07:36 GMT01 March 2021
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    America’s longstanding love-hate relationship with the reality television star and real estate mogul turned political candidate takes a new turn for the worse after a vicious month of attack ads.

    Donald Trump often claims that his detractors are lobbyists or agitators, and that it is he, The Donald, who speaks for the "silent majority." Unless a substantial portion of his supporters would enjoy smacking the candidate around, it appears that his "silent majority" has either faded significantly, or never existed in the first place.

    A new poll released on Monday by WalletHub and Survey Money showed that 54% of Americans would like to give Trump a firm wallop on the side of the head. Interestingly, America’s vicious streak does not extend to the rest of the political class, with only 12% of Americans wanting to use a battering ram on their establishment congressman. 

    That said, while only 13% of the US public would like to pop President Obama upside the head, his likely successor Hillary Clinton fairs a little less well with 14% of Americans expressing the desire to pollsters to hit her. Gender was not indicated as a factor in these pugilistic musings.

    Fascinatingly, America’s perennial lightning rod for public abuse, IRS agents, would only incur the wrath of 4% of Americans per the survey, and that at one month before Americans must have their taxes filed. However, it is safe to say that number will rise in the coming weeks. 

    Tellingly, TSA agents and members of Comcast’s management staff were not included in the list, possibly because they were too obvious a choice.


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