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    US Can't Afford to Let Kiev Fulfill Minsk Peace Deal - French Politician

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    On Wednesday, Sergei Lavrov blasted Kiev for skirting its responsibility to fulfill the Minsk agreements, aimed at ending Ukraine's civil war; France and Germany, the foreign minister added, fully understand that Kiev is 'playing the fool'. Speaking to Sputnik, French MEP Philippe de Villiers warned that Moscow should look for Washington's trace.

    Interviewed by Russian daily newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets on Wednesday, Lavrov said that Kiev is deliberately dragging its feet on fulfilling the Minsk Agreements, signed in February 2015 by Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany and aimed at bringing peace to eastern Ukraine.

    "Ukraine is currently in a political and economic situation of complete disorder. But from the point of view of the Minsk agreements, the less [Kiev's leadership] tries to fulfill them, the longer sanctions will remain against Russia, and they say this freely," Lavrov said. 

    "Everyone understands that this is abnormal, especially the Germans and the French, who are in direct contact with the participants of the negotiations of the so-called Normandy format, where details are scrupulously reviewed [regarding] who needs to be doing what, and what has and hasn't been done in the execution of the points written in the Minsk agreements. There's already an understanding that 'playing the fool' cannot last for long," the foreign minister added. 

    Asked to comment on Lavrov's remarks, Philippe de Villiers, MEP, former presidential candidate and leader of the conservative eurosceptic Movement for France party told Sputnik that unfortunately, Kiev's decisions are not made independently of their political benefactors in Washington.

    "It's clear that Russia is trying to fulfill the Minsk agreements, and that the Ukrainian side is trying to evade their responsibility. Why? Because if the Minsk agreements were fulfilled, the US would no longer be able to oppose Europe lifting its sanctions against Russia," the politician noted.

    "After all, Kiev today is being managed by the Americans, who promise them membership in the EU and especially in NATO. Such a thing is unacceptable to Russia, to the Europeans, and for Frenchmen such as myself," Villiers emphasized.

    Categorically opposed to Europe's sanctions against Russia, the politician reiterated that in the present situation, "at a time when we in the West need Russia, sanctions are madness – they are a disgrace."

    "France's authorities were mistaken when they thought that sanctions would not affect France's economy. In everyone's interests, and in particular for the sake of our farmers, it's time to put an end to these endless sanctions."

    Asked whether, in time, Paris and Berlin will be able to put more pressure on Kiev to fulfill its obligations, Villiers suggested that "unfortunately, the answer to that question cannot be found in Paris or Berlin, but in Washington. The Ukrainian question is an American issue. As for myself, I would like to see Paris and Berlin stop being Washington's puppets."

    At the same time, the politician emphasized that on the societal level, "more and more French people are beginning to believe that our friendship with Russia is infinitely more valuable to the future of the European continent than our relationship with America, which pushes us into unfortunate diplomatic adventurism, in Syria, for example, where we find ourselves on the wrong side. There, we should fight on the side of Assad, like the Russians. But as things are, we are on the side of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, together with Al-Qaeda; it is truly immoral."

    Concluding with a dose of optimism, Villiers suggested that today, "finally, common sense seems to be returning. It took two years for this to happen. I called Francois Hollande and told him the following: 'Mr. President, come to your senses; remove the sanctions. France must demand from Germany and the US, which are driving this game, to restore friendly relations with Russia. Europe's future is created not in the United States, but on the European continent."


