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    Kurdish people carry flags as they march during a protest in the city of al-Derbasiyah, on the Syrian-Turkish border, against what the protesters said were the operations launched in Turkey by government security forces against the Kurds, February 9, 2016

    Kurdish Advocacy Group Calls on US to Support Kurd Federal Region in Syria

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    The United States should support the newly established Kurdish federal region in northern Syria and endorse the Kurds, American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN) Director Kani Xulam told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Thursday, Syrian Kurds announced they had established a federal region in northern Syria after their representatives organized a vote on the measure in the town on Rmeilan, and said they plan to finalize the move and present their declaration to the United Nations.

    "If Americans want to remain true to their expressed values, they should and would endorse the Kurdish experiment in federal Syria," Xulam stated on Friday.

    The US government stated it was opposed to Kurdish self-rule and any autonomous regions in Syria, while the Syrian government warned that the Kurds’ decision had no legal standing.

    The bid for an autonomous federal region comes amid the UN-sponsored intra-Syrian talks in Geneva aimed at achieving a political transition in Syria from which the Syrian Kurds have been excluded.

    Xulam noted that if the Kurds are not included in the talks, they are unlikely to accept any of its results.

    "Not everything is decided at Washington, DC. The same should apply to Damascus," Xulam said. "People want to be part of the government; they don’t want the government telling them what to do all the time."

    Xulam observed that because Kurds make up about 10 percent of the population of Syria, they also deserve a voice.

    "Now that the [Syrian] government has been degraded, the Kurds feel it is time to go for their political rights. Federalism is going to be an experiment so to speak. I think it is the right step forward given the balance of forces in the region," he maintained.

    On Friday, a representative of the of the Kurdistan National Congress confirmed that Kurdish groups will not recognize the outcome of the ongoing intra-Syrian talks, expected to last until March 24, if they do not reflect the ethnic group’s interests.


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    • Ivan Buckeye
      So, what exactly do these Kurds want specifically? In other words, this Kani Xulam did not give details as to what it is the Kurds would do with this federalization that they cannot do under the current system. Another glaring issue is this group, American Kurdish Information Network, is based in the United States and not Syria. So how is it this group speaks without bias involving the United States government or other U.S. entities? Shouldn't federalization be of concern and initiated by all Syrians who legally reside in Syria, not just Kurds inside or outside Syria?
    • avatar
      This may end in another mess.
      At least I knew it all along. No one is listening to Erdogan pleas about Kurd's. Just because he acted radical , doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention.
      And he was warning all along that the Kurd's were squatting in Syria at Turkish borders.

      Now what? U.N resolutions are known as the BEST known Bathroom tissue in the world. Israel love them. Bush used them to wipe while he was invading Iraq, which still under occupation.
      U.N is mostly wrong. Saw the coup D etat in Ukraine, and armed one, as a rebellion against Russia. All practically induced thru hypnotism by U.S and E.U plus U.K. Where E.U govern all E.U states.
      And now, what will U.N will do? This is the fault of U.N too. For never acting.

      Russia was getting FANTASTIC results thru military use. Hopefully , NOT another Afghanistan.
      And Russia been warned. And this looks like it again. How?
      Afghan according to what record was left, was Russia actually helping Afghan get RID of Mujaheddin.
      Russia then had NO idea, or refused to believe that NATO was backing them to topple the government. Much what is happening in Syria. Just look at all evidence. 5 years most likely opening ways for IS to move in.. Or Al Qaeda with opposition .
      Russia went blew the plans. Now the same threat from Saudi backed groups that should be branded terrorists. They already claiming they will kill Assad, and his family too. IF family is captured alive, they will go thru horrors.
      Russia then began tackling Mujaheddin, and what NATO did? Supply Stingers. And many arms. Cell phones. Stealth artillery. Just to mention a few.

      Russia brought in jammers and other solutions that ended the Stingers. One U.S reporter was at the field and took notes on 30 launches.. 30!!!!
      When asked , I think was CN or f..x... how many hits were in the notes. He responded NONE.
      IF the Russian military is asked, it probably could say the systems. They been hidden .
      But they were placed at side of copters, vehicles, planes, tanks etc.
      Russia then learned how to SPOT, the stealth arty. And the spotters. Guess Russia got cell phones, FREE.
      A jet would pass , high. and notify. A HIND, would close in and take care, next the arty was blown.
      And the same happened. Like KERRY now, U.S sent emissary to NEGOTIATE. They found younger Gorbachev , that PROMISED U.S to end the carnage.
      And soon, Russian forces were paraded out of Afghan. A TRIUMPH, to U.S, NATO.

      And if NOT careful, history could repeat itself.
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