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    President Obama and Chancellor Merkel seated together at a G7 dinner in Brussels.

    Washington's Infatuation With Merkel's Germany is Over After Cologne?

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)

    The mass sexual assaults and robberies during New Year celebrations in Cologne dramatically affected the way the United States views Angela Merkel and Germany, journalist Gero Schliess wrote for Deutsche Welle.

    "In the last few years, many in the Unites States have looked across the Atlantic with admiration and respect," DW's foreign correspondent in Washington observed.

    Enthusiasm for Germany led by Angela Merkel was at an all-time high when an unprecedented wave of refugees rushed into Europe last year. Berlin's open door policy towards asylum seekers and the way ordinary Germans welcomed newcomers, according to the journalist, reminded the Americans of themselves. At the time, they viewed the Germans as "humane and hospitable" people, who were eager to help those in need.

    Asylum seeker (C, L) takes a selfie picture with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C, R) following Merkel's visit at a branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and a camp for asylum-seekers in Berlin on September 10, 2015.
    © AFP 2016/ DPA/Bernd Von Jutrczenka
    Asylum seeker (C, L) takes a selfie picture with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C, R) following Merkel's visit at a branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and a camp for asylum-seekers in Berlin on September 10, 2015.

    Not anymore: the events in Cologne changed everything. The attacks, which are largely blamed on migrants from the Middle East and northern Africa, sent shockwaves across the continent, taking security concerns to a whole new level.

    They also prompted many in the US to reconsider their stance on Germany. Conservative American author Ross Douthat proclaimed that the leading European country was "on the brink" in a recent opinion piece for the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Merkel's refugee policy drew "fire at home and abroad."

    True, the refugee crisis, particularly after the night of terror in Paris on November 13 and the Cologne attacks, has become the greatest challenge for the German political leadership. Merkel's government is divided over how to handle newcomers.

    For instance, the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU), the sister party of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has called on the chancellor to introduce a cap on the number of refugees allowed to enter the country – an idea Merkel opposes.

    Flowers and letters of protest are laid down on the steps in front of the Cologne main train station in Cologne, western Germany on January 11, 2016
    Flowers and letters of protest are laid down on the steps in front of the Cologne main train station in Cologne, western Germany on January 11, 2016

    Germany received approximately 1.1 million refugees in 2015 – a record for the country of 81 million people and Europe.

    However, the interest that Germany's handling of the refugee crisis sparked in the US reflects America's own concerns with immigration. These worries have been highlighted during the presidential election campaign. 

    "Germany may be once again divided over the immigration policy, but it happened in the United States a long time ago," Schliess observed. "And the fear that political radicalization in Germany and Europe would deepen the divide on the other side of the Atlantic is justified."

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)


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    • Mikhas
      There hasn´t been any "enthusiasm" on Washington´s part. Why would there? Germany is still since 75 years a US occupied colony in every sense from bottom up, US NGO´s are so heavily entrenched in the German society it´s unfathomable and the "Ambassador" is in reality a governor.

      "Enthusiasm" stems from the feeling when things goes better than expected, but enthusiasm turns quickly to boredom when developments runs so smoothly predictable in every twist and turn as it does with the Germans. Germany behaves as expected and dances and jumps whenever Obongo and his white masters say so, they even commit economic and political suicide on order so no, "enthusiasm" is not the word we are looking for but try "contempt". That is the hegemons traditional reaction to weakness and hapless stupidity.
    • choticastile
      Direct cause of and full blame for the refugee crisis in Europe is the good ole' US of A. Fair to assume too the refugee "flood" had been jump started by the psychotic scheming leaders across the pond. One may ask why these fiends would wish to destroy Europe's economies (particularly Germany's) and European cultures? I think there is a definitive ZB NWO agenda behind it.

      A DC puppet, the German Chancellor played the game according to their rules -- right down to selling out Russia to please US TPTB. Did Washington lift a finger to help Germany or France (supposedly two key US allies) or Europe when refugees flooded into Europe?-- No sirree! This falsely created crisis was designed from A-Z to inflict 'collateral damage' on Europe. However, opposition is growing in Europe against, what I would call the US heist of Europe and although one prays that sanity returns to Europe, sadly it will not be soon and shudder to think what could take place in Europe, before it comes about. TPTB in DC are shameless morally bankrupt marauders. While its clear Merkel's time is up, I wish a leader pops up in Germany of Vladimir Putin's calibre, so that Germany's complete sovereignty is restored for the first time since as far back as WWI. Good luck People of Germany -- many throughout the world are routing for you.
    • avatar
      Marques rouges
      Merkel has always been praised in the medias, because she serves the US Soros/neocons so well ! First German chancellor to send German military abroad since WWII, to support the US in Afghanistan, now to Turkey to work for the coalition against Syria...

