13:50 GMT25 September 2020
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    Donald Trump opponents take on the imagery of Nazi opposition crusaders to highlight the fact that they think they are right and anybody who supports Trump is wrong.

    In the 1930s, a small group arose in opposition to the Nazis, comprised of mostly students. They called themselves The White Rose and distributed leaflets calling for active opposition to the Nazis. Their leaflets were eventually retitled and dropped en masse by the Allies over Germany in a highly effective hearts and minds campaign.

    On Thursday, a group of social activists took to the web adopting this motif to suggest that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is in fact a fascist cut from the Hitler mold.

    The group cites an article by political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt, published a decade ago, identifying 14 characteristics of fascist government, charging that Trump’s rhetoric matches 13 of the 14 characteristics. The 14th characteristic relates to rigging elections. The group says Trump will only be able to do that after he ascends to power.

    The list includes numerous unsavory actions that many detractors have accused both President Barack Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush of doing. Rest assured, however, that while the detractors of the current and former President have not utilized this specific motif, a simple Google search shows that calling a US President we don’t agree with ‘Hitler’ is about as American as baseball and apple pie.

    The 14 characteristics in question are:

    (1) Attacking civilian targets

    (2) Waging war

    (3) Domestic surveillance

    (4) Militarizing domestic police force

    (5) Torturing opposition

    (6) Establishing a “deportation force”

    (7) Punishing critics

    (8) Economic nationalism

    (9) “One-time tax” on the rich

    (10) Seizing private property

    (11) Murdering families of opposition/terrorists

    (12) Execution of citizens who peacefully resist government

    (13) Execution of citizens who resist government by force

    (14) Rigging elections


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