00:42 GMT +326 March 2017
    A Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters guards a post flying the PKK flag. File photo

    Emergence of Independent Kurdistan Just a Matter of Time - Czech President

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    The emergence of an independent Kurdistan is only a matter of time, President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman said on Sunday, speaking on TV Prima.

    “I believe that sooner or later (Kurdistan) will declare its independence,” Zeman said.

    According to the Czech leader, he met with the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, who said that in some time he will be ready to announce a referendum.

    In addition, the Czech president mentioned the Turkish fight against the Kurds.

    “It is in fact the armed Kurds that are the only (ground) force that is at war with ISIL,” Zeman said.

    “There is a saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” the Czech president said. “Turkish hostility towards the Kurds leads to the fact that Turkey is hesitating in its fight against ISIL.”

    “Turkey has to decide whom it will join,” Milos Zeman said, adding that one of the problems when dealing with ISIL is the fact that some of the countries extend “financial and other support.”

    The president also noted that, “Turkey wanted to flex its muscles, but made a mistake that will not help anyone. If possible, for 17 seconds the Turkish airspace was violated and it is unlikely that during this time the Russian pilot was warned 10 times to move to Syrian territory,” when commenting on the downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish Air Force on Tuesday.

    Ankara claimed that it downed the Russian aircraft because it had allegedly violated Turkish airspace. The Russian General Staff and the Syrian Air Defense Command have refuted the claims.


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      Kurdistan doesn't exist and they are not suppose to have any country, nobody is allowed to divise either Syria either Irak.
      Let Erdogan make a Kurdistan inside Turkey.
      Czech President talks like this is his country, you fool man they divide you like nothing, remember that you are separated by 2 countries in the same country, with the same people.
      Fool man.
    • avatar
      The leader of Turkey overplayed his hand and he and his country will pay a heavy price for his stupidity. A failure in leadership.
    • avatar
      Kurdistan will be finally created. It is just a matter of time. Kurdish people deserve to have their own country.
    • qvasko 15
      It was time for it....Maybe one of little positive consequences of Syrian war will be that Kurds will finally have their country....and thus it will weaken Turkish atrocities
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      Anas Drak
      Indeed, an independent Kourdish state is on the way. The possibility is that this state will include Turkey's territory. Both USA and Russia seem to permit and want this kind of state.
    • avatar
      Many proposals for dividing Iraq and Syria were floated by NATO associated "think" tanks; this is no different. The Kurds are not a homogenous people. Iraqi Kurds quasi-state apparatus is poisoned by Outlaw Empire's machinations and has yet to fully integrate itself into the federalized system imposed on Iraq by the illegal invasion and occupation by the Outlaw US Empire. Indeed, the Kurdish peoples in association with Syrians and Iraqis must be the only entities to determine how they'll integrate. A legitimate question is: Should Turkey forfeit part of its territory to the Kurdish peoples it's oppressed ruthlessly over the decades for its support of Daesh and related terrorist groups?
    • avatar
      Iraq has been a dysfunctional state since the over throw of Saddam by George Bush and his Saudi money men. The Saudi's are keeping Iraq a divided and dysfunctional state so Iraq might as well be divided up into 3 separate countries, Shi-iah, Sunni and Kurds. If Assad can hold on and bring Syria back together he will owe the Syrian Kurds big time, they sided with him and fought life and death battles against ISIS and Al-Qaida. Assad should allow the Syrian Kurds land to combine with the Iraqi Kurds. As for Turkey, Putin should arm the PKK in the same matter that Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Obama armed ISIS and Al-Qaida, give them advanced anti tank and anti aircraft weapons. In fact they can just transfer captured ISIS equipment directly to the PKK. The PKK is not scared of Ankara, they will take there freedom fight right to them.
    • Isn't that Barzani CIA created warlord? There are very few Kurds supporting him. The very fact that he meets EU heads of states tells it all. CIA operatives have zero imagination. They are just trying to replicate Avganistan.
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