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    US Seeks to 'Tame Europe' Drifting Toward Normalizing Ties With Russia

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    The US European Command published its revamped military doctrine which places emphasis on deterring the "Russian threat." According to military political analyst Andrei Koshkin, the US seeks to draw Europeans’ attention from the migrant crisis and make them obedient once more.

    The US European Command has listed deterrence of the "Russian threat" among its top priorities, its updated military doctrine revealed.

    The author of the document is EUCOM Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove.

    The document describes Russia as the principal threat for "its disregard for the sovereignty of its neighbors in Europe and its violation of numerous agreements" as well as building its forces in the Arctic Region and acting beyond the EUCOM sphere of responsibility, particularly in Syria.

    "Russia is presenting enduring challenges to our allies and partners in multiple regions; therefore, it is a global challenge that requires a global response," the doctrine read.

    This is a dramatic change against the 2012 strategy which presented Russia as a potential partner to establish cooperation on the key issues.

    Andrei Koshkin, head of the political science department of the Russian Economic University, said that with statements about the "Russian aggression," the US tries to pressure Europe.

    "The point is that the migrant crisis has shocked Europe, and the US needs myths to shake Europe up and make it believe that this is Washington that can protect it from 'Russian aggression.' All of the above were put in the updated EUCOM doctrine. It is the old fears that have just been refreshed. We are in an information war, and these myths are used to change the situation," he told Radio Sputnik.

    He underscored that the current developments in Europe are complicated.

    "At a time when many European nations are nearing collapse due to the migrant crisis which was provoked by the US policy in the Middle East, the US needs to turn Europeans’ focus on the 'Russian aggression.' Americans wants to tame Europe which has begun to realize the roots of the crisis," Koshkin explained.

    According to the analyst, implementing its strategy, the US will try to "reverse" Russia’s successes.

    "They will organize various drills and maneuvers on land, in the sea and air which will be aimed against Russia. And all our advances in Syria will be presented as aggression. The legitimate maintenance of security in the Arctic will also be considered an act of aggression," he pointed out.

    At the same time he expressed confidence that relations between Russia and Europe would normalize.

    "Europe has repeatedly stated it would like to lift its anti-Russian sanctions, and these statements are not groundless. I’m sure Europe will remove its sanctions against Russia, and we will work together in dealing with problems. It’s sad that the US tries to interfere while Europe is drifting toward Russia. Washington is mad about that," Koshkin concluded.


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