. Zionists don't care about Judaism or for that matter, for any religion, but only to achieve their ungodly aim -- setting us all up against each other by using and abusing different religious persuasions, different races and cultures. Zionism, hijacked genuine Orthodox Judaism, abusing genuine Israelis, giving genuine Jews a bad name all over the world. Please note that Joe Biden was known to state something to the effect, that "You don't have to be a Jew, to be a Zionist", which speaks volumes about what Zionism is.

      I have many Jewish friends, who know Zionism for the abject evil it is. I have no interest in offending your sensibilities, but leave it to you, to do your own open minded research and not to be afraid of facing up to the truth, as until you do, it is useless to have a discussion with you about an issue, which the world's finest minds -- historians, political scientists and world re-known journalists. have long since exposed as a fact, backed by multiple sources of authenticated evidence. However, I will not provide you with these sources, as if you have the mind to, it is for you to seek and find them yourself. I had to reluctantly delve into all this material in my search for the truth, which when reality stared me in the face, it shocked me out my socks. So if your are a seeker of truth, go find it and then take a step back and as a sincere follower of Orthodox Judaism (?), defend the God honest truth.

      You said in part, "....who no longer reflect what Israel or modern Jewish thinking stands for today."

      Does Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party reflect this Israel you speak about and modern Jewish thinking today? What then about Palestine and the rights of Palestine to become a sovereign state and for Palestinians to achieve their own self-determination? What about the ongoing theft of Palestinian land, the murder and mayhem Netanyahu et al, backed by international Zionists, are constantly delivering on Palestinians?

      Even the lame dog UN seems to at last be trying to reign in, what most countries throughout the world, perceive and condemn, to be an Israel, hijacked by a rogue, apartheid style government.

      Sorry, Terry, but what Israel has perpetrated and continues to perpetrate against the Palestinians since virtually just after the birth of Israel as a state in 1948, cannot ever be condoned.

      America has been infiltrated for at least over a hundred years by this international Zionist bankster gangster cabal, who, from the beginning of time, have been behind all global conflicts, wars, murder and mayhem and yes, they are the Masonic Cult bent on achieving the NWO and the enslavement of humankind. Go well.
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, Every one they haven't actually caused they've at least managed to exploit to the benefit of their own ambitions. This is true at least from the late 18th centaury onwards. They're the ones who provoked the war with Rome that ended in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. Their incessant troublemaking does go back a very long time.
    • choticastilein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, Its a fact of existence on this planet -- tragically I may add for mankind.
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, If it was only from Non-Jewish sources I got my information it would be to say the least suspect. But when I began to get conformation from Jewish sources then I began to really believe. It is very wise of you to point out, for those who are truly interested in the truth, that there are Jewish sources for your information. Jewish sources that morally stand head and shoulders above the incessant Zionist propaganda.
    • choticastilein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, I have Jewish friends of thirty years standing and since I've known them, they have been of the same bent of mind, which is that Zionism is a fake Jewish ideology, hijacking Judaism and that it would end up destroying Israel from within, if Jewish people don't wake up to what's happening right under their noses and all over the world. I even argued with them in the beginning, calling them conspiracy theorists. but they set me straight, told me that's why their families did not go settle in Israel, but rather in other parts of the world, where they could continue being part of the world as a whole, free to practice their faith as Christians, Muslims etc, practice theirs -- they did this to escape Zionism.

      Thank God, as you say, there is tremendous resistance against Zionism within the Jewish nation, as my friends too, regard them as the worst evil on the planet.

      However, many Jewish people remain uninformed about what Zionism really is, hence they're incredibly touchy about it, as they feel Judaism itself is under attack and brand those criticising Zionism, as anti-Semitic, which it is not correct. If one for instance criticised Apartheid, which initially was absolutely synonymous with South Africa, could one then have branded all whites in SA as racists or even all whites globally as racist? -- when there were many whites in SA who were not and whites in general, all over the world are definitely not racist -- yet, when Israel's leaders practice apartheid on the Palestinians and this is pointed out to be as despicable as what SA's leaders did to Africans in South Africa, one is immediately branded as anti-Semitic. This is nonsense. Every country in the world has its share of bad people, but it does not mean the whole nation is rotten to the core, as in the case of Jewish people standing up for what is true and just and exposing the wicked within their own ranks.

