09:27 GMT17 January 2021
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    Russian Su-24 Jet Downed Over Syria (276)

    The NATO aggression against Russia, which was expressed in the form of an attack on the Russian Su-24 bomber, could not occur without the approval of the alliance’s senior management, noted Christopher Black, an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto.

    “The murder of one of the pilots, shot by ISIS [ISIL] terrorists while parachuting to the ground, is a war crime for which Turkey and the NATO countries are collectively responsible. President Putin has rightly called it a stab in the back by Turkey, a betrayal that cannot be forgiven and will forever be remembered,” Black wrote for the journal New Eastern Outlook.

    Black explained that "this attack was preceded by hysterical claims by NATO leaders. Now they are awaiting Russian resolve in Syria and to provoke it into a reaction that will be used to justify further military actions by the Turkish and US military forces against the Russian forces."

    This is just another move to blatantly provoke Russia, just like a few days before the attack the unknown group sabotaged the electric power lines connecting Crimea with the Ukraine electricity grid, leaving Crimea in total darkness. Ukraine also intensified its shelling of Donbass.

    “All of this is a coordinated provocation against Russia conceived by the West to lead to an escalation of the armed conflict,” Black wrote.

    On the day of the Su-24 bomber attack The New York Times, “the journal that speaks for the American ruling class and intelligence services,” published an article which said that the Middle East has ceased to exist, along with such countries as Iraq and Syria and the destruction of ISIL without creating a new state is extremely undesirable.

    “So there we have it, the plan by Washington and its dependencies to continue their aggression against Syria and Iraq in order to create a new state serving its interests and wrecking the strategic interests of Russia and Iran.  This is a statement of intent to carry out a war of aggression against sovereign states, members of the United Nations, in complete defiance of and contempt for the United Nations Charter, and all international law and humanity. It matters not to them how many innocent people are slaughtered in the process. They know no morality, have no conscience,” Black wrote for the New Eastern Outlook.

    The author noted that the adequate political forces in the West have failed and a new blow in the back should be expected such as the French fighter jet shooting down a Russian jet in order to further escalate the situation.

    “Can Russia trust the French after the Mistral Affair, the refusal by the French, to deliver two naval ships bought and paid for by Russia in order to sabotage Russian strategic interests?”

    Russian Su-24 Jet Downed Over Syria (276)


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