08:36 GMT +326 September 2016
US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland

Nuland Arrives in Russia's Kaliningrad to Meet With Putin's Aide Surkov

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After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine? (1032)

The US undersecretary of state and the Russian president's aide will hold a closed meeting.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland has arrived in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad where a meeting will take place with Russian Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov, a Russian Foreign Ministry representative said Friday.

“Nuland has arrived to the Kaliningrad region, and the meeting with Surkov will be held at the presidential residence in the city of Pionersky. It will be a closed meeting,” Pavel Mamontov said.

According to media reports, the Ukrainian crisis settlement and the implementation of the Minsk agreements will dominate the talks.

Kiev authorities launched a military operation against independence supporters in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region in April 2014. The confrontation has claimed over 9,000 lives, according to UN estimates.

In February 2015, Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine worked out a ceasefire deal in Minsk later signed by Kiev and the Donbass forces.

After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine? (1032)
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  • Ivan Zadorozhny
    Nooland begging Russia for help in Ukraine. It must be hard to climb down.
  • cast235
    BEWARE of the COOKIES GIVER. Bet is about a COUP in Kaliningrad. get the rubber baton troops ready.
  • cast235
  • No Namein reply toIvan Zadorozhny(Show commentHide comment)
    Ivan Zadorozhny,
    This hypocritical "USrael Golda Meir" has a thick rhino face-skin
  • No Name

    The Neocons-Kagan's wife seems to ask for it...
  • Blackie
    Nuland had 5 BILLION dollars to create civil war and steal Ukraine's gold, 40 tons?, for a couple of dirty old GMO Cookies.
    She should be arrested for the murder of over several hundred thousand Ukrainians.
    This can also be done in private (US Style- Covert) with Spetsnaz skill in sniping.
    She could also be welcomed in Pionersky by several dozen spirits of pioneers (who then evaporate after she has been done over well and good).
    She has no business spying in this border region. Maybe NATO wants to conquer it as an inroad into Russia?
    Wasn't she also the one who said "F... Europe!" I know, no bad language on this page, but it was she who said it. She is absolutely unfit for any office!
  • cast235
    Forgot, Russia should declare her persona non grata. Kick her out. Permanently. She was at MAIDAN and at Armenia. At Armenia she tried to set up a coup. Watch her in Kaliningrad. Or lose it. Russia's choice.
  • No Namein reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
    Trying to foolish Putin is like trying to sell old shoes as new... to a shoemaker.
    ;-) This was Putin's main job in Dresden /East-Germany: to deal with such western sold-souls.
    Different formulated, looks like "fatty Victoria jumps in hungry-Mishka's cage" ;-)..
    Give us this show LIVE on TV, please :-))))
  • Mother Gorilla
    This face calls for my claws in it, pardon my anger! They should not have allowed her onto this beautiful Russian island.
  • Hagbard Celine
    Dear Mrs. Newland,

    a hardy welcome to Europe !

    I would especially like to invite you to see Cologne which is particularly colorful during New Years celebration. (the fireworks)

    Rumor has it, no lady is left without a man during the festivity....
  • puffinwillow
    she is from satan
  • The Kremlin is way too nice offering to hold a meeting conveniently in Kaliningrad. I would have insisted that the talks be held it Sevastopol and that she bring her own cookies if she wants to eat anything. Oh, and her own flashlight since her hotel room will not have any electricity.
  • ptcjm
    To be charged for war crimes so just get this war criminal into jail.
  • in reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
    cast235, The meeting is being held at the Presidential Residence for a reason. You don't just come and go from that place at your own convenience and it will be hard to stir up trouble from the inside of an escorted limo to and from her private jet. Almost forgot, you cannot import cookies into the Presidential residence, even for personal use. ;)
  • ptcjmin reply toNo Name(Show commentHide comment)
    No Name, according to international law, staging war like what happened in Ukraine with VN contributing with millions of dollars, which is publicly known, these war criminals ought to be put in custody.
  • lianasammartino
    a smile that does not reach the eyes
  • lianasammartinoin reply topuffinwillow(Show commentHide comment)
    puffinwillow, the ALL situation in ukraine was conceived in hell, with the help of pure evil!!
  • michael
    anyone else reminded of miss piggy? :) She has a similar expression in the eyes like madeleine.
  • michael
    maybe the greeting for her should be; Nuland can get...... I don't believe that she will be allowed to live that one down.
  • copius
    Don't forget her famous words,
    Fuck EU.

    Fuck Nuland !!
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