15:28 GMT04 December 2020
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    "Things are not always what they seem," reminds American political analyst Phil Butler, adding that our reaction to the recent horrific attack in Paris should be tempered with caution.

    While discussing the issue of the latest Paris tragedy, we should, first and foremost, express our sympathy and condolences for those French people who suffered the hideous terrorist attack, Germany- the American analyst, who is based in Germany, notes.

    "On Friday night the unthinkable happened. An unprecedented act of terrorism stunned the French capital, and now the world awaits some clarity and stability in the wake of utter carnage," Phil Butler pointed out in his recent piece for New Eastern Outlook.

    The purportedly preplanned and well-organized terrorist attack has prompted justified fears.

    "French President Francois Hollande has declared a national state of emergency. With the French military mobilized, it would seem 'caution' should be the tone this morning," the analyst proceeded with his narrative.

    The American analyst called attention to the fact that, even though the investigation has not been finished, mainstream media sources have rushed to accuse the notorious Islamic State for the assault.

    Washington's response came right off the bat and Barack Obama's statement was "militaristic from the onset," according to Butler.

    "Furthermore, Mr. Obama speaks more about France as an ally at anti-terrorism, than he does about the American people's feelings of sympathy etc. It's eerie, and the White House Twitter feed resonates like a call to arms. The same US president, who failed to even say two words about over 200 murdered Russian tourists in Egypt, seems ready to launch a full scale mobilization against…. 'whoever' perpetrated this attack?" the US analyst emphasized.

    So, what's next for France?

    Intelligence company Stratfor, also known as the "shadow CIA," suggests that "France will probably deepen its involvement in anti-Islamic State operations in Syria and Iraq at a time when the Syrian battlefield in particular is becoming crowded and complicated."

    Remarkably, Stratfor's analysts underscore that although ISIL has claimed credit for the Paris attack, it is still not clear to what extent ISIL was responsible for planning, sponsoring and orchestrating the assault.

    However, French President Hollande has already pointed the finger at the Islamic State and branded the latest attack as "an act of war" against France, according to Stratfor's analysts.

    Meanwhile, France has accumulated considerable military force in the Middle East, including six Dassault Rafale jets stationed in the United Arab Emirates and six Mirage jets in Jordan, Stratfor reports. In addition, Paris is sending the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to the troublesome region.

    Since the Syrian skies have been already "overcrowded," France may focus on supporting and training so-called "moderate rebels" in Syria and Iraq, or deploy "an expeditionary force" with the US assistance, Stratfor alleges.

    Thus far, the tragic Paris attack is likely to become the trigger for an expanded US-French military operation in Syria.

    "This event [terrorist attack in Paris] is as Mr. Hollande suggested, 'unprecedented.' It seems we've seen many unprecedented things these last 14 years or so, and I feel we are living in a time where extraordinary 'caution' should be practiced by governments, and by we the citizens," Butler emphasized.

    The facts should be examined first and then the decisions should be made, not vice versa. The tail shouldn't wag the dog over and over again.

    "Whether these events in Paris are a straightforward act of IS terror, or the most dastardly provocation any of us can imagine, caution is the only reaction that will ensure any justice for those killed and injured in Paris… I fear something really awful may happen, if we do not act with caution here. We live in a time where the enemy becomes an ally, and where friends become foes overnight," the American analyst warned.

    "Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many," Phil Butler pointed out, citing ancient philosopher Phaedrus.


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