16:41 GMT +327 February 2017
    The Minister of Justice of the Jewish State, Ayelet Shaked, has come out flat for creation of a Kurdish state that is to weaken Iran and Turkey.

    Playing Kurdish Card: Israeli Minister Urges to Create Kurdistan, Again

    © AP Photo/ Gali Tibbon
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    Tel Aviv top-level politicians have resurrected the idea of an independent Kurdish state, after years of direct and indirect support for the cause.

    The Minister of Justice of the Jewish State, Ayelet Shaked, has stated that he strongly supports a Kurdish state, seen to be a way to weaken Israeli rivals in the Middle East, local media reported on Tuesday.

    ​“We should promote steps that would correct the injustice that made Kurds the biggest nation without a state. We must call on nations to set up a [Kurdish] state,” Shaked announced, as quoted by BasNews.

    The new country would be between Turkey and Iran, she suggested.

    ​“We have cultural global ties and they are strategic partners on a mutual front,” Shaked explained, referring to the Kurdish standoff with Daesh and other jihadist groups.
    Shaked showed sympathy toward the Kurdish people by appealing to them as “a peace seeking nation.”

    “The Kurds have a perfect democracy and give equal rights to women,” she added.

    ​In the past, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu advocated the establishment of Kurdistan, but did not specify boundaries.

    “We should… support the Kurdish aspiration for independence,” Netanyahu stated, calling the Kurds “a nation of fighters [who] have proved political commitment and are worthy of independence.”

    Netanyahu’s statement was made when Daesh seized large parts of Iraq and Syria in a blitzkrieg 2014 campaign. Kurdish units were the only ground force that stopped the violent extremists.

    Kurds in Iraq call loudly for independence. Kurds in the war-torn Syria constitute some 10% of the population and have formed what they call Rojava, a self-governing autonomous area. Turkey’s Kurds, who represent 20% of the population, have been immersed in bloody clashes with the current government. Kurds in Iran are seen to easily become a destabilizing factor within that country.

    In light of the current state of affairs, Israel is thought to have chosen the right time to call for the creation of Kurdistan. A moderate Sunni Kurdish state in the heart of the Middle East could be seen to become the sole Muslim ally of the Jewish state of Israel.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listens as President Barack Obama speaks during their meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014.
    © AP Photo/ Pablo Martinez Monsivais
    The Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq has been reportedly supplying Israel with three quarters of its crude oil. Israeli special forces’ trainers have been present in the region for over a decade, advising the Kurdish military in Iraq, according to local media. Moreover, multiple reports suggest that there is a constant flow of arms from Tel Aviv to Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Adding to this, Kurdish authorities have expressed religious freedom in their region, allowing Kurdish Jews to return to their homeland unmolested.

    Kurdish animosities with the Arabs are well-known, and Israel will benefit from the diplomacy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


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      nice move. :)
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      jasin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, Not really. It just shows how they've been in this with NATO all along in trying to split up the Middle East in a way that weakens all but Israel.
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      Israel will have to give up all the stolen lands. Kurdish are using the vacuum power in Syria, to establish a capital. That's Syrian lands. Not Kurdish. IF they don't give it up, they could face Russia itself.
      Russia cannot afford to leave a nano millimeter in the hands of no one that is not Syria. KURD'S should had known better. Israel should be finding ways to give back all occupied lands, before is too late. The world won't listen to Ban Ki Moon forever.And Israel could be declared a terrorist state, when is killing people on extra judicial ways and grounds. Just lynching them.
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      The zionist Jew Bernard Lewis's New Middle East Map was not a conspiracy theory after all! He introduced the "plan" and "map" right after the Iranian revolution in Bilderberg meeting. His "Kurdistan cuts off 1/3 of Turkey and 1/4 Iraq and a portion of Iran to make new Kurdistan. Any wonder the Iraqi Kurdistan is run by a mafia Jewish family (Barezani) and PKK is a communist group deeply connect and fed by Israelis. Both are well known international human, heroin, and oil traffickers.

      The only way this plan can work out is that all these countries plunge into devastating wars: so far Iraq and Syria did. And next seems to be Turkey.
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      michaelin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, I probably should have written; nice move for Israel. That's what I meant. :)
    • It has been a serious mistake for the Soviet Union and Russia to support and recognize the right to exist of Israel as a Zionist state. Hopefully the future Russian administrations will rectify this serious blunder and error to preserve the security of humanity. The days of this Zionist Israel are numbered and no one cares what this Ku Klux Klan supremacist cult of Zionists say.

      The Kurds and their NATO incarnations, call them what you will, exist only to be used by this NATO alliance to serve its interests and should be destroyed, completely. Death to the CIA covert Kurdish-NATO-Zionist-stan project.

      Any pseudonym Kurdish Concoction, PKK, KRG and whatever else, should be completely destroyed. Just who are they and who supports them?

      During WWI Ottoman Turkey also used the Kurds as their mercenaries to rape, torture and murder Christian Armenians during the Genocide and re-occupation of the region.

      Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the USA and its NATO Zionist Axis further funded and organized a Kurdish covert terrorist army in Iran to destabilize, sabotage and act as a separatist movement.

