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    President Putin's Role in Syria Places Him Among 2015's Top Global Thinkers

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    The Washington-based magazine Foreign Policy has compiled its annual list of leading global thinkers. The influential outlet has placed President Putin at the top of its “Decision-makers” category for “poising Russia as critical to any peace deal” and ‘scoring points against America”.

    Each year Foreign Policy magazine identifies its 100 Leading Global Thinkers List. While there are 100 slots, the outlet explains, there are far more individuals who actually populate it. This year there are 125 names, because the magazine identifies not just individuals, but sometime teams, when efforts are collaborative and often groups people who, independently of each other, work toward a common goal.

    President Putin Among 2015's Top-100 Global Thinkers
    President Putin Among 2015's Top-100 Global Thinkers

    The magazine’s title for Vladimir Putin’s profile, however, seems to be more critical than supportive: "For Playing Peacemaker By Dropping Bombs."

    However the profile page makes it more clear: "On a global scale, he has strengthened [President] Assad, poised Russia as critical to any peace deal and scored points against America."

    Alongside President Putin, the "Decision-makers" category features, among others, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, and former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

    President Putin Among 2015's Top-100 Global Thinkers
    President Putin Among 2015's Top-100 Global Thinkers

    The other categories of the list include:

    Challengers, which includes a human right activist, politicians and an archaeologist, among others.

    Innovators: an nanotechnologist, an engineer, neuroscientists and others.

    Advocates: from Switzerland, Myanmar, Mexico, South Africa, Pakistan, Burundi, China, The Netherlands, the US and UK.

    The list also features Artists, Healers, Stewards, Chroniclers and Moguls.


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