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    Deja Vu All Over Again: Senate Claims US Losing 'Media War' to RT, Sputnik

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    The issue of countering Russian foreign language media was addressed at the US Senate hearings on reforming US overseas broadcasting on November 17.

    Amid current geopolitical instability, "state propaganda agencies have stepped into the breach, making what Peter Pomerantsev of the Legatum Institute termed the 'weaponization of information' a central facet of international conflict," Kenneth R. Weinstein, a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, said during his testimony before the Committee.

    "Well-funded state propaganda outlets designed to have the patina of impartial media outlets include Russia’s RT, Sputnik, Ruptly, Rossiya Segnodnya, and other secondary platforms, which according to State Department estimates spends over $1.4 billion annually on propaganda," he claimed.

    According to him, the current US information and propaganda network is incapable to provide a proper response to the challenges that have significantly changed since the Cold War era.

    He added that since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, Russian broadcasting has outperformed US global media efforts in the global arena.

    Weinstein also proposed a list of changes needed to be made to the US overseas broadcasting strategy to respond to Russian success in the field, including broadening programming to impact strategic audiences and increasing coverage of Russian events.

    Other participants of the hearings also warned of losing the media war against Russia and underscored the need to broaden coverage of Russian events to strategic audiences.

    Earlier, during the hearings in early-November the Senate Foreign Relations Committee discussed countering the "Russian information threat", including RT broadcasting network.

    In 2014, US State Secretary John Kerry accused RT of promoting "President Putin’s fantasy" about what was happening in Ukraine. Earlier, in 2011 then-State Secretary Hillary Clinton called for Congress to increase the US budget for overseas broadcasting, saying that Washington was losing the global information war to such networks as RT.


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      The world is sick and tired of the terrorist American government with its policies of theft, murder and lies.
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      Fewer and fewer believe the Hollywood screen writers' propaganda from the State Dept.: this is the reason for the popularity of Sputnik, Mr. Weinstein.
    • MsLiberty
      Q: How can you tell when US-based major media outlets are lying?
      A: When they're broadcasting.

      You guys can make all the "improvements" you want, but we're still going to stay away in droves until you make the one improvement that matters: start telling the truth in spite of being ordered to spew propaganda by your Khazarian mafia controllers. But now that the damage has been done, and done so badly, who will ever trust you again?
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      And Sputnik is just getting started. I'll have to stop yelling at them so much. :)

      But they (and RT) really need to tone down the DNC talking points. I have every right to want Christianity in my life, oppose abortion, oppose gun control, oppose mass illegal immigration that will replace my culture with a foreign culture, the right to oppose homosexuality which is a view of my religion, etc.
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      I watch Western news but I also want to hear the other perspective and the Russians provide some of that. As for the Russian plane crash the following points seem important:
      The sponsor of the plant who set the bomb will have penetration in ISIS just like at least half a dozen intelligence services will have penetration in ISIS which have nothing to do with the Russian civilian airliner. So the plant might someday resign his job do a video for ISIS and then flee to enjoy his millions under highly professional and sophisticated fake passports (that would just indicate the sponsor is linked to ISIS nothing more). However this is not the modus operandi of ISIS. If the plant was ISIS he would already have done a video he would already be in Raqqa right now; no the plant is sophisticated and the sponsor much more so.
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      The hearings are proof positive that the Outlaw Empire does indeed employ Propaganda and Indoctrination Systems that's existed for decades now which most of the planet's people are wise to and ignore. The main target of those systems remains the domestic market, and they remain effective to some degree as polling reflects. But for an increasing amount of citizens, the hysteria and bullshit is overbearing, so corporate media is either turned off or laughed at as people find other news sources.
    • MsLibertyin reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      Indeed! When someone has known ever since the Viet Nam war, US mainstream media has consistently followed a policy of Propaganda before information, there is very little that anyone in the BBG can say that will convince him to pay attention to Western media today. This is because there has been no improvement since those days, in fact, they have gotten even worse. There is a hunger for the truth, and there is violent frustration with being pandered to by the truth censoring news media more concerned with regime image than it is with real journalism. Where did we find out the truth about Benghazi? Veterans Today, meanwhile the main stream was still talking about a non-existent video. Where did we find out the truth about 9/11? A number of alternative outlets, Infowars among them. Meanwhile the mainstream was still talking about Islamic terrorists wielding box cutters, never mind the fact that some of those named as hijackers are alive and well and working in their home countries after the fact and wondering why they've been maligned. US Dept of state had no response to them, however.

      MSM - GET A CLUE: When you've been caught out as liars so many times, don't expect anyone to hang around waiting for it to get better. They will and have gone elsewhere to get news. So deal with it and quit your bellyaching.
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      Even State Department spokespersons are often obviously squirming at the spin they have to present. What the US call a media war is simply lost because the US tries to dress up ugly geopolitics as liberal interventions and so on. The US tends to select morally weak partners because they seem easier to control but subsequently that very weakness comes back to haunt the US like Saudi Arabia, Ukraine but also Sikorski of Poland and numerous others like Carl Bildt and so on.
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      Tactical Investor
      Well, the reason is obvious, with a budget that is much larger they still lose because they have nothing new to say. They have excuses to justify all their faults and try to make the world believe they know what they are doing when they don't
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