12:23 GMT +329 March 2017
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters at his primary election night event at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

    ‘Demonization of Russia’ Became Feature of US Election Campaign - Kremlin

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    Moscow regrets that negative references to Russia have become a mandatory feature of US election campaigns, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump published his presidential campaign clip, where Russian President Vladimir Putin is pictured practicing judo and being called "the toughest opponent."

    "It's no secret that the ‘demonization of Russia’ and all that is connected with Russia, unfortunately, is an essential feature of the US election campaign. We always deeply regret it and wish electoral processes would do without such references to our country," Peskov told reporters.

    The spokesman added that the Kremlin had seen the video and had negative reaction to it.

    "I do not know yet if Vladimir Putin has seen [the video]," Peskov said.


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      This is not demonizing but recognizing the ability of the Russian President as a formidable player - not a demonized enemy.

      Whoever wrote this article needs to better understand the difference between demonizing and opponent or player.
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      What doe you expect from Skum
    • Porkbelly Porkerpig
      I've been looking for this article to respond to it.
      This already circulated around the US Media, and was used by Trump's opponents, to pretend like Mr. Trump has even run afoul of VV-Putin now.

      This ad is not "demonization" of Russia at all. It shows VV-Putin in a very favorable light, in his "judo pose" slamming down an opponent. Like it or not, the Obama Whitehouse has already demonized Russia to a significant extent, over Ukraine and Crimea, plus over Assad.

      Donald Trump took a lot of heat, for both receiving support from VV-Putin in the earlier debates, especially from the Bush Family, and Barbara Bush in particular, when Jeb Bushes mommy tried to rescue his campaign. She said that she (meaning Jeb or George) would never want VV-Putin's support, and used the "fact" of that support, to demonize Trump, just for receiving it. Sort of like demonizing him for receiving the support of David Duke and the KKK.

      And, yet Mr. Trump STILL had the courage to stand up for Russia publicly, in the Debates. And then he actually WON afterwards. So, maybe instead of attacking Mr. Trump for these ads, it is better to realize that this reflects the mood that is already there, and Trump just has to use it to his best advantage right now.

      But, why not take the definition of "opponent" as only of a "Judo opponent" in a limited contest, like it was actually portrayed in the ad, instead of falling for the demonization aspect, which wasn't really directed at VV-Putin in the first place.

      This appears to be a lack of the subtle understandings of the multiple definitions of the word "opponent" on the Russian side. So, to attempt to provide some clarification here.

      The USA has multiple "opponents" that have to be negotiated with. We have serious military opponents, like ISIS, which are not demonized as much as they should be, but the ISIS part would be the "demonized" opponent. And then also we have more limited "political opponents" meaning "negotiation partners" in Russia speak.

      The Judo reference should have clarified it. Wouldn't VV-Putin's "Judo opponents" be more like "sporting opponents" or even "sparring partners"? In other words, perhaps Mr. Trump's frame of reference would have been as a "business negotiating opponent" and the word opponent meaning the limited sense of just as a "negotiating opponent".

      How can you take a "Judo ad" and think of that as "demonization" instead of "clarification" that the word "opponent" directed towards VV-Putin, meant negotiating opponent in a business sense, and mistake it for the demonization version, as it would have meant in an ISIS sense.

      I guess you easily can, but this comes across that the word "opponent" as specifically meant here, is meant to BROADEN the word "opponent" out to its fullest possible meaning, and say that Hillary is unqualified against all opponents, in the range from the most severest like ISIS, to the most limited, as a sporting type business negotiating partner "opponent" as VV-Putin would be.

      I mean if Trump was REALLY out to Demonize Russia, he wouldn't be using a Judo Reference, portraying VV-Putin in his most favorable possible light. I don't want to explore what a contra-example of demonization would actually be, but I'm sure you have plenty examples of your own, from other sources.

      You guys are misunderstanding the intended application of the word "opponent" here. Trump seems to mean, from the most benign "sporting opponent" all the way to the most "demonized opponent", Hillary Rodham Clinton's only response to all of them, across the entire range, is to go "arf, arf, arf" and to bark like a dog.

      Now I would say that this is perhaps an accurate description of what Hillary Clinton actually did to Russia, when she was Secretary of State. But, she cannot even spell the Russian word for "reset" correctly.

      I'm just trying to say, that they are not equating VV-Putin with ISIS as similar "opponents" in this video. They are kind of using the most positive possible reference of VV-Putin in a Judo reference as a sporting opponent, and saying that Hillary Rodham Clinton is just going to bark like a dog, at ALL opponents, across the entire range of the overall definition of the word.

      Mr. Trump has taken a lot of flak already for being as supportive of Russia as he has been, under the current political circumstances here in the US, and then he doubled down, and publicly supported VV-Putin and Russia in the debates, which too a lot of courage and determination on his part, just to do that.

      So. please try to have more trust in Mr. Trump's intentions, and not be so sensitive to the political manipulation of the US Media (Owners) who seem to be genuinely out to get Russia, in a way that Donald Trump is more certainly NOT. What choice does he have. He added Russia to the political narrative, presenting VV-Putin in his most positive possible light, tackling a Judo Opponent. What more could you ever ask for, under these circumstances, before he is even elected?
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