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    Cuban President Raul Castro, right, lifts up the arm of President Barack Obama at the conclusion of their joint news conference at the Palace of the Revolution, Monday, March 21, 2016, in Havana, Cuba

    Monroe Doctrine Ghosts: Why Washington's Soft Power Does Not Work in Cuba

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    Although Washington currently "courts" Cuba, it is clear to Havana that the US’ intention is yet another Bay of Pigs invasion with a smile, Haitian-born journalist Dady Chery notes, commenting on US President Obama's historic visit to Cuba.

    Havana has had enough experience with the Monroe Doctrine to know that Washington's goal will always be to gain the upper hand over Cuban policies and turn the country into yet another subservient state, Dady Chery, a Haitian-born journalist, author and scientist writes in her article for News Junkie Post.

    "Even as the US courts Cuba, the US' intention is clearly a Bay of Pigs invasion with a smile. The Cuban Revolution has enormous symbolic importance for people throughout the world who are fighting US domination, and the undoing of this revolution would be a major psychological blow," Chery underscores.

    "The US is already hinting that it wants popular elections that it can manipulate. In a March 22 speech, the US president stressed that 'Cuba has a one-party system, [but] the United States is a multi-party democracy.' This is quite laughable, given the subservience of both US parties to the same business concerns, and the charade that currently passes for an election in the US," she notes.

    Barack Obama's historic visit to Cuba turned the spotlight on obstacles and hurdles in the way of a US-Cuban thaw. The visit was nothing of a "triumphant march." Havana clearly signaled that it is not going to "surrender" to global hegemon.

    During the meeting with Obama, Cuban President Raul Castro emphasized that Washington should abandon its base at Guantanamo and lift the embargo on Cuba.

    Che Guevara and Fidel Castro
    Che Guevara and Fidel Castro

    Castro added that there are "profound differences that will not disappear over our political model, democracy, human rights, social justice, international relations, peace and stability."

    While Havana is ready to discuss opening Cuban markets to the US, it wants equal access to the US market, Chery notes.

    "Currently, Cuba holds more than 30 patents in the area of biotechnology, which is its main export. It manufactures more than 800 products for the health needs of Cubans, for whom it provides universal medical coverage. Cuba would like to sell its biotech products in the US and conduct the requisite clinical trials of Cuban products with US patients," she underscores.

    The journalist calls attention to the fact that despite the US sanctions, Cuba has become largely self-sufficient over the past decades.

    "Although Cuba has complained for decades about the harm from the embargo, it is no longer a country without its own toilet paper or medications, but one that has painfully built its own economy," Chery points out.

    Incredible as it may seem, Cuba has developed its own software products, including computer games, cell-phone platforms, and specialized software for the health sector.

    The country is also inclined to expand its tourism business.

    Havana is ready to open its doors to Washington but only if the latter would treat Cuba as an equal partner, not yet another vassal state.

    "The new wave of colonists wants to be in place now because they think that their work to undermine the Cuban Revolution will become easier after Cuba's great hero Fidel Castro dies," Chery notes, adding that US policymakers underestimate the importance of independence and sovereignty Cuba has gained through hardships and sacrifices.

    "As ever, the Cuban revolution thrives while under attack; one can only hope that it will never imagine it is not," the journalist concludes.


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      Raul Castro did the right thing by not letting Obama make a gesture of dominance for the cameras. Obama is part of the NATO bullies. They never stop. That's who they are, bullies.

      The weird thing is how youtube clip is titled "Castro grabs Obama's arm and raises it". Incredible.
      The clip clearly shows Obama trying to touch Castro's shoulder. The Orweillian spin machine never stops. Obama broke the personal space rule, not Castro. Obama was going for a dominant gesture for a photo op. He didn't get the photo he wanted. And the clip shows that Obama tried again to put his hands on Castro. Obama apparently has no social awareness at all or he's just that arrogant.
    • Rogerio de Oliveira
      Cherry picking once allies when it suits you is not an ideal way to conduct diplomatic resolves from decades of mistrust and bigotry. Global peace is an ideal strived for by most people including me. Once Cuba sees the US as a ‘friend’ then soon this new ‘friend’ will demand alliance and dedication to stand against any foreign or domestic threat, which the US may perceive to be an obstacle. I think that it’s time for Russia to create its own BMD in Cuba and let us see how the global media will react to this…
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      it is good news indeed to read of Cuba's developments in the biotech area.
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      michaelin reply toIs it because I am black?(Show commentHide comment)
      Is it because I am black?, interesting question, one which we were discussing last night. You can see the us soft power in areas such as education where ideas are passed to countries stupid enough to take it hook line and sinker, such as australia and the result is a diminished capacity of students through the generations. However, in particular if you look at the courses for ESL teachers an overwhelming majority of the papers for study are american with their concepts of culture etc included. These memes, for want of a better word is the subtle and insidious attacks on other cultures - hence the term soft power. I'm sure that there are other examples that contributors can identify. :)
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, probably more insecure and fearful at the root of things - like most bullies. But the lack of awareness is his 'strength' in dealing with people as objects to achieve his goals. Beyond sad. If dogs did this, we would put them down....
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      This article is a beautiful fairy tale. The reality, however, is quite different. Fidel Castro was recruited by the CIA in early 1948 and sent to Bogotá, Colombia, as an agent provocateur to participate in the assassination of leader Gaitán and the bloody Bogotazo riots. Castro's role was to plant false clues blaming the Colobian communists and the KGB for the riots. The Bogotazo marked the beginning of the Cold War in the Western hemisphere.
      Some years later, the CFR conspirators, who feared Khrushchev's new policy of peaceful coexistence, pushed Castro into power in Cuba. As soon as he grabbed power, he began dealing directed with the CIA's true masters, the Rockefellers and the CFR.
      After the CIA betrayed the invaders and gave Castro the victory at the Bay of Pigs, the Soviet leaders foolishly accepted him as an ally. Immediately, he began undermining Khrushchev's policy by creating guerrillas and subversion in Latin America and Africa as a way to heat up the Cold War on behalf of the U.S. military-industrial complex.
      Currently, Castro's Cuba is a successful implementation of the New World Order policies of depopulation and deindustrialisation in a formerly successful country. No wonder the Rockefellers and othe CFR honchos have publicly praised Castro's Cuba as the model to follow.
      The full version of this story, supported by hundreds of scholarly footnotes, is given in the book Psychological Warfare and the New World Oder.
    • avatar
      USAID was cut, using soc media to incite the youth. Of course they denied it all.

