03:07 GMT +325 February 2017
    Bavarian Prime Minister and head of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Horst Seehofer

    German Politicians Slam Bavarian PM Over Decision to Meet Putin

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    Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer's plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow caused outrage among German politicians, German newspaper Die Welt reported.

    His colleagues accused Seehofer of "solidarity with the Russian autocrat" and emphasized that the withdrawal of sanctions against Russia is out of question.

    For instance, members of the ruling coalition stated that Seehofer is pursuing a strategy that contradicts the policy of the federal government.

    "In the debate on the refugee issue, Seehofer clearly contrasted his position with the position of the Chancellor. I hope he will give up his trip," foreign policy expert and CDU member Roderich Kiesewetter said.

    "Foreign policy is decided in Berlin and not in Munich," echoed the official representative of the SPD parliamentary group on foreign policy Niels Annen.

    Seehofer has repeatedly made critical statements about Merkel's 'open doors' policy on refugees and even announced his intentions to file a lawsuit within Germany's Constitutional Court if Merkel failed to restore order on the German border.

    Earlier, Seehofer was accused by his colleagues of playing into Putin's hands after he stressed the negative impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the German economy.


    Bavarian PM Threatens to Sue Berlin if Merkel Fails Control German Borders
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      If the Germans raised the same fuss every time one of their ilk met with Obama, then this little tirade would have greater depth of meaning.
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      Oh for heavens sake no, don't talk to the leader of a nation one is having dangerous disputes with! Doing so might help to ease tensions, and we can't have that, now can we? (sigh)
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      He sounds a decent politician.
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      Roderich Kiesewetter and Niels Annen are probably driving cars made in Bavaria. Seehofer should turn their engines off remotely when they are out in the middle of nowhere in the snow.
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      Time for bavaria to break from Nazi Merkel Germany !
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      Quite weird as it seems acceptable of selling and using unimaginable amounts of weapons and other disgusting material of destruction as NATO's so acceptable murdering agenda while having conversation as a form of communication between countries is unacceptable?
      Where are we heading? To Stoneage?
    • siberianhusky
      When the ship (Germany) is sinking it is everybody for him self. Obviously Berlin has lost control and hasn't got a clue what to do about the mess they made
    • siberianhuskyin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)

      The sanctions are test thing ever happened to Russia. A perfect chance to become self-sufficient and don't waste their money on imports they could and now have to make for themselves.
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      Mr. Seehofer is interested in his people, peace, and security for Germany. Their natural ally is Russia. Mrs. Merkel is a US/zionist collaborator who does not stand up for Germany. Under Merkel Germany has built 6 Nuclear capable submarines for Israel, the worlds biggest violator of UN resolutions/ Even after Victoria Nuland's famous "f---- the EU" she still pays homage to her oppressors. Under Merkel Germany continues to loose WW2 to the US every day.
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      tony p
      He is saying what most ex politicians say.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      It just shows how the eu politician are either blind or idiot in geostrategy.
    • Norbert the Braque
      We can only hope that the Seehofer serious about, he has already said as much,
      that you can not believe it right.
      I hope our choices are still genuine. It was found by the police so many unwritten identification cards. I hope Germany will get election observers
      most Germans have had enough of the whole politic and damn Merkel 2

      edit: Putin holds better spacing during the visit. I do not trust the whole
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      So, he is the one to replace Angie?
    • Mother Gorilla
      It's good that Seehofer is meeting President Putin, even though his stance on the migrants is not just. Germany is rich, and Bavaria is one of the richest regions in it. Germany has no reason to complain about the refugees from war zones Germany has participated in creating. Maybe President Putin can talk some sense into him.
    • Mother Gorillain reply tobackfromthegraav(Show commentHide comment)
      backfromthegraav, that Bavaria is busy shaping! That would make no sense!
    • Mother Gorillain reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, bad idea, Kaliningrad is decent, but the Bavarians are too crazy, wouldn't adjust to life in Russia.
    • Hermes
      .........For instance, members of the ruling coalition stated that Seehofer is pursuing a strategy that contradicts the policy of the federal government...........

      Which is confrontation with Russia.
    • Hermesin reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      Germany is an obamanation.
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      More politicians in vassal Europe need to be like this man.
    • Hagbard Celine
      That takes balls.

      And, in a larger context, it helps expedite Merkels descent and therefore almost all the descent Folks in Europe and the world.

      Seehofer has only held back up to now because he did not want to damage conservative Politics in Germany. But since it has become apperant, that the Chacellor will not stop 5 to 12, but only 5 after 12 (sound familiar ?) so all efforts must be concentrated to stopping her in any way possible.

      One method is, to show everyone that she has los control. What better measue that for Seehofer to visit her Nemesis Putin ?
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