22:11 GMT01 December 2020
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    France's Francois Hollande "got it right" by partnering with Russia's Vladimir Putin, and the US' Barack Obama should see beyond his differences with Russia in order to destroy Daesh, according to the Washington Times.

    France made the right choice by partnering with Russia in fighting Daesh, also known as ISIL, according to an editorial in the conservative Washington Times.

    "Messrs. Putin and Hollande are working toward putting together the serious multinational force that President Obama says he has already assembled, though no one has been able to find it," the publication said.

    The newspaper also criticized Obama's support for the "Free Syrian Army," saying that the group's fighters were the ones who shot Russian pilots as they descended. Attacking people who ejected from a shot down aircraft is considered a war crime internationally.

    Once influential and with strong ties to Washington's conservative establishment, the Washington Times noted that replacing hardline leaders in Iraq, Egypt and Libya led to chaos rather than the moderate leadership US President Barack Obama now sees for Syria.

    "The French for once have got it right. Once willing to play about the margins with President Obama, making occasional war-like noises, President Hollande is eager now to skip the adolescent bickering and get down to serious business," the editorial added.

    The newspaper also called for the US, France and Russia to work together in destroying Daesh, rather than leading separate efforts.


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