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    The NATO symbol and flags of the NATO nations outside NATO headquarters in Brussels on Sunday, March 2, 2014

    US General: Turkey Should Be Kicked Out of NATO

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    Turkey pursues its own interests in the Syrian conflict and it is not cooperating with NATO or other forces in the region, a retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely said in an interview with RT.

    The downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish air force will hardly be the last act of provocation by Ankara, so NATO should kick Turkey out of the alliance, Vallely said.

    He believes that the attack on the Russian aircraft had nothing to do with protecting national borders. It was aimed at demonstrating to Russia that Turkey is the dominant power in the region and that it's not going to give ground. The president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been involved in the conflict in the area for quite some time, and this incident isn't the first of its kind: a few years ago Turkey shot down a Syrian jet.  

    According to Vallely, the Su-24 incident was a clear provocation. And since Turkey seeks to control the situation in the region and lays claim to being a regional leader, it is going to continue to commit provocative actions in the future.

    NATO should consider this incident a red flag, the retired Major General stressed. Turkey unilaterally made a decision to down a Russian plane and showed that it is not going to agree its actions with the alliance. This has been Ankara's policy for a long time.  

    "They want to recreate their own Ottoman Empire to a great degree, and of course Erdogan is moving more towards a controlled Islamic State [ISIL]. So they have the wrong agenda there in Turkey and that's what they are following", — Vallely noted.

    NATO member states should build up steam and push Turkey out of the alliance, because Ankara is not "cooperating against ISIS, not cooperating at all with some of the forces inside of Syria, they want to see Assad removed or replaced by another government," Vallely said.

    Turkey only uses NATO when it needs something and tries to benefit from the membership as much as it can. The country gets operational guides, techniques, new weapons and equipment, new tactics and strategies. Yet Erdogan continues to pursue only his own interests, he argued.

    The incident is not a good omen for Europe, or for the Middle East, or for NATO, Vallely concluded.


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    • David Sheremetev
      Turkey being in NATO is like having Saudi Arabia on a Human Rights council. Turkey is a major threat to the non-Sunni world in this terror war.
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      Turkey is going to pay a heavy price for her involvement in the war against Syria. At the end all other players are going to pick and leave and Turkey will be left alone to bear the consequences.
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      Col. Pat Lang has said the same, as has Jacques Cheminade. But more important than that - kick Obama out!
    • B***t! Another US smoke screen to the world. Turkey was pivotal area in Cuban Crisis (then Jupiters, now Patriots), Russia proximity, Black Sea, the Strait of Constantinople (aka Bosphorus Strait), Incirlik Air Base - let's sum it - the Russian Western Crescent - from Finland and Sweden, through Bulgaria and Romania down to Turkey.

      Only moron - from the US point of view - would think, albeit loud out such stupidity openly.

      Russia has enemies now, only. Russia is encircled by enemies and the US vassals and Turkey does what the US dictate to do only (or accepts).

      Such texts as the above, concocted by Sputnik News, are tantamount to brainwashing Sputnik readers how Russia is capable or able (or contrary). Instead of truth I see smoke farts only.


      Do you want The truths? Here it is:

      Shame on UN Security Council’s P-5 members!
      Indian Punchline
      By M K Bhadrakumar – November 21, 2015

      "Shame on UN Security Council’s P-5 members!

      The United Nations has unanimously passed the resolution tabled by France on fighting the extremist groups operating in Syria and Iraq. The speed with which this has happened is partly explicable by the sense of horror over the terrorist strikes in Paris and partly by the fact that the Islamic State (IS) has drawn the blood of the citizens of all the P-5 world powers in such a short span of time. This was beyond the capability of the al-Qaeda.

      **** Unsurprisingly, the P-5 harbor a strong revenge mentality, having been made to look impotent. *****"

      - "But the operative part is that R 2249 mandates intervention in Syria and Iraq by those member states “that have the capacity to do so”. This is an extraordinary UN Security Council mandate – ***** no one is in charge, but everyone is in charge ***** – that is, all those member countries that have the political will and the military muscle to intervene in Syria and Iraq."

      - " ***** What about the legitimate governments of Iraq and Syria, which are UN member countries too? The R 2249 simply ignores them as inconsequential entities. *****

      ***** This is an appalling stance. Russia, which has been shouting from the roof top regarding the sanctity of the principle of national sovereignty to berate the US-led coalition, simply made a U-turn. *****

      ***** Crass opportunism *****, pragmatism, ***** tradeoff *****, diplomacy – call it what you will, but a core principle in inter-state conduct upheld under the UN Charter has been given the pass. Is this any different from the rape of Abyssiniya when the League of Nations was alive? "

      That's whole truth about Kremlin, Putin, Lavrov, Czurkin and Co.

      Medvedev sold out Libya. Medvedev and Putin sold out Syria 4 year ago, now Putin together with Czurkin and Lavrov sealed the fate of Syria in UN.

