16:32 GMT +327 February 2017
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

    #WhiteRoseRevolt: The Anti-Trump Movement Adopts a New Anti-Hitler Motif

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    Donald Trump opponents take on the imagery of Nazi opposition crusaders to highlight the fact that they think they are right and anybody who supports Trump is wrong.

    In the 1930s, a small group arose in opposition to the Nazis, comprised of mostly students. They called themselves The White Rose and distributed leaflets calling for active opposition to the Nazis. Their leaflets were eventually retitled and dropped en masse by the Allies over Germany in a highly effective hearts and minds campaign.

    On Thursday, a group of social activists took to the web adopting this motif to suggest that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is in fact a fascist cut from the Hitler mold.

    The group cites an article by political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt, published a decade ago, identifying 14 characteristics of fascist government, charging that Trump’s rhetoric matches 13 of the 14 characteristics. The 14th characteristic relates to rigging elections. The group says Trump will only be able to do that after he ascends to power.

    The list includes numerous unsavory actions that many detractors have accused both President Barack Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush of doing. Rest assured, however, that while the detractors of the current and former President have not utilized this specific motif, a simple Google search shows that calling a US President we don’t agree with ‘Hitler’ is about as American as baseball and apple pie.

    The 14 characteristics in question are:

    (1) Attacking civilian targets

    (2) Waging war

    (3) Domestic surveillance

    (4) Militarizing domestic police force

    (5) Torturing opposition

    (6) Establishing a “deportation force”

    (7) Punishing critics

    (8) Economic nationalism

    (9) “One-time tax” on the rich

    (10) Seizing private property

    (11) Murdering families of opposition/terrorists

    (12) Execution of citizens who peacefully resist government

    (13) Execution of citizens who resist government by force

    (14) Rigging elections


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      So which of the items do not fit to GWB or Obama?
      Waging war, domestic surrveillance,... is all true for GWB, Obama, Hillary,...
      NONE of the items is fitting Trump since he does not have any power yet.

      This is just the common and mindless BS Propaganda of the Lefties.
    • FlorianGeyer
      Funnily enough, ALL of the 14 points illustrate what the Democrats and Republicans have been doing for years.

      In a typical US technique , the opponents of Trump mimic the Orwellian concept of blaming the 'enemy' for the misdeeds that they themselves are guilty of.
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      to suggest that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is in fact a fascist cut from the Hitler mold.
      Ridiculous. The US anti-Trump radicals are making fools of themselves. They pretend to hate the establishment while they attack the only anti-establishment candidate.
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      karlof1in reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      cmat.wolfgang, You are a first class Twit! Have you watched Trump during the debates, listened to his speeches, visited his website to see what policies he's promoting?!? Clearly not. Trump is a part and parcel asset of the Establishment.
    • avatar
      thought that there was something strange...the 'white rose' organisation, such as it was, was active in '42 -'43, not the '30's.
    • White_Eagle1
      Wow, reading the list , was like reading the charges against Obama, with only the exclusion of #6. Seriously, there are even mercs in the USA now, under Obama's FBI and probably other agencies. Obama has armed all sorts of regulatory agencies... and has been abusing his power, and ignoring the Constitution ever since he came into office, even worse that the Bushes and, Maybe, as criminal as the Cliintons. Seriously, a swat team to collect a guy's 30 year old 5,000 dollar student debt? And Jezebel Law breaking Clinton somehow even eligable to run and making headway against a socialist but no checkered past Sanders? Just how STUPID and BLIND are Democrats?
    • avatar
      In the 1930s, a small group arose in opposition to the Nazis, comprised of mostly students. They called themselves The White Rose and distributed leaflets calling for active opposition to the Nazis.
      "... The group became known for an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign, lasting from June 1942 until February 1943.., "
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      An attempt by the current elite wallowing in mud to throw some of it on and taint anyone who comes near. If everyone is filthy dirty - then that no longer becomes a discriminating factor.
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      interesting, comparing Trump with Hitler, but in the same time ignoring the fact Hillary butchered hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East and north Africa www.westernjournalism.com/hillary-clinton-presidential-material-or-war-criminal
    • Kim Kyu-Un
      [...a simple Google search shows that calling a US President we don’t agree with ‘Hitler’ is about as American as baseball and apple pie.]

      Does it really? Because my google search shows a pro-Hitler rally in Manhattan, with pictures of George Washington, and American Flags, by the German-American Bund in Madison Square Garden in 1939: youtu.be/kgAPQeK7XY8
    • Abinico Arts
      Don't care what they say - I will vote for Trump, even if it has to be a write in vote.
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