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    Bashar al-Assad

    Assad: Terrorists Receive Arms, Funds Via Turkey

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    Syrian President Bashar Assad said that funds and arms for terrorists come mainly via Turkey with support of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    PRAGUE (Sputnik) – Funds and arms for terrorists come mainly via Turkey with support of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Syrian President Bashar Assad said.

    "If you really want to fight them [terrorists] and defeat them, you must prevent the supplies of arms, finances and recruits, which mainly goes through Turkey with support of Saudi Arabia and Qatar," Assad told the Czech Television.

    "This is the first step, which is necessary to take, when starting to fight terrorism. Otherwise you fight them, while they have unlimited supplies [of arms] from different countries, primarily of other region with support or the blind eye of the West. More precisely some of its states," Assad added.

    He also added that only the Russian participation in the counterterrorism fight in Syria made Daesh and the al-Nusra Front pull back.

    “Indubitably, it was the participation of the Russians, the creation of the counterterrorism front by them, became the key factor [in reversal of the situation in Syria,” Assad told the Czech Television answering a question on what had the greatest influence in the counterterrorism fight.



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    • Terra
      Assad: Terrorists Receive Arms, Funds Via Turkey

      Yep and lets forget in return the turkey gets cheap crude oil which the terrorist are stealing from Syria!
    • avatar
      Iran could be doing more in this fight and needs to do more. If the global ZioCon elements win in Syria, you are next. Better to confront them in Syria than in Tehran
    • avatar
      Let's summarize.
      Turkey provides weapons to IS (standing for all terrorists under different names)
      Turkey finances IS
      Turkey does trade with IS - oil, ancient artifacts, etc,
      Turkey provides hospital care to IS
      Turkey profits from trafficking refugees to Europe.
      Turkey uses refugee camps to recruit jihadists.
      Turkey shoots down Russian Su-24 plane in Syria
      Turkey violates Greek airspace more than 1000 times every year.
      Turkey uses soft power tactics to destabilize the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, FYROM, etc)
      Turkey is "The Blight of Asia". No cure.
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