      Read a lot and think a lot, dear Putriots (damn Putin lovers).
    • qvasko 15
      They have done this as they are dissatisfied with Antalya summit negotiations...if they continue doing similar things they should be immediately kicked out of NATO
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      Hogwash. It seems our general can read Obama's mind or had his meeting with Erdogan bugged. The deconflicting agreement proved to be a nice little trap as it caught a very big rat.
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      I been yelling for the last 6 year for those Islamist Pig fornicating Turks to be kick out of NATO. They are a lose cannon, a rouge state which has been totally infiltrated by irrational murderous Islamist. They undermined the Egyptian government, played a big part in the over throw of Qaddafi and the Erdogan criminal family have been facilitating the theft and sale of stolen Syrian and Kurdish Iraqi oil from ISIS, on top of arming and supplying ISIS along with Al-Qaida. This rouge country should be isolated like North Korea until the army comes to it's senses and removes the Islamist Erdogan from power. The election mechanism in Turkey is totally corrupted and broken, it will never remove the Islamist from power, only the army.
    • avatar
      That is exactly what US and NATO want, to block Russia in succeeding with her direct line of actions against their assets and especially the plans they have for the ME.
      Do not trust what they are saying. Never believe Statements by that kind of associations like US or NATO and its sheeple members.
    • King Arturus
      That's too bad that he's retired, I'll bet you that if he wasn't retired he wouldn't say anything like that.
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      dewatergeusin reply todburke08(Show commentHide comment)
      dburke08, no chance. He has been choosen and ordered by the Zionists and the Bankers, including the Big Corporation "City of London" to create more chaos and destruction on the globe. Lies, lies, lies, lies.
    • avatar
      dburke08in reply todewatergeus(Show commentHide comment)
      dewatergeus, Excuse me but I don't listen to what the British Empire tells me to do.

      And I don't respect anyone who does take orders from them. We have a future to be concerned about. Act against evil, or forsake your own humanity.
    • Selectric Typeball
      "NATO should consider this incident a red flag, the retired Major General stressed. Turkey unilaterally made a decision to down a Russian plane and showed that it is not going to agree its actions with the alliance. This has been Ankara's policy for a long time."

      Good. At least finally we have someone acknowledging that Turkey was acting unilaterally, without NATO's pre-knowledge or approval.
    • Victor Sin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      I don't know if you actually believe everything you wrote, or you did that to demonize both UN and Russia on purpose, but they are baseless accusations. I did read the article you posted the link for, and it's full of assumptions and omissions about UN resolution 2249. First of all it DOESN'T authorize the use of force in Syria ( or Iraq for that matter ), second everything that it calls for to do, has to be in compliance with international law, and international law doesn't allow one country to violate another country's sovereignty under ANY pretext. Here's the quote and link " called upon “Member States that have the capacity to do so to take all necessary measures, in compliance with international law, in particular international human rights, refugee and humanitarian law” on its territory. www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=52623#
      US-led coaltion claims UN article 51 allows them to bomb terrorists in Syria in self-defense, but it's not true, and here's another long quote and link " There are a lot of laws that seek to govern and prevent wars, but the Western nations looking to launch airstrikes in Syria have made things easy for us – they have cited the law that they believe justifies their military intervention: specifically, Article 51 of the UN Charter. It reads, in part:

      “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.”

      So doesn’t France, for instance, enjoy the inherent right to bomb ISIS targets in Syria as an act of self-defense - in order to prevent further attacks?

      And don’t members of the US-led coalition, who cite the “collective self-defense” of Iraq (the Iraqi government has formally made this request), have the right to prevent further ISIS attacks from Syrian territory into Iraqi areas?

      Well, no. Article 51, as conceived in the UN Charter, refers to attacks between territorial states, not with non-state actors like ISIS or Al-Qaeda. Syria, after all, did not attack France or Iraq – or Turkey, Australia, Jordan or Saudi Arabia." www.rt.com/op-edge/323396-unsc-isis-syria-us
    • Dyke Davis
      Turkey's unilateral actions against Russian and it's already known gangsterism for profit off War Crimes and Refugee ransoming to the tune of 3 billion dollars recently shows the clear need to abandon NATO or risk a global nuclear war...the criminality has now, become entire governments!!!
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      Ok, kick Turkey out of NATO and what do you have? One less warmongering, thieving imperialist member of NATO. Turkey may or may not end up the sacrificial goat for NATO, but still does not change the reality that NATO itself is composed of like minded imperialist states hell bent on world domination and the enslavement of the human race. Do not let the "blame Turkey" propaganda redirect the conversation away from NATO, who is the real enemy of the people. NATO must be destroyed or future generations will condemn us for their enslavement to fascist corporate rule.
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      Anas Drak
      Turkey's ambition for worldwide leadership will cause many problems to every alliance or worldwide organism. Turkey should be expelled of NATO as well as of any other peace keeping organism. It is obvious that Turkey has its own agenda which pursues at any cost.
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      dewatergeusin reply todburke08(Show commentHide comment)
      dburke08, so we agree then. Very good.
    • nadezhdochka_25
      Turkey has strong army,Nato cant lose it,so i dont believe in it
    • My GⓄⓄgle
      Psst, NATO, doubling down on stupidity makes you look more, not less stupid. You are not going to be able to cover this one up so it would be wise to quit trying. Just a thought.
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