16:57 GMT +323 February 2017
    Turkish army tanks take position near the Syrian border (file photo)

    'Turkish Project': Did Washington Give the Nod to Ankara to Shell Syria?

    © AFP 2016/ BULENT KILIC
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    Turkey should not be treated as a nation capable of carrying out independent policies, Syrian defense expert Hassan al-Hassan told RIA Novosti.

    Instead, "Ankara should be seen as America's Turkish project, which is aimed at creating controlled chaos in the region," the retired general noted, adding that Washington, for instance, gave the nod to Turkey to shell Syria. 

    The US, according to al-Hassan, is upholding instability in the Middle East by simultaneously helping the Kurds, the Turks and the Saudis. Washington first launched this campaign in Tunisia and is now focused on Syria, he added, apparently referring to the so-called Arab Spring uprisings.

    "I am convinced that the United States is deliberately dragging Turkey into the war… the same way that Washington convinced other countries to take part in conducting airstrikes in Syria," the expert observed.

    The US-led coalition is not authorized to participate in the anti-Daesh campaign in Syria since, unlike Russia, it has never been formally invited by the state to assist Damascus-led forces with its counterterrorism activities.

    A British Tornado warplane flies over the RAF Akrotiri, a British air base near costal city of Limassol, Cyprus, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, after arriving from an airstrike against Islamic State group targets in Syria
    © AP Photo/ Pavlos Vrionides
    A British Tornado warplane flies over the RAF Akrotiri, a British air base near costal city of Limassol, Cyprus, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, after arriving from an airstrike against Islamic State group targets in Syria

    Washington's support of Turkey and Saudi Arabia's possible (if not looming) ground offensive, according to al-Hassan, will be limited to sending weapons to Ankara and Riyadh. "This is one of the key goals – to make everyone fight each other for the benefit of America's defense industry."

    Turkey has long been rumored to be planning to send troops to Syria. Turkish soldiers are said to have occasionally crossed the border and enter the war-torn Arab country.

    For its part, Saudi Arabia announced that it was ready to participate in a US-led ground offensive, if one is launched, earlier this month. Last week, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir reaffirmed that Riyadh was ready to provide special operations forces for the operation. Rumors circulate that the Saudis could deploy thousands of troops, if asked.


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    • Blackiein reply tobackfromthegraav(Show commentHide comment)
      Yes Evil NATO again!
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, You can't deal with the mentally deranged, like the ones running the US government, like they were sane. It looks to me like Europe can be described with one word. BEDLAM! It appears that insanity is actually contagious.
    • Blackiein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn,
      Yes correct, but remember Mad is the new normal. It is every where from all manner of control over humanity and nature, by Satanists.
      European leaders are puppets being contolled by a tiny group of individuals.
      Maybe even two dozen only they say, like a Star chamber calling the shots, and the money is how it is done. Even China has gone against Russia in finance re banks and bans, re orders from their boss the US.
    • avatar
      teddy j
      is the USA society of INVETERATE LIARS ?

      is the CIA a terrorist organization pretending to be a ''government institution?"
      does the USA LOVE regime change?
      does the USA claim ''exceptional , indispensable nation" status?"
      did the USA COMMIT GENOCIDE to steal land from the NATIVE peoples?

      heck -- they're all -- YES.

      same answer as the question title of the article.
    • avatar
      Is everyone politely ignoring the 800 pound "banker" in the room?
    • avatar
      Sounds very plausible, that Washington is formenting chaos in the region, among those states which don't cow tow to Israel, whose ambition to destabilize the ME for their own expansion plans has been known for years. Israel has no constitution, has not defined it's borders and has been occupying the Golan Heights in Syria for decades. THis also means good business for the American military / industrial complex"
      If Putin can somehow make some sort of accommodation between Sunna and Shia this will be the best hope for ME peace. Meanwhile they have to clean all terrorists out of Syria.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, There is indeed something like a Star Chamber pretty much in control of the world. But their identities are all well known. They are the great international bankers. I'm sure you already know who they are.