      And now goes attempt 2.0. they won't give up EVER.

      How Fidel went into power? According to people of the era, it was CIA.

      They want a coup d etat. For global dominance. And they will keep trying.

      In Russia they went so far as to demand that Russia allow E.U to fund an opposition and eliminate RT. And other BOGUS demands. Including vis a vis i gas. Like Russia is comrades. Comrade Mogherini?
      They including this witch, want to implode Russia, and use Kremlin like in Gorba days. A stooge that didn't had an idea of what he was doing. They see all those unnecessary councils to WASTE the tax payers dollars, and think they REAL BIG.

      What they don't say id ..The loans and rescues.. **AHEM , Bail OUTS of E.U.

      Russia should give NOTHING. They stealing Russian cash using the law. AKA 3rd energy package is, under propaganda, a way to steal Russian profits.

      Russia should pay them in kind. Do some coups and refuse any sanctioned product from been produce inside Russia to sell it to Russia.
      Why Russia is always so SLOW to comprehend and react?
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      jasin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, As I have written before, I think many commenters here could be more presidential than Obama. He is a guest and he was treating Casto like Obama was the host.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, agreed - he shows his 'exceptionalism' (extreme sarcasm) :)
    • Воин Светаin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, You know he's arrogant. That's no surprise! ;)
    • Is it because I am black?in reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, and yet the global predominance of US American English is rather an exercise of hard power, because it suffocates not only the other variants of English, but all other native languages, African, Asian, even French and Russian.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toIs it because I am black?(Show commentHide comment)
      Is it because I am black?, I think that we are essentially in agreement, for me when I read 'hard power' I tend to think in terms of military force or even economic / financial manipulation which changes things directly. The soft power, such as esl that I was referring to is the influence or the power that is not 'seen' directly. It all comes down to our original definitions. Good points, thanks! :)
    • grigorematveev11
      and the winner iiiiiiiisss....... THE UNITED SATANS OF AMERICA
    • avatar
      The Bureaucrat Plague always starts off softly, but also always carries a very big price tag. Un-payable, even..
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, That is a good definition of hard power. Soft power in contrast involves things not fundamentally material in nature. That is American cultural influence, which alters how people see the world around them. Essentially it turns other people into Americans in their minds and spirits. It can be seen as a psychological softening up, preceding the application of hard power. The more successful the first the less of the second is required. Not only do people not resist; they become more than willing to put the yoke on their own necks, because they want to be like Americans.
      Remember what Napoleon said, "The moral is to the physical as three to one." If a people truly wants to resist becoming vassals of the American Empire they must first resist the use of American soft power to change them in their minds into Americans.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburn
      Fidel knows the US government to well to walk into the same sort of traps that other more gullible leaders walk into. Plus he really cares about his people, rather than looking for a way for the US to pay him off for selling them out like most leaders do. Long live the revolution! Viva Che Guevara!
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      Hopefully Cuba will not allow the US to flood its country with its disease and obese causing food products like soybean oil and corn oil and canola oil etc. not to mention the genetically manipulated corn and soybeans. Obese and or sickly people are easy to control
    • avatar
      The majority of Americans are easy to manipulate and control with such a large number of obese people from the garbage food the government subsidizes them with to the large number of heavy drug use thanks again to the American governments importing of crack cocaine in the 80's and the massive amounts of heroin they have been shipping in from Afghanistan for about 15 years now, then top that off with Americans idolatry of their various entertainment avenues like sports and tv/movies you end up with a country where the people have no clue what there government is doing around the world and are easy to control
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      michaelin reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall, thanks for that. When reading your response I was reminded very much of the almost overwhelming amount of programmes coming from the us in the 60's and onwards from hollywood. Soft power indeed. thanks :)
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, It frankly feels good to know that I really got my point across. Hopefully people of every nation will come to understand it as well as you do.
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