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    Mikhail Gorbachev

    Gorbachev: Intl Community Should Implement Constructive Politics

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    Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev said that the world should be engaged in constructive politics in order to reach the peace and to strengthen it.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The world should be engaged in constructive politics in order to reach the peace and to strengthen it, Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev said.

    "I think that we are now in a dangerous period [of time]… It is necessary only to be engaged in the world politics, constructive politics. And to move toward peace. To organize this peace and to strengthen it," Gorbachev said Sunday in an interview with Russia's Ren-TV channel.

    He added that all the tensions and the conflicts had always resulted in peace, because the nature of the humanity implied the necessity to save itself.

    Gorbachev was the first and last president of the Soviet Union. He announced his resignation in December 1991. In 1990, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his "leading role in the peace process which today characterizes important parts of the international community."


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      Putin, Lavrov, and Gorbachev totally out class anyone in the Obummer Adminstration, as well as most republican and all demorats. We can only hope that Trump will fix that situation posthaste.
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      constructive politics is quite an option although it is kind of a challenge to think of NATO having these qualities required as their mind set is veapons and wars, so surely they will consider their policy constructive as they can eliminate the, according to their mind set, destructional forces which most often, without exception, are civilian causalities.

      To think of it in an overview: the nazis managed to conquer the world by invading several countries in quite a short time and the causalities were millions. Comparing to USA, where they seem more like some cosy wild westerners, having decades to intervene and ruin a lot larger amount of countries, together with assassinations of political opponents and governments and with millions of causalities. So like being a cosy constructive destructionist, taking it easy like Clint Eastwood in some wild western movie in a lawless country seems quite acceptable. What has happened?
      Just compare, during the nazi experiments, newborn to prisoners in experimental research were not fed at all, just to register how long time it took for an infant to die from hunger. And as publicly known, Madeleine Albright has stated that it was worth it, - still I do not know what - that half a million children died during the war in Iraq or some other country in the Middle East.
      So what is the answer in relation to constructive policies - more death or less death - instant death or slow death. The conclusion could be instant death more preferable or constructive than slow death (torture). And we haven't changed anything, still in reasoning on death or not. And as long as we stay on this course, i.e. who is to live or not, who is to be ousted or not we are still in the nazi framework of thinking. But with a difference though, at that time they had the Nuremberg tribunal, nowadays there are no tribunals for the war criminals in USA or UK or NATO.
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      Gorbachev decides he wants to be Russian again. He messed Russia up with Yeltsin, then left for a comfortable life in the US. Some hero.
    • Beady-eyed Insomniac
      Not sure that Gorby actually said anything
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      Gor-bachev is the last person on this planet to give advice. Have a free pizza at Pizza Hut instead.
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      So hard to repair what he has done by serving the masters of the world.
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      Shameless prople like Gorbachev are a majority nowdays. There are wars today because of Gorbachev. How much did the West pay him? He nearly wanted to sell the Soviet Union lock, stock and barrel. The West could not believe they got a very loyal agent. Shameless dog is Gorbachev.
    • choticastile
      Mr Gorbachev, they did not implement constructive politics even during your time, they never have -- their politics have always had a hidden agenda and this agenda, existing to this day, more vicious and corrupt than ever in its desperation -- the one thing these fiends had not bargained on, was that their inhuman agendas would be exposed by modern media. Thank God.
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