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    Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with China's President Xi Jinping

    Washington Views Russia, China as Its Main 'Targets'?

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    The US and NATO-led interventions have mostly been carried out in those countries that value their sovereignty, Italian philosopher and historian Domenico Losurdo wrote for Germany's daily newspaper Junge Welt, adding also that Russia and China have long become the primary "targets" of the West, particularly the US.

    Despite hopes that the end of the Cold War would make the world a safer place, it has been increasingly  plagued by violence and instability, prompting some, including Pope Francis, to compare this trend to a the early stages of or a "piecemeal" global conflict.

    Libya pummeled by Tuesday night NATO airstrikes
    © Sputnik/
    Libya pummeled by Tuesday night NATO airstrikes

    Losurdo highlighted several post-Cold War conflicts, including the US-led wars in Iraq, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the 2011 military intervention in Libya and the foreign-sponsored war in Syria. All of them, according to the historian, have two things in common: they were not authorized by the UN Security Council and they have ravaged sovereign nations, which carried out policies not outlined in Washington.

    The analyst frames these events as a "struggle between colonialism and anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism and imperialism." Nowadays, many countries are "trying to free themselves from economic and technological dependence, because otherwise their political independence will exist in name only."

    This logic suggests that the primary target for those, who harbor imperialist ambitions in the West, is China. Some in the US, according to the historian, once hoped that China would become a "semi-colony."

    Russia, Losurdo notes, has long been the second target. The country also once "ran the risk" of becoming a "semi-colony of the West."

    The Italian historian accused Western monopolies of trying to grab Russia's social wealth during the privatization in the 90s. During the 1990s, "they managed to take major energy reserves in Russia under control. Vladimir Putin put an end to this process," Losurdo noted.


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      The US will never give up on its hegemonic ambitions unless they receive a crushing response from a strong adversary.
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      US and Nato. The global crime sydicate in coalition. And EU puppet politicians support these criminals
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      All US americns ever want is .... WAR, Kill .War, Kill, War, kill
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      The US will implode, so external conflict will be unnecessary. Civil unrest is reaching bursting point; it will just need the coming financial meltdown to enable it.
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      WEST and NATO always thought the dissolution of Russia.
      And China as a place to do business and turn into a VASSAL.
      Ask China what happened to the last emperor.
      He had dreams of west. And what he got? An armed revolution..And guess who did that.
      Russia wouldn't believe it either.
      It was west, that KILLED the TSAR and his family , kids included.
      And who knows if they went there to MOCK them too. They were all dirt bags that way.
      Now U.S and all west want Russia dissolved. The size of MOSCOW. The rest will be split. Even Japan wants that and gain lands. That why those PIGS are with NATO.
      Russia MUST learn to stop them on their tracks.
      Russia going to India. So INDIA invest in Russia.
      OK.. Russia MUST ask 50% of earnings. Russia MUST request also profitable investment of equal size and potential.
      India want IT with Russia. To control the Russian software and steal secrets. Don't be fools.
      Russia CANNOT allow that.
      All India want is that the COMRADES, ( THE FOOLS they think), teach them all that is tech and profitable to MAKE IN INDIA, and Russia then be in worst economic situations than it is now.
      Russia MUST curb this DUMB HABITS.

      Secret..... Japan once controlled the pearls industries.
      Using Australia, Japan cultivated pearls. A well guarded secret, that gave tremendous profits to Japan once.
      You DON'T teach others, or be ready to lose the market..There is a western saying for business... " Everyday a new S....FOOL is born".. Get that DEEP into the heads.
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      If America try's to do with Russia and China what it has done to other nations it will be Americas final terrorist action. They will lose v
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      Daniel Feliu Medina
      Russia and China will put an end to the u.s. reign of terror and tyranny, fuck the unipolar imperial order!
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      if you buy into a particular world view as the americans and brits have done before them, then there is no alternative but to create an enemy or enemies. The australian army of the '80's taught its officer corps that indonesia was the enemy and training would prepare for that eventuality - one example.
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