14:33 GMT13 May 2021
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    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's praise of Adolf Hitler's Germany, which he cited as an example of effective centralized government, was ignored by a Europe Union more concerned with negotiations surrounding refugees, French politicians said.

    European politicians have preferred to "turn a blind eye" to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's praise of Adolf Hitler's leadership of Germany, French legislator Thierry Mariani wrote on Twitter.

    Erdogan told reporters on Friday, that Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler was an "example" of an effective form of government. Erdogan's office later issued a convoluted statement which attempted to explain that Erdogan meant to say the exact opposite. Erdogan cited Nazi Germany as an example of a system which had a unitary system of government and a strong executive, like the one he wants for himself.

    ​"Erdogan cites Hitler's Germany as an example! But Europe turns a blind eye, preferring to negotiate with him…"

    Another legislator member of the Nicolas Sarkozy-led Republicans party, Valerie Boyer, echoed Mariani's concerns:

    ​"Erdogan uses Nazi Germany as an example. Is Turkey's entry into the EU still timely?"

    A senator from France's upper house of the legislature also questioned recent moves by the European commission to open a new chapter in Turkey's EU membership process amid negotiations on refugee trafficking:

    ​"Erdogan wants to strengthen his powers as President in Turkey, he cites Hitler in Nazi Germany! And Europe is negotiating membership?"

    Turkey and the European Union opened a chapter on the country's membership in the organization on December 14, amid negotiation on the migrant deal.



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