      The US and Chinese economies are tightly interwoven with each other. They are both part of the same system of international finance. Thus China can never act as independent economically from the US as one would wish. Until and unless they stop using the dollar altogether.
    • Baybars
      Was reading the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news last night about this shelling of the hospital and other civilian locations. Not a word about Turkey being involved.
      The entire article eludes to the continued bombing and killing of civilians by Russia.
    • klod.infobeez
      "Rumors circulate that the Saudis could deploy thousands of troops, if asked."

      Thousands of cheerleaders, like the ones fleeing away as sonn as they spot a Yemeni at fighting distance ? How scary bunch of chicken.
    • avatar
      Some times, in the interest of saving even more lives, a nuclear device on an appropriate city is called for. The USA showed how effective bombs on two cities can save lives.
      I could argue for one city in Turkey but the disagreement would come when it was time to choose which country the second bomb should be delivered to. lol
    • Blackiein reply toklod.infobeez(Show commentHide comment)
      Yep and you know why they wear those big long dresses right?
    • Blackiein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn,
      I know the Chinese, they even have to speak American English.
      I wish they would take the dagger out of Russias back.
    • Blackiein reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn,
      If China love America so much that means they love Israel(peace loving country) US is controlled by that great cradle of democracy and religious people in the Holy Land Israel.
      So if they are granted a greater Israel according to sacred Jewish phrophecy
      America will be that much larger?
      The move on Syria is part of that Biblical plan, and I am not even going to get into the "dead Sea scrolls" and what they mean...
    • avatar
      backfromthegraavin reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, Just like teh Balkans ,,, NATO Shelling, NATO Bombing ... same in Syria !
    • avatar
      How ironic:
      US nodded to Saddam, that even garbage collectors are gone in Iran after the revolution, much the less army and security apparatus. Go in, take the oil rich southwest in two weeks, we'll help you in UN to annex it. He fell for it, and the next eight years he begged 36 countries for help and Iran found nine nationalities in his POWs, from Filipinos to Egyptians. He barely survived after Americans directly entered the war on his side.

      Three-four years later, US nodded again (with the famous "we don not interfere with Arab problems among themselves") to him to go to Kuwait. He fell for it, again. This time he lost half of his army to that lipo-sac Schwartzkopf.

      Then falling for these "nods" became the basis for the following 12 years of sanctions and slaughter of him and his family.

      Now we have the US nod and help for Erdogan to shoot down Russian jet, and he fell for it. Since then he has kept his chicks rosy by slapping himself. Instead of learning, he seems still prone to fall for more nodding.

      I guess having a long history of hanging around ghoulish dictators, US knows how they think.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, The Chinese are beholden to the same bunch of international bankers as the US is. I hope one day they will free themselves from their money/shackles.

      I guess I should be appreciative that I am lorded it over by such outstanding people. But for some reason I just don't feel grateful for the privilege.
    • avatar
      artin reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall Lee Hilburn, good point. Some 20-25 years ago, I heard New York Jews were sending their kids to Chinese language schools to learn Mandarin! When no one had any idea where China was going, these folks knew.

      A few weeks ago I read somewhere that China's debt/GDP ratio is 250%, more than twice those of US and Japan. Unbelievable. They might be firmly tethered down by the international bankers.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, You may be more right than you realize. Since the end of WW2 the US has supported dictatorships almost exclusively. They have repeatedly overthrown democratically elected governments in order to install dictators beholden to them. For obvious reasons they will only support corrupt governments because they themselves are corrupt. So yes indeed, they do understand how to manipulate dictators. They have a prodigious amount of experience in that area. They may be crazy and inept in so many ways, but when it comes to manipulating corrupt dictators they really know their stuff.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, They are attracted to Mammon like a shark is attracted to blood in the water. China is just another victim.
    • ralf.sxm
      patkelly1595, Obama is suddenly very carefully with getting in a war with Russia ... and next with China. They had to learn, that there is a war technology, they cannot beat at the moment.
      However, there are few - very few - in the back, who want the war - www III. Let's call them the shadow government. Obama is just a puppet - not only Obama, others too.
      In addition again:
      US needs wars. It is not about winning wars. It is about permanent wars, as US military industrial complex is already about 25 % of US economy. Without wars and the criminal money system (not only Petro-$) US is broken immediately. And of course, all wars are bankers’ wars. That fits. I shall not get tired pointing that out.
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