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    Merkel's Nightmare: Cyprus Threatens to Block EU-Ankara Migration Deal

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    Cyprus will not lift the veto on Turkey’s admission to the European Union unless an agreement on Cyprus reunification is signed.

    Brussels has agreed a deal with Ankara, according to which the EU would double its financial aid to Turkey (from €3 billion to €6 billion) and consider imposing a visa-free regime for Turks coming to the Schengen zone.

    In addition, Ankara has demanded from Brussels to open five new negotiating chapters and accelerate talks on Turkey’s accession to the bloc if an agreement on Cyprus reunification is sealed.

    "We will not lift our veto on those chapters," Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides told Politico.

    The diplomat underscored that his priority is the negotiations over the reunification of the Greek and Turkish halves of the island.

    "When we resolve the problem, everything will be lifted," he added.

    Cyprus has frozen six negotiating chapters in the migration deal between Ankara and Brussels, including the five that Turkey has insisted on.

    EU leaders are due to approve the agreement during a meeting on March 17-18 in Brussels.

    At the same time, there is still a chance that Ankara and Nicosia will be able to agree on Cyprus reunification. One of the thorniest issues includes whether Turkey will withdraw its 30,000 troops from the north. Only when the issue is resolved will an agreement be put to a referendum. 

    In 2004, Cypriot Greeks rejected reunification at a referendum.

    Nicosia fears that if it lifts its veto on admission talks with Turkey Greek Cypriots reject the decision.

    "If the president says yes [to talks with Turkey], without advancements on the talks, the domestic front will be weakened and the chances for a referendum for a yes will be far less," the minister said. "Why don’t they leave us alone to negotiate and finish the issue of Cyprus first? And then everything will fall into place."


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      First Mrs. Merkel tells us in Europe we have to adjust to the faith of the moslim after admitting about one million illegals to cross and invade Europe. That is sell no. 1.
      Then she tells us in Europe to be nice and tolerant towards the horde of young socalled refugees who are threatening and harassing our women and if possible to become moslim ourselves, that is sell no. 2.
      That she tells us we have to accept that Germany has to change and be more like the immigrants (jet no refugees anymore) because we did so much bad in the past to the world, (what a BS) that is sell no.3.
      And now the final deal is she makes Europe depending on war criminal The Sultan by paying off (for the time being) "his refugees" to keep them in his country for the invoice amount of 6.6Bln Euros.
      Result, Europe is now degraded to a commodity.
      We are from now on "birds of a breed of white domestic chickens" or simply said: turks and are part of reestableshing the Ottoman Reich V2.0 .
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      Good for Cyprus. The Turks did not treat them very nicely and neither did the EU when it took the people's savings?
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Nice! Good move Cyprus!
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      goldcamshaftin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, seems like I missed out on when and why the eu took the savings of the people of Cyprus. Do you have more info on this? But this makes sense to me even now. They were after the Russian offshore money, I guess.
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      The west was fighting all these years to install a pipeline from Qatar to Europe. Yep! they will succeed!.. with a pipeline from Turkey to London pumping barefooted Turkoromas onto the streets of Europe, controlled by control valve operator, Erdogan and Turkey. This new identification with europe will ultimately facilitate the acceptance of the middle-eastern turkish citizens to the status of "white" caucasian, politically. Wake up M J! Your competition is here!
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      Thats the Way to DO it ... of course that $6.6BN Frumpy gave Ergodan is for Erdgodan to KEEP ... ROFLOL
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      get rid of all of the turks from cyprus and add compensation to those driven out.
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