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    French President Francois Hollande addressing nation after Paris terrorist attacks

    Assad is Not the Enemy of France, ISIL is - Hollande

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    President Francois Holland said that the Islamic State is his country's biggest enemy, not Syrian president Bashar Assad.

    "In Syria, we're looking for the political solution to the problem, which is not Bashar Assad. Our enemy in Syria is ISIL," French president Francois Hollande said during the emergency meeting of the French parliament.

    Moreover, France is going to intensify its participation in the Syrian coalition, Francois Hollande said at the French parliament.

    "France is going to intensify its operations in Syria… We will continue to strike [at the terrorist targets] in the coming weeks," the French president said.

    French President Francois Hollande called on the country’s parliamentarians on Monday to consider a bill, extending the nationwide state of emergency by three months.

    "I decided to introduce a bill prolonging the state of emergency for three months and adapting it to the new threats for the parliament’s consideration," Hollande stated, calling on lawmakers to "adopt it by the end of the week."

    The French president also voiced intention to create at least 5,000 jobs at the law enforcement agencies and 1,000 new jobs at the customs services within two years to ensure the country’s safety.

    French President Francois Hollande said he would meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and US leader Barack Obama in the upcoming days to discuss counterterrorism measures.

    Speaking before France's Congress, Hollande, who skipped the weekend's G20 summit in Turkey due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, said he would travel to Washington and Moscow seeking to "join forces" against terrorism.

    On November 13, eight extremists carrying automatic weapons and wearing explosive belts coordinated and perpetrated seven attacks at venues across Paris, killing some 130 people, at restaurants, the Bataclan concert hall and in the vicinity of the Stade de France stadium.

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    • OMG.cant believe he admitted it
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      Talk is cheap, Hollande. Pick up a phone and call Assad and become part of the Russia-Iran-Iraq-Syria Joint Information Center efforts against ISIS if you want to bomb Syria. Also lift economic sanctions on Russia so it can have more resources for the fight against ISIS. Otherwise, you're working with ISIS and not against it.
    • choticastile
      Now let us see him living up to his bravely spoken words!

      "Assad is not the enemy -- ISIL is!" -- Francois Hollande.

      Time to earn both Russia's and Syria's respect Mr President!
    • choticastilein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      Jas, So, so well said Jas!!! Encore!!
    • qvasko 15in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      nadezhdochka_25, Neither can I....hope things going to turn over?
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      U-turn not 180 but (2n+1)x180......
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      let's hope Hollande is committed to fight ISIS and to let Syrian people to choose their president

      it is pity so many people had to die so Holland realized that he was wrong all the time...

      first thing first: STOP trying to change regime through ''revolutions'', STOP arming the so-called ''freedom fighters'', STOP supporting the traitors who called themselves ''Syrian opposition'' and asked for weapons in order to over trow an legally elected president & gov

      I just spoke today with a Syrian christian woman here in Sweden and she is praying everyday for peace in Syria and for Assad to remain in place....
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      France pretty well know that Europe in general and France in particular are in this refugee and terrorist mess because of their weakness to stand for their own interest, and tell the US not to endanger Europe's national interest for its own imperial agenda ! As there is little benefit, if any, that Europe gets from the mess created in the Middle East, Hollande should tell Obama that France will not anymore support US's regime change strategy, and will work with Russia and all those who truly work for peace in the Middle East.
    • Either nadezhdochka_25 is stupid or naive. How come Hollande could go to Obama to fight against American supported terrorists (to all morons of so called social networks world: you cannot fight with -isms, you can fight with material objects not abstract ones).

      The communiqué from the Elysée that you won't see

      Both texts contradict themselves as the prime, the biggest warmonger and terror supporter in the world is Obama or if you like - the US elitists, American-Jew elites and corporations MIC.
    • It was about time! As a French i'm quite sad that hollande needed that attack for a wake-up call!
    • Mikhas
      Such a statement requires an official French request to Dr.Assad for an invitation to fight ISIS legally, this time.

      But Hollande is a mere puppet, the CRIF & AIPAC decides what he should do so don´t hold your breath
    • Mikhas
      Listening to the whole speech, he still keeps parroting the stance of his boss in Tel Aviv:

      "no future for Assad" and "Assad must go" and probably even "that name is on repeat in my Brain: Assad Assad Assad Assad, it´s insane! Can somebody please help me? I think my Mossad programmers has done something terribly wrong here"
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      After the color revolutions in N. Africa and M. East, a blood bath takes place almost daily in these places, particularly against Christians and other faiths, too. Millions dead, millions ended as refugees, and no one lit any candles, no one said "Je suis Damascus"...
      We have every reason to doubt both the effectiveness and the resolve of French retaliation. One reason is the misplaced motives and goals of France, along with a clear stance of servility which characterizes the EU towards the US. Perhaps all this is just a show and a pretext to help the masters come back and ruin Syria (as was the original plan anyway).
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      wow I can't believe what i am hearing from Hollande! So why did he has to wait until france is attacked at home before he follow Russian's call ? Thanks to Russians the west is waking up to its double standard. How could you support a head chopper and not expect a surprise from him one day. My heart goes to innocent people killed by these inhumane creators.
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      I am not holding brief for Assad at all, it is really difficult to actually know the truth these days. I just don't understand the reluctance to let the Syrians take the decision about his fate; by ensuring a free and fair election in which he participates. I personally think this is where a lot of efforts should go - towards the organisation of structure and processes that guarantees such an election.

      I am just trying to place msyelf in the shoes of a Syrian, I would want to have the chance to have a direct say...
    • covertbabo
      Russia is the #1 enemy of humanity. The proof is Putin's attack on the civilian jetliner MH17.
    • altair451
      President Hollande needs to grow a pair and finally admit "Russia and Syria are not the enemy of France, it is The United States!
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      armorin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, what you wrote is so right, correct. I do not trust the man, he should indeed talk a little now. It is late, we know, but he must show sincerity, and ask Assad if it's o.k. That he will not do. There you are, THAT'S what I reproach to the decadent West: their arrogance and sense of superiority...
      Russia: THANK YOU, be firm with that johnny come lately...
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      Hollande finally woke up.
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