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    British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

    UK Remains Opposed to Assad Playing Part in Syria's Future - Hammond

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    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)

    Despite the progress at the international Vienna talks on Syrian reconciliation, the United Kingdom remains opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad playing a role in the country’s future, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Dozens of foreign policy chiefs from world and regional powers, including the United States, Russia, and EU nations, met in the Austrian capital to discuss political transition in Syria on Saturday.

    "We have agreed to work towards a ceasefire, and to chart a course that will see the Syrian people take charge of their own destiny. The UK remains opposed to Bashar al-Assad playing any part in the future of Syria," Hammond said in a statement as quoted by the UK Foreign Office.

    Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011, with government forces countering the so-called moderate rebels and several extremist groups, including the Islamic State and the Nusra Front.

    Unlike Russia the United States and its European allies do not see President Bashar Assad as the country's legitimate leader, and support the Syrian opposition which aims to oust the president.

    Russia considers Assad the legitimate authority in the country, stating that the Syrian people must choose their leader without outside intervention.

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)


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      Go figure the UK along with that flaming Sodomite Obama were the war mongers who started the war that destroyed both Syria and Libya.
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      Hammond: Another British bureaucrat that the world does not need to hear from. He is a boot lackey of the Empire that has long outlived its glory years.
    • n.petrossov
      Sorry but you cannot adopt yourselves to a new world - the day you put sanctions on Russia the world started to change a lot, quicker than it would. You wanted to punish Russia but Russia started to build a new world order which you are staying out of it each second.
      P.S. You don't want Assad? It's your problem, deal with it.
    • vargus
      Philip Hammond

      The dead eyes of satanism.
    • choticastile
      Assad interview with German Newspaper: 17/06/2013 www.dp-news.com/en/detail.aspx?articleid=148369.
      Assad said at this interview: "Terrorism will not stop here. [in Syria] It will export itself through illegal immigration into Europe."
      No fool this man -- not perfect, but a damn well far superior leader than the poor quality leaders western people have to put up with.
    • n.petrossovin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, not possible to open your link.
    • choticastilein reply ton.petrossov(Show commentHide comment)
      n.petrossov, Sorry -- it was in a Damascas newspaper -- here is the same interview on SOTT: www.sott.net/article/263176-President-al-Assad-gives-interview-to-the-German-newspaper.
    • choticastilein reply ton.petrossov(Show commentHide comment)
      n.petrossov, That one didn't work either try this one --
    • Love for Godin reply ton.petrossov(Show commentHide comment)

      Here is the link: www.dp-news.com/en/detail.aspx?articleid=148369

      The above referenced link had a "period" at the end - thus you could not open it...

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      ...furthermore I consider that Cartagena must be destroyed. Western politics in a in a nuthsell
    • vvj3080
      Anglo Americans have killed more people for money in North America, Africa and now in the Mid East. That is why these creatures will represent Satan as described in Revelations. Syria embraced all cultures and religions which is not liked by Saudi Barbaria, a country which mutilates people. These Satanic group is trying to steal all the wealth in the region spearheaded by Sunnis and Israel. On close examination these group will carry the 666 signature. Their next move will be to destroy Europe. European countries must get out from Nato before it is too late.
    • rodneswicksculptor
      Maybe we think Cameron should be leading the UK and Obama should definitely not be leading anything! Where do these arrogant SOB's get the gaul! Who the hell are they to say what an elected leader should do or not do stay or not stay . Look at the mess these pyscopathic morons, these so called idiot "leaders" have done with their beyond STUPIDIDLY INSANE
      foreign policies!!
    • avatar
      The obvious question is whether Syria believes that Hammond or his idiotic colleagues should play a part in England's future.
      My guess is that it doesn't.
    • Dirk Ramsey
      Someone should yank that silver spoon out of his mouth and jam it up his .......Such pompass attitude is a left over from a few centuries ago.
    • sophm0e38in reply torodneswicksculptor(Show commentHide comment)
      rodneswicksculptor, Maybe? They definitely should not be part of the U.K. Government. They only received around 24% of the total vote, many more of us dislike this Eton-type clique than actually approve and they have no idea about British history i.e. we've already tried colonialism, it doesn't work.
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      Neil McGowan
      Know-nothing FILTH Philip Hammond. Thinks that if he keeps banging the table, people will think he's a biiiiiiiig man... instead of the pathetic, war-mongering jerkoff he truly is.
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      My country, Greece, is flooded with immigrants from Syria and from EVERYWHERE else. The Paris massacre shows that we are in grave danger. Who is responsible for this? This guy has no authority to speak and poke his nose in other countries' affairs. Russia's recent actions in Syria - invited by the legitimate government of that country - give hope to the World's nations, that they can survive through the Hell created by the primordial lunatics (we all know who they are).
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      Michl.0192837in reply tocharries(Show commentHide comment)
      charries, good question.

      I would like to formulate it wider: Should the pompous Windsor Satanic Cult of high treasonist and mass murderers, child fuckers and child murderers, play a role in England's future?

      Britons, decide!
    • Panagiotis Brd
      They have issues with their brain and clearly need a doctor . Who they think they are to decide for another country's political government ? They'd better fix their own country's problems cause they are ugly and do not look like civilised at all . Otherwise they should let Syrians decide of who runs the government of UK .
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