22:25 GMT28 February 2020
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    NATO Seeks Expansion to Eastern Europe (362)

    NATO has once again set the course to "contain" Russia and alter the balance of power in Europe to its advantage, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The statement comes in response to an article by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg published on Thursday. Stoltenberg said European security was "out of date" and needed to be modernized. Among the measures were listed snap inspections of military exercises, more transparency on military activities and common standards in dealing with possible accidents and incidents at sea and in the air.

    "Presently, the Alliance has once again taken the official course toward the ‘containment’ of Russia and further change of the balance of power in the European region in its favor, including in direct proximity to our borders," the ministry said in a statement.

    According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Stoltenberg has virtually accused Russia of backsliding on existing agreements, or in the use of certain loopholes to evade compliance with the accords, without presenting persuasive evidence.

    NATO has been increasing its presence in Eastern Europe since Crimea's reunification with Russia in March 2014, as the West refused to recognize a legitimate referendum and blamed Moscow for violating Ukraine's territorial integrity.

    Russia has denied the allegations and has repeatedly stated that the bloc's increased activities near its borders undermine regional and international stability.

    NATO Seeks Expansion to Eastern Europe (362)


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