04:46 GMT +324 February 2017
    A sales assistant watches TV sets broadcasting a news report on North Korea's nuclear test, in Seoul, January 6, 2016

    UNSC to Lose Credibility if Fails to Take Measures Against North Korea

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    The UN Security Council will lose its credibility in case it does not introduce significant measures against North Korea over its alleged hydrogen bomb test, Japanese envoy to the United Nations, Motohide Yoshikawa said Wednesday.

    UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) — Earlier on Wednesday, the UN Security Council condemned the nuclear test that Pyongyang said it conducted. The council announced it would begin work on further significant measures against North Korea in a new resolution.

    “We think that if no further significant measures are taken by the Security Council it is the authority and credibility of the Security Council will be put into question. Therefore the Japanese government will be asking for a new SC resolution which should be adopted swiftly and whose contents should be robust,” Yoshikawa told reporters.

    The Japanese envoy reminded that the last time when the council adopted a resolution against Pyongyang in 2013, it expressed determination to take significant measures in the event of the country’s further nuclear tests.

    Earlier in the day, North Korea claimed it had carried out its first test of a hydrogen bomb. Following the incident, Tokyo and Washington jointly initiated an emergency meeting of the Security Council.


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    Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK), UN Security Council, Japan
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      The reason Norht Korea is doing this is pressure from the US and Japan. Back off and the situation will stabilize. Maybe some people are fooled by this, but not me. The usual culprits push and push until they get a reaction, then claim the reaction is a dangerous provocation. I think even a child can see this. The strategy is used too much.
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      Here we go. Japan again.
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      It's all Iran's fault....they are colluding with Dr. Evil...Pillsbury Doughboy...aka Kim Jong....fat little narcissistic meatball with hairdo issues.
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      What kind of measure? I thought sanctions after sanctions that only toothpicks and toilet paper left on the agenda. Are we goring to make north Korean wipe their butts with tree sticks? Go for it. UN almost mean Unfair Nations.
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      Leave alone North Korea with its nuclear program. North Korea is hate for all the western countries because its communism government and it is bully by the USA. The best North Korea can do is to create an arm system to produce maximum damage if is attacked by the USA and it’s allied. Those who dare to attack North Korea will be not immune to retaliation and this is the only language that the USA, NATO and its lackeys understand.

      Russia public anxiety and disagreement is just for public consume. It is convenience for Russia to have real friends that have Nuclear weapon. Russia has said that it will not doubt to use Nuke if is attacked. So what is the problem, then? In a Nuke war few more nukes will not make any difference.
    • Jim Mooney
      Ten Kilotons is 10,000 pounds of TNT. The 3RD Marine Aircraft Wing alone, dropped 500,000 TONS of bombs on Iraq, and that's only One organization. So they dropped the equivalent of 500 North Korean bombs, for a war based on a total lie, killing over a half million Iraqis. And N Korea is a "threat?" The N Koreans fear "regime change" the same as every other nation the US has its sights on. I'm not saying they have a wonderful govt, but after Iraq they'd be nuts to not develop something to forestall an attack. The only reason they haven't been attacked to "free their people" is because they don't have oil. If they find oil in N. Korea they're out of luck ;')
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