      As a right politician in Germany put it, she should be deported to Syria in a straightjacket !!!
    • avatar
      What a load of old rubbish!
      The united snakes purposely created the middle east's (and parts of Africa) illegal immigrant diaspora in order to destroy Europe culturally, socially, and economically. Why would they all plan to get pissed up at the New Year (in multiple countries ) while the Koran forbids alcohol, and go out to grope rape and assault women, unless they were put up to it?

      Hundreds of thousands of the illegal immigrants were issued with false passports and free telephone time (by the united snakes/ CIA/Soros foundation) via the Turkish Nazis.

      This is just a stupid white-wash job told to sheeple, to lull them to sleep. Dream On!
    • Mikhas in reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, According to themselves, "Europe would do good being a little bit more like us" I.E Europe is too homogeneous for their taste, Soros, NGO´s and various US junk-cultures like the sexuals has done a relentless job, at least in the western part of promoting sodomy and perversion and crashing strong healthy family traditions.
    • Well zios are behind both countries!
    • avatar
      Who gives a flying f***kk what the US thinks about traitor Merkel ?

      The ridiculous "Open Door" policy on refugees was to clean up the mess the US caused in Syria & Libya - lets not kid ourselves. Merkel was helping the US not the EU !
    • Blackie in reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      Hi again,
      You said what I think .You also get sick of charades as in the picture of the above NWO puppets. They should stop all this Kindergaten stuff.
      When the Germans lost the WW1 because America came in to help their best fiend, it was all over .You know the story .
      Go to Germany or listen to the news, they say one word every three minutes Deutsch. It is Deutsch courses, or Deutschland etc, or Deutsch people. What a load of Horse. There is no Germany so I wish they would shut up with that word Deutsch. Another one I forgot "the Deutsch football".
      Russia can say Russia as they are not occupied.
      Also get this, the skinheads who claim to be Nationalist love being occupied by the US, and wear US T-shirts and agree with their politics, as enslaved bald zombies do.
    • avatar
      The funny thing is that the EU treats Russia as a threat and the US as an ally. The US does both g but harm and cost the EU. The US is a liability and as a matter of fact the US NEEDS the EU, the EU does not need the US. Now the EU has benefits when dealing with Russia and little if any liabilities. For security purposes it would be wiser and far more efficient to have a united European continent to defend as opposed to a fractured on. The EU needs to start and think, isolate America and make then bow down instead of the other way around. America needs to be put in its place and a united Europe has more then enough power.
    • choticastilein reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      Mikhas, Yes, US purposefully continue delivering death and destruction tragedies on so many countries and have done it for longer than most decent people wish to remember -- fractured and shattered the futures of the most vulnerable nations in the world and for multiple generations -- all based on a heartlessly calculated strategy of divide and rule. Germany never had a snowball's chance after WWII against the ZIO fiends, whom to this day, control virtually the whole planet.

      I just feel a terrible sadness for ordinary, upstanding people -- good people, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe and the world for that matter.
      Really Mikhas, it seems to me as if our planet is subjected to a harvest of souls, as dramatic as it may sound!

      Its no surprise though that the US is now spitting out Merkel - they do it to all their puppets, once they'd served their purpose. However, considering history, I think that the west, has never been able to accurately gauge the German spirit -- generally kind and generous and ready to help, but when crossed, a tidal wave of righteous anger when it erupts and a force few are capable of curbing. Germany is an amazing nation and as I said, I just pray she gets a worthwhile leader, passionate about her people and his/her motherland. To my mind Germany deserves a break, almost as much as Russia.
    • avatar
      Ivan Zadorozhny
      In all fairness, US stokes the refugee crisis, blames all on Merkel.
    • avatar
      and how effective has been the 'occupation' to the German people over the 70+ years. How has the culture been altered? It would be interesting to note from the German side.
    • avatar
      ehoyerin reply toMarques rouges(Show commentHide comment)
      Marques rouges, totally agree, the worst person of Europe ..
      Installed by Soros and his criminal ngo's
      This person is history in a few days, Germany is near a civil war ..
    • avatar
      Out of respect and tolerance towards their new citizens perhaps German women could adopt the burka and refrain from driving and walking unaccompanied in public? STASI code-named agent "Erika" currently NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill will be modelling the Frumpy Dame spring collection of famed Saudi Arabian designer Abdul Kamelfikker along with Mayoress Reker in all upcoming public outings.

      Remember Europeons, if you see something... burka it! Keep your wenches in a bag and avoid horneydonkey goat fikking gang banging provocation.
    • avatar
      The US saw Europe as getting too strong and economically independent; and worse, friendly with Russia. This refugee crisis was engineered by the US in cooperation with Turkey who were promised a new Ottoman empire. But the chaos is just around the corner, as the House of Sand is running out of cash. Interesting times, or what?
    • My GⓄⓄgle
      This article is wrong. No U.S. admiration over Germany's acceptance of refugees exists. On the contrary, most people are puzzled by it including a substantial majority of Americans who are starting to believe that Syrians belong in Syria.
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