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      let's pray for a miracle
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      in reply tolianasammartino(Show commentHide comment)
      lianasammartino, amen!
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      "They (Kiev) cannot play the fool forever." The nonthinker will be the first to say, out of derision, "Oh yes they can, because it is Kiev," What they forget here is that there is a government privilege to employ (a) court jester(s). The purpose, of course, is to provide levity but never at the expense of the royal family(s), Most of it was satire, some sarcasm and NEVER to be understood at face value. It was not uncommon for these same "fools" ("jesters") to stand behind the king's ear and whisper things meant to be wise in nature, but still in drag. The problem with their job description was that they dare not overstep their boundaries, make the same mistake twice or resort to 'reruns'. You see, "fools" are easily replaced and the old ones never exiled to anywhere except Potter's Field. If the writer is resorting to this kind of "fool", he is right. This act is tiring on all of us, and all we are waiting for is the snap of someone's fingers, and an "Off with his head!" Until then, stay bored.
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      Not only Kiev, but also France and more debasedly Germany (Merkel) are playing the fool in Ukraine and Syria
      "It's clear that Russia is trying to fulfill the Minsk agreements, and that the Ukrainian side is trying to evade their responsibility. Why? Because if the Minsk agreements were fulfilled, the US would no longer be able to oppose Europe lifting its sanctions against Russia," the politician noted.

      Absolutely the case.
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      This is costlt for Russia but every day Kiev is making life more misarable for Ukranians.

      Russia need offer Ukranians another life, setup jobs and transports near Ukraina, make the Ukrainians wanna travel to Russia, to live in Russia.

      They made life better on Crim and for those who fled to Russia, why not give the Ukrainas jobs in Russia? Kick out the Turks and hire Ukrainians, give them Russian social security, in Russian hospitals.
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      Obama deserves his Hitler moustache for his part in facilitating the Ukraine mess.
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      The US is no friend of Europe & never has been - ever!

      Philippe de Villiers shows common sense at a level long since gone in France.

      Read & sign this petition to try Obama in the Hague for War Crimes! petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-demand-conviction-usa-president-barack-obama-and-trial-internat
    • Ann
      "if the Minsk agreements were fulfilled, the US would no longer be able to oppose Europe lifting its sanctions against Russia" -- Well, don't wait for a pat on the head like a dog, just do what you believe is right.
    • Ann in reply tolianasammartino(Show commentHide comment)
      lianasammartino, let's pray that Europeans finally grow a pair and chew their western leash in two.
    • Ann in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Pardon me, but I don't understand the significance of "Potter's Field" ???
    • Ann in reply tomegargy(Show commentHide comment)
      megargy, Thanks, I added my signature.
    • choticastile
      "... friendship with Russia is infinitely more valuable to the future of the European continent than our relationship with America, which pushes us into unfortunate diplomatic adventurism, in Syria, for example, where we find ourselves on the wrong side. "

      And de Villiers continues,

      "There, we should fight on the side of Assad, like the Russians. But as things are, we are on the side of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, together with Al-Qaeda; it is truly immoral."

      Common Sense!!
      French and German business should start exerting massive pressure on their governments and maybe a bit of civil disobedience would not be a bad idea either, as they say, many ways to skin a cat -- many, many. Must these countries be run to the ground economically and politically to save Washington's backside? I think not! Wake up guys, the REAL world is watching -- not the out of touch play-play world across the Pond!
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      michaelin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, or maybe it will be a relatively short wait before the ukrainian government will implode, to be replaced by...?
    • Baybars
      What a great bunch of comments on this article. Sputnik readers are thinkers and offer some of The best comments I've ever read on these many news sites, MSM included.
      Pat all of yourselves on the back. Good job!

      The only people being played as fools are those occupying seats in the current Rada in Kiev because for the most part, they are fools to have fallen for Nuland and company. Now they are too embarassed to back down or too afraid to back down because Azov and Right Sector will kill them for it.
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      lianasammartinoin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, it is exactly ' a miracle' that could do that....but it may happen!
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      marcanhaltin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, It's where the 'no bodys' are buried, because no one claims them
    • Ann in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Okay, thanks. I really didn't know that.
    • siberianhusky
      Europe should develop some back bone and have the guts to tell Washington to go to hell. But that will never happen.

      Have you also noticed that America is never effected by forcing others to apply sanctions and do the dirty work for them ?
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