      Kurds were also further armed in Northern Iraq and this same NATO Axis imposed a false no fly zone to protect and reinforce them with weapons.

      We see the same NATO Zionist false flag game continuing in Iran, Iraq and Syria.

      Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran should bomb the NATO Kurd Project out of existence.

      The SDF, FSA, Kurds. Kurdish Peshmerga and any other NATO Zionist Saudi False Flag entity, to include their special forces and operatives, should be attacked, liquidated and the lands they hold liberated to Syrian (Iraq & Iran) Government control. This should be a high priority for Russia, to not support any NATO projects anywhere.


      *** Free Viktor Bout and All Pro-Russians, tortured, missing, murdered and or falsely imprisoned, in USA and NATO Secret Prison Axis, Account For All, Remember and Lawfully Avenge All Forevermore.***
    • rvmg
      If the ministry of foreign affairs would make this statement it will be newsworthy but aside from that man she is hot not as poklonskaya but still
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      Once Israel recognizes the state of palistine it can speak on creating states.
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      A Kurdish state is the most important step to happen, regardless of what Israel wants. There are numerous reasons for it. It is something Russia and Iran as well as Syria should support immediately, including Iraq. Syria an Iraq need to support autonomy while openly suporting the Kurds in Turkey to declare not an autonomous region but an independent state. This should be followed by Iran to agree with the idea of giving a full autonomy to the Kurds. If they get three autonomous regions inside of 3 states they will be content in there. Respect a Kurd and you will be fine. They won't in that case fight for a bigger independent Kurdistan and as long as there are four Kurdish "governments" local chiefs will be happy. An independent Turkish Kurdistan is a must. That would cut off Turkey completely. All three given autonomies would have certain conditions that the Kurds need to fulfil. Make them allies. Stop thinking of what Israel and Zionists want. You are way off. What they want and what you are fighting against is hot air. This way all three countries; Syria, Iran and Iraq preserve their territorial integrity but are seen as moderate governments who are ready to negotiate, who are ready to form an alliance and who are ready to be friendly towards the people that have not been fighting against them but against ISIS.
    • Pelagius
      Israel is the extension of US-UK/FR neo-colonial politics. None of these states has ever cared about human rights whatsoever.
      After all, the US and FR delivered the "utensils" to Saddam to conduct the "Halabja chemical attack".
      And if you give the Kurds the right to have a state, you cannot deny a state for the Assyrians, Arameans, Yazidis, Shia etc. --- that would only be fair. But is this scenario realistic? No, I personally do not think so.
      After all, it were factions of the Kurds that helped the Young Turks commit the ethnic cleansing of the Christians/Armenians in Turkey and when ISIS attacked the Yazidis and christian Assyrians in Northern Iraq not long ago, they were betrayed and let down by the Iraqi Kurds who by the way have major ideological and political differences with certain turkish or syrian kurdisch political-movements.
      Barzani is a CIA-Agent, his father was before him. And they are not interested in peace or the well-being of ALL Kurds, still less other peoples of the region. They are criminals who filled their pockets at the expense of their own contry-men.
      This is all about geostrategic considerations and Shaked`s proposal does not entail any humane, moral or legal intentions at all.
    • Truth Hunter
      The Govt. of Israel is wise in supporting Kurdistan, and it appears that the two nations have worked together for some time, ( I call the Kurds a nation for ease of comment).
      Israel needs friends in the region, so also militarily it is wise to assist the Kurds in establishing their own nation, that is fully recognized as such.
      Stolen land is mentioned by some commentators... , if you read the Bible, and research the boundaries mentioned , you will find that the present nation of Israel is the nation whose lands have been "stolen", by post World War 1 political arrangements.
      Let me give you an idea of the land mass God gave to Abraham and his decendents.
      Land from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates river, shows east west layout, North / South would include parts of southeastern Turkey, southward through Lebanon and present day Israel, well into the Sinai ending in what was ancient Egypt, know as the land of Goshen, in the land of Rameses, in Northeast Egypt,
      That is a huge land mass, and look at what the people of Israel have to settle for, a few square miles of desert, what a crime against Israel !!!
    • Truth Hunterin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Good points to your comment... and to add my "two cents".. I believe the Kurds are being denied their own nation by those financial powers that want to overthrow present Mid East govts. so as to control the oil and maintain the oil backed U.S. Dollar.... that is allowing a new nation to be formed would mean a delay, as they would have to some how control the Kurd govt. to control Kurdish oil... so I do not see a "Kurdistan " happening to soon.
    • White_Eagle1
      Take land back from genocidal Turkey and give back to the Kurds and displaced, original owners.... Armanians and anyone else that wants their lands back from this evil state.
    • avatar
      bangein reply toTruth Hunter(Show commentHide comment)
      Truth Hunter, I don't believe either. You know it is easy to say than to put it in action. It is better to hear this from another person but not from an israeli.
      She should first ask nayahoo to stop killing palestian and give back their land.
    • avatar
      bangein reply to(Show commentHide comment)
      I do not think kurdish state is realistic. Do you know that Russian is working in Syria according to what is written on a UN piece of paper which is strict about the integrity of Syria territory. So everything about Syria will be base on that piece of paper. People are just talking and will continue talking but it is not going to happen.
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