20:47 GMT +328 March 2017
    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends to the G20 Leaders Summit welcoming ceremony on November 15,2015 in Antalya

    Erdogan Forfeits EU Relations for Overtures With 'Long Indulged' Radicals

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    Ankara has long made overtures to radical Islamists battling against Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and now has to face the consequences of its reckless policies.

    The Turkish government can barely cope with the contemporary geopolitical challenges, according to a special report by the Economist.

    The report suggests that part of the trouble Turkey faces nowadays is caused by Ankara’s inability to engage in sophisticated diplomacy that is badly needed amid the continuous standoff between Russia and NATO.

    Ankara has failed to build relations with its closest allies, such as the EU, a major trade partner. European states scared of the migrant crisis, pushed Ankara to strengthen the control on the Syrian border in exchange for the revival of talks on Turkey’s membership in the EU.

    The government is more concerned about how they can push Europe to acquiesce more.

    “But there is little warmth in the relationship. Most European governments still see Turkey as a buffer more than a partner,” the report reads.

    The downing of the Russian Su-24 jet by Turkish forces on the Syrian border reminded authorities that the state is at threat of being isolated. The incident was followed by sanctions imposed on Ankara by Moscow. The current losses in revenues have reached 0.7 percent of Turkey’s national GDP.

    Moreover, Turkey consumes gas transported by Russia and Turkish construction companies with Russian contracts with and accumulated value of $10 billion.

    “Turkey seems in danger of stumbling into an unplanned but potentially costly fight,” as pointed out in the report.

    Ankara’s policies regarding Syria may also become a major threat to Turkey. Terrorist acts in both Istanbul and Ankara rocked the country recently, claiming the lives of over a hundred citizens. In both cases authorities placed the responsibility for the attacks on Daesh group, also known as the Islamic state.

    “In a country that has long seen itself as insulated from Middle Eastern turmoil, the intrusion of violent radical Islam came as a particular shock,” the Economist stressed, saying that the Turkish authorities appeared to be unprepared for the consequences of their own policies in the Middle East.


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      Let's all hope for the same innocents in Turkey not to be rocked to their sub surfaces as Turkey has been complicit in doing, tearing away at the roots of others in the Middle East. I, desperately, want hEardagain, Ahmetyomama, his deputy and the Foreign Minister to suffer badly and often for, if nothing else, the same "cleansing" act that Saddam Hussein was accused of and eventually hung for. With him it was called "genocide", and he did not have the benefit of the term "terrorist" that hEardagain and his crew are calling it. And for the US to be complicit in this is no excuse. They lost their moorings a long time ago. Personally, I am all for resurrecting the idea again of "A Man (Men) Without a Country." They don't deserve to live among us; any of them.
    • Who cares.. they'll be the poorest in that region if nothing's change.. just like before.. (learn the history of Turkey)
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      well, as it is sourced from the economist..., I would take the 'report' with a grain of salt. That being stated it appears to be more background than anything else. One or two gems regarding neoptism and such like.
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      Right! beautiful comparison! Erdogan is a lot like Saddam, the similarities include : they both rely on the US instead of their own people and they both represent minorities in their countries, the second is both of them are extremist Sunnis which justifies murder for political reasons and the third is both of them are bandits and terrorist accomplices relying on dirty money.
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