      Anyway, I think change is coming, but as you and I discussed some time ago, it's not going to happen overnight -- but it will, as people's eyes, including Jewish peoples', are wide open to what Zionism is and what Zionists want to foist on us all.
    • terryjohnodgersin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, Your first paragraph:

      The Protocols of Zion were not written by Jews but for the then world elite consisting of Freemasons above the 33rd degree, European and English royal families and their financial backers - The Rothchild's, Morgan's etc. as a blueprint for world domination. And one must agree that nearly everything has come to pass in that regard. Hitler was aware of the agenda but was blindsided by the red herring that the agenda was a Jewish plot. A red herring designed to implicate the Jews and to deflect the real agenda's purpose from the Russian Imperial family and government.

      Jim Marrs has much more on this in his book - Rule by Secrecy - which I would recommend everyone to read so as to gain a much wider understanding on that subject.

      Your second paragraph:

      Having many Jewish friends is no guarantee that they are well informed. A case in point; The biggest Democratic voter block is the Jewish New York voter block - so what does that say to you about their politics? Having friends or authors, professors or journalists who support your own biases is also no guarantee for evidentiary fact, especially based on recent revisionist history adulterers. One must always keep an open mind on any subject even after forming an opinion.

      Your third paragraph:

      1947 - 2000 - 2008 - are the years that the so called 'Palestinians' walked away from forming their own state alongside Israel. HAMAS, which rules Gaza is a designated terrorist organization whose charter is the total destruction of Israel. Under those circumstances how can peace be obtained when it is still a one sided (Israel) argument. Golda Meir once stated that there can be no peace with the Arabs until they can learn to love their own children - was she wrong on this? If one seeks the truth to this conflict one soon comes up with the right answer.

      Your fourth paragraph:

      The UN was brought into being as a future world government - do you not understand that? Read the Protocols.

      Your last paragraph:

      You are partly right, but you must also take on board that the US was also, along with the West, infiltrated by soviet agents from the 1920s on, who instigated the long march through all our institutions, while after 1945 the international Nazis infiltrated the business, industrial and financial aspects of America - Communism and Nazism are the two sides of the one coin. So, while the Bankers began to control America, communism and national socialism established themselves throughout America's systems.

      Some advice: Your knowledge of Israel is flawed and is reflected in your bias against Israel and in your comments regarding same. Maybe you should be asking yourself why the whole world is now treating seven million Jews who face extinction in their own land as the pariah and not those who are trying to destroy them. As I have mentioned previously - that kind of thinking is how Hitler thought of the Jew.
    • michaelin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terry, agreed I should have used the term worldview instead. :)
    • Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, To further enhance your knowledge of the subject you might watch a certain movie on the internet titled "Dancing With Bashir". It is an animated feature produced by certain former enlisted men and junior officers of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) who were veterans of the Lebanese Civil War of 1982. It tells about their experiences in it and their awakening to the truth. It reinforces what you're saying with the testimony of those with first hand knowledge of what is going on. It certainly helped me to begin to differentiate between Zionism and the Jewish people as a whole.
    • tblizzin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, You begin this rant with a flat out lie about who wrote the protocols. In which case the rest not worth reading.
    • tblizzin reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, Wrong name. The U.S. is simply the myrmidon kneecappers for the Rothschild cabal today. (Britain was before the U.S.) That cabal's henchman, Israhell, is closer to the top than the U.S. Think past the last bomb raid.
    • tblizzin reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, Hey, Chicken shit, put up my comment! Your propaganda is worse than others in the way you allow only what YOU want posted.
    • terryjohnodgersin reply totblizz(Show commentHide comment)
      tblizz, may I ask what lie that would be? And if what I write is such a lie can you prove other wise because criticizing someone's comment is easy to do, but providing an argument for your criticism I guess for you is much harder. So how about it, show me where I am wrong.
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