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    Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Ankara's Orwellian Reality: Erdogan Converting Turkey Into Police State

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    Recep Erdogan is converting Turkey into a police state by granting sweeping powers to the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and cracking down on independent journalism and political opposition; in this light Erdogan's reference to Hitler's Germany as a presidential system model comes as no surprise.

    Recep Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (or AKP) is taking steps toward transforming Turkey into an authoritarian police state, where the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) plays the role of Tayyip's personal "Praetorian Guards," Istanbul-based independent scholar Dr. Can Erimtan notes.

    "Last year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (or AKP) took steps towards converting the Republic of Turkey into a just another typical Middle-Eastern 'Mukhabarat state,' a state where official intelligence services are busy keeping taps on the people while developing all kinds of nefarious cross-border activities embroiling the country in all kinds of dodgy affairs and/or relations," Dr. Erimtan writes in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook.

    The scholar calls attention to Turkey's legislation that provides MIT with sweeping powers. "The National Intelligence Organization has really been able to act with impunity since the adoption of Law Nr. 6532 [on April 26, 2014] with arbitrary phone tapping constituting but tip of the iceberg of its activities," Erimtan notes.

    He adds that despite protests from Erdogan's opposition Turkey's Constitutional Court "all but upheld the organization's status" after reviewing the controversial law.

    Erimtan emphasizes that commenting on the issue member of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Ahmet Toptas noted: "Our real worry was that Turkey would be turned into an intelligence state."

    Needless to say, the Erdogan regime and MIT are using their impunity to their own advantage.

    After the Turkish intelligence agency was spotted smuggling arms to Islamists in Syria by the opposition daily Cumhuriyet, the daily's editor-in-chief Can Dundar and Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gul were arrested and charged with "treason" and "espionage."

    In his latest interview from prison Can Dundar told The Guardian that Recep Tayyip Erdogan "consolidated absolute power by establishing a police force of epic proportions and came in total control of the judiciary system."

    The journalist lambasted Brussels for rapprochement between the EU and Erdogan while turning a blind eye to Ankara's "fascist government."

    But that is not all: in mid-December 2015 Turkish MP Eren Erdem shed some light on Ankara's unwillingness to investigative Turkish supply routes of deadly sarin gas ingredients to Daesh (Islamic State/ISIL) then known as al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2013.

    "There is data in this indictment. Chemical weapon materials are being brought to Turkey and being put together in Syria in camps of ISIS [Daesh] which was known as Iraqi al-Qaeda during that time," Erdem said in an interview with RT broadcaster.

    The investigation revealed that a number of Turkish citizens had been involved in negotiations over sarin ingredients deliveries with al-Qaeda in Iraq's militant Hayyam Kasap. However, despite all evidence 13 suspects related to the case were released by Turkish authorities.

    Predictably, after giving the interview Erdem was accused of treason, Erimtan continues.

    The Turkish scholar quotes Recep Erdogan's statement regarding the matter: "[t]hose accusing their own state of selling chemical weapons on a foreign state's [television] channel, they are becoming party to a ring of treason… What kind of treason is this? How can you accuse [us] of delivering sarin gas to a terror state like Syria?" (17 December 2015).

    Simultaneously, Recep Erdogan and his clan have no scruples about selling stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil, extracted by Daesh.

    In a pathetic gesture, the Turkish President pledged to resign if his fault was proven. However, despite the Russian Defense Ministry presenting ample evidence of Ankara's involvement in illicit oil business with Daesh, Erdogan did not keep his promise.

    Given the Turkish President's crackdown on journalism and independent investigators as well as brazen impunity of his controversial oil machinations, Erdogan's reference to Hitler's Germany as a presidential system model is by no means a slip of the tongue.

    "In the end, one can only say that Recep Tayyip Erdogan… and his party apparatus appear to have transformed the country's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) into a personal Praetorian Guard to be used (or abused) in the pursuit of various arguably unsavory policy aims and 'state secrets'," Erimtan concludes.


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      Every once in a while, Sputnick can look like a putz. Then as soon as you are done thinking that idea, they come out with an article that you cannot only sink your teeth into, but you are not even able to finish the meal they just provided. This latter part is what I am referring to in this article.

      "The National Intelligence Organization has really been able to act with impunity since the adoption of Law Nr. 6532 [on April 26, 2014] with arbitrary phone tapping constituting but tip of the iceberg of its activities," Erimtan notes. He adds that despite protests from Erdogan's opposition Turkey's Constitutional Court "all but upheld the organization's status" after reviewing the controversial law."

      Turkey has just rushed towards the edge of the cliff of personal destruction. I won't talk about the "police state" idea being said in the same context of "Hitler" as the two will never be synonymous in concept, expression or outcome. Hitler may have ended up committing suicide with Eva Braun, his wife, but Erdogan is asking 40 million Turks to commit hari kari with him, and that is not going to happen, nor has it ever happened outside of Jones Town.

      Erdogan's platform is built on the law of "Catch 22". And to quote Wikipedia, "A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules...Catch-22s often result from rules, regulations, or procedures that an individual is subject to but has no control over because to fight the rule is to accept it...One connotation of the term is that the creators of the "catch-22" have created arbitrary rules in order to justify and conceal their own abuse of power."

      Under Erdogan's concept of power, he should have absolute power. In the context of his, or any other majority of power in Parliament, they have the right to set forth a new constitution based on a "mandate" for either change or to "continue as you were", much as George W. Bush defined his narrow win over John Kerry.

      Erdogan cannot win as there is no logical outcome to the decisions he has already made. You cannot, for example, raise a snake that you hope will not bite you, and that is what has happened with Daesh. You cannot steal with the hope of not getting caught to the scope he has been caught. You cannot play hypocrite without someone noticing that your heart and your face do not match. You cannot stifle the press without using the press to say why you are stifling it. You cannot wear the robes of an honorary degree while stifling the authority that represents the learning that comes with it. You cannot intimidate the opposition by spying on them without being exposed yourself by a trial of your peers. And the more aberrant his behavior becomes, the more he will be isolated where the only way out may be falling on his own sword. Turkey should be so lucky.
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      Having said what I said about Erdogan and "Catch 22" I am not ready to consider him to be illiterate, an idiot,, an imbecile or mentally challenged. I offer as proof HIS use of the "Catch 22" principle in his own defense: " Recep Erdogan's statement regarding the matter: "[t]hose accusing their own state of selling chemical weapons on a foreign state's [television] channel, they are becoming party to a ring of treason… What kind of treason is this? How can you accuse [us] of delivering sarin gas to a terror state like Syria?" (17 December 2015)." His point? "Why would we supply sarin chemicals to be used on the terrorist regime of Bashar when these same terrorists (sic., are being trained by us, and treated by us under the care (and high salary I might add, of my daughter, no less!) might turn around and use them on us!?" (And an aside to Ahmet, Dovogluton, "Wait! Do you really think they might do that?" Ahmet: "Errr, remember what happened in Istanbul already?" "Allah! Where do I go from here!?" Allah: "Keep acting presidential. And remember, I am already waiting here in Jannah for you!")
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      marcanhaltin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Save to file
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      His own military should arrest him.
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